Date: 21st June 2011 at 8:00pm
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At the end of the day, Liverpool bought Jordan Henderson for the long term. Both Kenny Dalglish and Damien Comolli saw something in the 21 year old which made them believe that spending upwards of £20million for the player was a good long term investment. Going by some people’s reactions to Henderson’s performances in the U21 Championships, you would be forgiven for thinking we had just spent a fortune on a complete dud.

Although it is from a small minority, complaining about a player’s performance after watching him for three games in a side managed by Stuart Pearce is not the best way to assess the talents of a player. I think most, like me, will hold judgement at least until the end of next season, to see how Jordan has progressed as a player.

Some of the frustration surrounding the transfer is of course the belief that we overspent, and that the money could have been put to better use on an older, proven foreign talent. Understandably there is a desire for immediate success after the trials and tribulations of the previous ownership, as well as the fact the Reds have gone 20 years without winning the league.

There is an understandable fear that now that we actually do have money, nobody wants to see us waste it on players who are not worthy of their valuation. Overpriced English players has been the theme of many a fan’s argument so far this window, and a few will pounce on the opportunity when things don’t go so well for players such as Henderson.

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24 responses to “You can not judge him after only three games”

  1. a says:

    also you cannt judge him when he hasn’t even played once with liverpooL!

  2. Kopstar says:

    Waste of 20m

  3. Steven says:

    I really am baffled as how Liverpool aggressively bought him in the transfer market and have done nothing since!
    I have to admit my first instinct was WTF?!?! Especially how we are struggling to sign Adam that a 12m bid would seal the deal… Or 20m for Mata/ Hazard/ M’Villa… These guys have a fantastic record thus far with great promise as they are all very young…
    Don’t know what is happening, but so far i am not impressed with our transfers, or lack of so far!

  4. zekk67 says:

    Everyone is expecting something from him because he made a 13m transfer to Liverpool. What about the “highly talented” Phil Jones, 20m and his performance was not good at all. The team is equally at fault. If you want to blame someone for this, I blame Danny Welbeck for missing chances.

  5. Noblelox says:

    Important things that people like Kopstar can’t figure out, is that a dressing room that all speak the same language will be a closer dressing room.

    Also since when does every player in the team need to be a raving superstar? some had working reliable players are needed in the blend to support the flamboyant ones.

    Anyone saying he is a waste of money don’t have any trust in Kenny, and only put unwarranted pressure on a young player. And they have the cheek to call themselves Liverpool supporters. YNWA must just be a song to these people.

  6. zekk67 says:

    Steven, the reason why there hasn’t been any transfers is because of repercussions from our recent spendings. Liverpool spent 35m for Andy Carroll, 22m for Luis Suarez and 13m for Jordan Henderson, every other club thinks they can get a fortune from us. From the recent rumours, we can see that. We bid 8m for Adam, Blackpool wants 15m (though Mr Holloway wants 35m); we bid 12m for Downing, Villa wants 20m (although they are willing to accept 14m for a better player like Young); 5m for Clichy, Arse wants 10m; we want Marveaux, but he failed his medical and lied about it; we want Coentrao, he wants Real. I can go on and on, but it must have been very frustrating for Kenny.

  7. Simon says:

    Phil Jones ran the ball out of defence and got caught in possession prior to Czech equalizer, something he will only ever do once for Man U before Alex lifts him out of it

    None of us is as qualified as the current staff managing Liverpool, the best thing so far is that the owners are backing Comolli and Dalglish to the hilt, we possibly have 2 future England regulars on the books now

    We possibly never wanted Jones and were just trying to ensure that Man U might be caught on the hop when we went for Henderson, who knows??

    Personally I hope we sign Charlie Adam, if he truly wants a Liverpool move we’ll get him, otherwise let him rot at Villa or something

    Let’s wait until international window has been open for a few weeks before we start worrying

  8. scouse bob says:

    Get a grip everybody plays shit for England lol. He will be good any one doubts fuck off to man u or even the blue half. Not got a fuckin clue about what’s going on in the background, guessing these are the same plebs who were asking for ‘the plant’ to finish the season instead of kenny comin in Jan. So fuck off with your 2nd guessing an champ manager mentality.

  9. Shane says:

    You guys realise that the European transfer window doesn’t open till July 1st so just remember that before you start saying why aren’t we signing mata and hazard ect. We aren’t allowed to sign any of these Players till July at the earliest besides I think hazard will stay at Lille for atleast another year and he wouldn’t leave champion league football to come and join us

  10. Greg says:

    yes..NOBODY is EVER allowed to have an opinion that does not come across as bowing down to the club and the manager.. if you disagree with ANYTHING or ANY move .. then you are not a fan!! LOL.. what a bunch of goose-stepping lemmings! I for one think both the Carroll and Henderson buys are just plain stupid. For the money we could have gotten much better class… But I will still be watching every game this year…and still wearking my shirts..and screaming like a mad man.. but then .. I guess i’m not a real supporter since I have my own opinion!

  11. Greg says:

    And if we MUST, as some ignorant nationalists believe, have a dressing room that speaks the same language… I, for one, would prefer it to be Spanish.. since that is where the real talent it….

  12. Sayers Pastie says:

    i can, he’s dog shit.

  13. kev says:

    It is important to have a nucleus of home grown talent to support the maybe more flamboyant foreigners, the fees we have paid this season r a ‘little’ extortionate, but considerin Carroll will be better than shrek and Henderson is apparently the next gerrard (who doesn’t have long left at the top) both players will also have resale value should it come to it, unlike the squad off useless shite we currently have. I for 1 am lookin forward to watch the mighty reds become a force once more unlike the past few years of discontent, pitiful thing is sum bellends will never be happy (probably all live in widnes) YNWA *****

  14. alan says:

    greg i don’t think u understand this but most of the best players in the world might represent spain but they are catalan, maybe you should research a bit on the matter b4 u post such bullshit

  15. Brozzo says:

    Can the the knee jerker’s at least wait until 1st September before they judge our progress in the transfer market???
    I have confidence in the board and kenny to recruit where needed and it is impossible to judge when not all the facts are on the table.
    In an ideal world yes we would love Mata, Hazzard or any of the other big names being bandied around, Not sure about Adam who excelled in the stats due to his penalty taking duties and his ability to strike a decent free-kick.
    never going to take a penalty at LFC or a free kick for that matter, all of a sudden you have a player who can pass a ball and that is about it, he will never beat anyone down the line as he is slow as fuck.
    A fast winger is where our attention will shift to next so have patience and stop playing Championship manager.

  16. Rozay says:

    I dont judge him after those 3 games with england i judge him at sunderland what has he done that great there tell me? never expected from kenny to sign him still finding that very weird and for 20m? damn this shit is crazy , i guess this is just the old lfc buying expensive average players .. keane= failed, aqua failed , carroll… what can u say horrible massive mistake, this is lfc unfortunately , I just feel for our fans we’re going to suffer a lot next season YET again, sorry cant see the bright future under this stupid management.

  17. ovie olori says:

    Watching Henderson in the U21 was heart breaking. When considering his price tag, he is a clueless donkey in comparison to mata who is an incredibly talented player for the same price if not valued more.16 million? for an english wastebag who was not outstanding in a mid table club? He will only be average at best for liverpool

  18. Ajiri says:

    watch liverpool struggling next season again, we are going to be the laughing stock because we are spending big on british garbage, kenny and comolli will point fingers when we fail to qualify for the CL , rubbish management, goood owners.

  19. Steven says:

    Zekk, I totally agree with you but hope that we don’t miss out on key signings due to stubbornness of a few mill here and there!
    Just want to go in to ore season with a full squad that will compete for the title!

  20. Fancy Pants says:

    HE WAS NOT £20 MIL. Can’t believe that a Liverpool website is saying this 13 MIL plus add ons, doesn’t look that bad!

  21. Dave says:

    I think it is unwise to judge the transfers yet. Kenny has a history of buying relatively unheard of players and making then great. Just look at what he did with Shearer and Sutton when he was at Blackburn! Some of the signings may be concerning but I say give him the benefit of the doubt. He has done it before and will hopefully do it again. Last season we were all waxing lyrical about what’s great signing Cole was but he did nothing. So how about we wait and see how Kennys signings pan out next season before jumping on the band wagon about how the Henderson money could have got us a foreign player like Mata (with no premiership experience) etc. Plus, as a few have already commented, the window on the continent only opens on 1st July so let’s wait and see what happens then.

  22. Frozen says:

    Men! U are so real. With these little but very realistic comment of urs, u’ve spoken for millions of fans who will always tell the truth whenever they feel their club is getting it wrong. And yes,Spain’s got talents in fact south America’s got talents.

  23. YNWA says:

    After seeing Gerard and Carol play together for England I’m sure his transfer was a Stevie G request. While the game wasn’t great they instantly connected and I foresee a great 3 way partnership with Suarez also joining the dazzling goal fest that will be Liverpool next season.

    KK is using the “failed” transfers as subterfuge before the Euro transfer window opens. You’ll not meet a more canny manager than KK and I have absolute faith in him.

    While a trophy, even the title, is a possibility next season, this 11/12 will be a season of development, taking youngsters like Henderson, Shelvy, even Suso and molding them. Asking for patience is a tall order and I feel those 20 years as much as anyone, but the end is in sight and a new era is about to begin.


  24. kido says:

    I agree Steve, so quick to sign Henderson waste of money if you ask me. there has not been 1 player that we have been linked that has excited me except Mata and Hazard and we will never sign quality players like that. Stewart Downing, Adams, Clichy. What a joke. What ever happened to Arda Turan.