Date: 22nd June 2011 at 9:04am
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I have read it all this summer already when it comes to transfer speculation! I had a good laugh this morning (Wednesday) when I was reading the Irish Independent and they said that Liverpool are one of the five clubs that are ready to buy John O’Shea from Manchester United. This must be the biggest laugh I have had in a while and where would the Irish Independent pick up something like this from?

It baffles me why Liverpool would even consider buying John O’Shea. He is a Manchester United player after all and we would not want him no matter what, and I am pretty sure Ferguson would not want to sell him to us especially after he refused to sell us Gabriel Heinze a couple of season back.

What would Liverpool do with O’Shea besides maybe use him as a ball boy? He is already 30 years old and that is a no no with our new policy of signing only young players. O’Shea is a right-back, why on earth would we need another right-back when we already have Johnson, Kelly and Flanagan? Even if he is to come in as a centre-back, he is useless compared to our current central defenders. O’Shea would not even find a place on our bench for the reserve team.

It is thought that Manchester United want close to £5million for O’Shea, even if he were for free and someone else besides Liverpool would pay his wages for us, I would NEVER take him!


21 responses to “John O’Shea to Liverpool?”

  1. Paolo says:

    Your post amazes me. O’ Shea is a brilliant player for Manchester United. I would be amazed if he was sold to us. However, i would def take him. He can play anywhere across back 4 and as a holding midfield. He is certainly better than Skrtel, Kygriakos and never injured unlike Agger. Carragher is a all time great but he has been on the slide for 2 seasons and the articles been written about him are sentimental at best. Being realistic we need 2 new central defenders that start. I would sell Skrtel and Kygriakos and give Agger 1 more season. Superb player but he has played 130 games in 5 yrs. Not saying O’ Shea should be one of them players to be bought but your arrogance and lack of respect for a player that has played over 400 games for the 2nd best team in the world is not something that should be sneered at.

  2. ssr says:

    Sorry paolo, u are a closet manc. Why dont u f…off from our forums. If u want to know how brilliant he is then tell me why fergie would let him go. We are lfc , u kight take our sloppy second owen , but for oshea you have to flog him to old big ‘ed.

  3. chris says:


    your an idiot

  4. Simon says:

    O’ Shea was a boyhood Liverpool fan, he’s a good player and started out at left full back for Man U

    No way it could happen for a lot of reasons

    He’s a rock for Ireland though

  5. Chris says:

    Fuck off paolo you manc

  6. Paolo says:

    Lads relax. If the best you can write back is that I’m an idiot then why bother?! I can assure you I am not. My point is that if we are to compete with United and Chelsea then signing players with 10yrs top flight experience shouldn’t be laughed at. Clearly Daglish has realised that Liverpool require a new centre back. We all agree that Carragher has been a fantastic player for the club. A class act. But at his age it is unfair to expect him to be our main defender for the entire season. We saw what happened when he was injured and how much we relied upon him. Having decent cover is important. Skrtel played every game last year but that doesn’t mean that’s a good thing. Agger is in my opinion our best defender now but unfortunately he is cursed with injuries. I believe we need to sign 2 centre backs. One that is experienced like Cahill or Dann and the other that works in line with the clubs policy of buying youth, possibly the Lyon defender. We can never have too many good players in the squad. And for your info i despise Utd. However, if you read my 2nd line from first post i said that O’Shea has been a brilliant player for them, the reason was his versatility more than anything else.

  7. BloodRed says:

    He might be a decent player but f*ck u paolo. U idiotic Manc. No self respecting Liverpool fan would call man u the 2nd best team in the world. Go suck fergie’s sagging old salty balls if u like them tt much. :p

  8. adey says:

    and your point is that a 30yr old used SUV is the best option for a fleet of world class service company? You are joking. We are liverpool, the envy of england, else why do the press like so much to try discredit us from london?

  9. frank says:

    Must the joke of the summer season !!!

  10. scouse bob says:

    No one knows who were after as each offer is subject to privacy, I’ve stopped reading who were linked with cos they are printing anything an everyone at the minute. See how we have done business at the end of the market not till then guys.

  11. albey says:

    We had oshea at liverpool fc as a kid on trials along side robbie keane and daimen duff and we didnt think any of them to be any good for Liverpool fc and it proved that with keane . oshea will never come to Liverpool as some one said ferguson wont let any one come to liverpool thats why he has jumped in on adams and his side kick from stoke pullis has put a bid of 12 million in for Dann to scupper us buying him or making us pay over the odds as bruce did with Henderson. ps oshea was a liverpool fanatic when a kid by the way .

  12. glen says:

    wld rather hav donald duck wear a real red jersey then a manc…

  13. TG says:

    Not a chance as he is not good enough and picks up cheap medals like Owen at the mancs, he is as bad as Wes Brown……crap!!!!!

  14. Bob says:

    C’mon people John O’shea is a ok defender and at the age of 30 I dont see him coming to Liverpool so stop debating if hes good player or not hes already proved that for playing 400 odd games for Manchester United, to be a true Liverpool fan doesn’t mean being arrogant, Man U are one of the best clubs teams at the moment and I wish that wasnt the case I wish I could say Liverpool are but on are recent seasons we are not and hopefully the arrival of new signings this summer can change that next season. YNWA

  15. gh says:

    blood red.dis is y livapul is wer we r.all we think about is man utd .wetha we lyk it or 4 d past 20 yrs man utd has been beta than livapul..they ve been wining titles and all we think aba is how 2 beat man utd.its high tym we stop thinking aba man utd and stat thinkin how to win… blood red fuck of 4 dising pablo.ynwa

  16. Paolo says:

    Correct. This is a forum after all…! The most important thing is Liverpool winning football matches. We have consumed ourselves with Utd for long enough. Its time to rise above it and starting looking at the full picture. We have some of the best players in the league and some of the most promising young players in 15yrs. With a few shrewd signings then i can’t see why we can’t have a fantastic season in 11/12. YNWA

  17. gerrardious says:

    dis is obviously just a silly rumour but seriously. O SHEA at any age has neva bn and will neva be as gud as a 34 yr old Carragher. besides he’s 30. just doesn’t make sense

  18. jon k says:

    John has a few good years left and would be a great leader with a mid-level or lesser ranked club. I dont see a fit with Liverpool on the field or locker room. That said as a manu fan I want him right where he is.

  19. mark sim says:

    Correction,John O’shea to join AFC Liverpool

  20. TG says:

    Very good i like it!!!!

  21. GaryNevilleIsALEGENG says:

    John O’Shea is a world class footballer who would walk straight into any first team (apart from United) in the Premiership.

    But, he won’t play for Liverpool because he has too much class.