Liverpool’s Best Ever Foreign XI

Markus Babbel (Right-back)

LFC Career: 2000-2004
Apps/goals: 73/6
Honours: 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup, 1 UEFA Cup
Despite featuring less than 100 times for Liverpool, German full-back Markus Babbel retains a special place amongst the hearts of Reds fans. A classy, cultured, attacking right-back, Babbel performed with great distinction during Liverpool’s treble-winning season of 2001, with the German scoring the opening goal in the UEFA Cup final of that year against Alaves. Babbel also managed to score against arch-rivals Everton during that season, cementing his reputation in Anfield folklore. Despite fighting his way back from a crippling virus that saw him sidelined for an entire season, Babbel was unable to recapture his previous form and left Anfield for Stuttgart in the summer of 2004.

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15 responses to “Liverpool’s Best Ever Foreign XI”

  1. Dave says:

    Don’t recognize the Striker you have chosen as the best foreigner in that role…


  2. Sarkie says:

    Agreed, Ian Rush was miles better, he is a legend, both times.

  3. Nathan Pardoe says:

    Obviously Ian Rush is much better, however this is the best foreign team – despite Wales being full of sheep-shagging in-breads they are still part of the UK! You numpty!!

  4. lau says:

    Thought Rush is Welsh and Welsh is British.

  5. überdrue says:

    How come Fernando Torres is listed as currently playing for LFC?!??

  6. James says:

    Eh, where the hell is Steve Heighway??? Patrick Berger was a very good player but in no way, shape or form was he anywhere near as good as this gifted winger. Had more pace, quality and vision. Ridiculous!

  7. Acer says:

    Are we not missing a Spanish midfield genius? As good as Didi was Xabi was one of the best midfielders on the modern era and should be a shoo in. Good call on Heighway

  8. TPC says:

    I disagree with some. My team would be:
    Keeper Reine
    RB Babel
    LB Reisse
    CB Lawrenson
    CB Hypia
    LM Heighway
    RM Houghton
    CM Alonso
    CM Molby
    CF Aldridge
    CF Torres

    Not sure if Torres and Aldo could play together though, but it would not be long before Aldo gave the lazy shit Fernando a kick up the backside and maybe get the best out of him

  9. matt says:

    heighway and alonso were glaring omissions…but otherwise a good one.

  10. The Duke says:

    Steve Finnan instead of markus babel and i,d take anyone bar that striker even ronnie rosenthal.

  11. Prajwol says:

    Can’t believe there is no John Barnes.

  12. IJH says:

    John Aldridge as striker?

  13. IJH says:

    Barnes isn’t foreign

  14. lfc92 says:

    xabi alonso for cm

  15. Tom Campbell says:

    John Barnes? Did you even read the title of the article to start with?
    As much as Torres should be despised for leaving, he can’t be totally blamed. That falls with Rafa and even more so, Hicks and Gillett. His performances and records blatently show that he deserves to be in this XI.
    Alonso should definitely be there too.