Liverpool’s seven summer signings

Connor Wickham: The 18 year old Ipswich Town player is currently at the Euro U21 Championships and is the youngest player there out of all the players present. He has huge potential and would likely replace David Ngog who is on his way to Sunderland. He is a huge presence for his age, and has drawn comparisons to Alan Shearer. Ipswich are believed to want £10 million for him and Wickham is believed to favour a move to Liverpool, where he could fulfil the potential he obviously has.

Jose Enrique: Liverpool have not had a consistent left-back since John Arne-Riise left for Roma. Fabio Aurelio is a top player, but injuries have plagued his career, and Emiliano Insua has not lived up to his potential. Jose Enrique has had a good season at Newcastle, with his crossing aiding Carroll significantly while he was at the club. He has the ability to attack well, but can also defend resilliently when called upon, which most modern fullbacks seems to struggle with. At 25 years old he has the best days of his career ahead of him, and him and Downing could form a strong partnership down the left hand side. His fee is believed to be in the region of £8-9 million and Liverpool could easily match that fee.

Scott Dann: The Birmingham Centre Back has been a talismanic figure at the heart of their defence alongside Roger Johnson. Despite winning the Carling Cup Birmingham were relgated on the last day of the season, partly due to the fact Dann was injured for a few months at the end of the campaign. Liverpool need someone to replace Sortirios Kyrigiakos who is out of contract this summer. The 24 year old is strong, good at tackling and reads the game well. He would be good cover for Agger or Skrtel if they got injured, and would be pushing for a place in the 1st team. Birmingham are believed to want £10 million, and with Dann being a boyhood red, the move could materialise.

Charles N’Zogbia: The French winger has undoubtedly just had his best season in English Football with Wigan, with his performances at the end of the season keeping them up. He is a fantastic dribbler, who can cut inside on to his left foot if he’s playing on the right, and can also play on the left hand side of midfield. N’Zogbia would be willing to move from Wigan if the right team came along, and at 24 years old, would fit FSG’s mindset of young players with high potential resale value. Wigan are believed to want £9 million for him which is a reasonable fee, and he would be a great player to be able to bring off the bench to make an impact.

Potential Net Transfer Spend: £83 million

With these potential signings Liverpool would strongly be challenging for a place in the top 4 at the minimum and would have the infrastructure to seriously challenge for the title in a few years with some bright young talent coming through the ranks aswell.

14 responses to “Liverpool’s seven summer signings”

  1. daboy says:

    I do not want Nzogbia and Downing and Adam put their fees together and buy 2 gun players.
    I would prefer Mata and Shaqiri young talented have flair and would cost less than the three mentioned.
    That 83 million apologies to Wickham represents mid table mediocrity so i hope you are wrong.

  2. Tinkers Cuss says:

    I would be fine with Downing, as he was the most prodigious crosser in the EPL last season – so there is a lot of sense in this move, but would still prefer Mata.

    I would also be fine with Enrique, but wonder if we play with an out and out winger – do we need a wing back?. I would prefer to shore up defence with a solid LB, who if and when the play dictates can get forward.

    Wickham or Chamberlain-Oxlade would be a good investment, but I pity Pacheco as I feel he has not had a chance and probably is as good as either.

    I think Dann would be good – he is a good passer and can play the ball out of defence so in this sense would compliment Skrtel or Cara. But he may not be a park the bus Centre Back.

    We do not need Zog AND Downing – it is either/or i.m.o.

    I would take Adam for his passing, yes, but not sure where this leaves Meireles – who i would not want to leave. If we can have a larger squad – OK I would accept Adam – anyone who can score from a corner kick is fine by me!

  3. JOJO says:

    The answer is very simple. Let put our believe to King Kenny and for sure he will work the best for us. atleast to challange for the top 4 place or as a title contender.

  4. Alan says:

    What are gun players?
    What is 83 million apologies about?

  5. HM187 says:

    So many players linked with the club! It seems Keeny is already thinkng ahead with the type of players linked to the club, age and the new Fifa ruling coming in next year. Adams would be a good signing for the club. We have missed that player who can deliver a good killer pass and is good at set pieces, so he would have my vote. Downing is 50-50. Yes he is a LW and a pacey one can deliver a good ball which we so desperately need but I don’t think he will set the team alight. Young would have been the preferred choice out of the two but he seems to be joining Man utd. Mata would be the preferred choice but I think KK wants English players to really push us forward. Downing is a good player and young so he can only grow stronger and I think being around the quality we have he will grow. Plus he is already adapted to the English game and I really think KK is mainly buying the players who have had EPL experience and not take the risk on foreign players. Suarez is an exemption to the rule as he is pure quality!! Enrique or Clichy, again both of these have figured in the EPL and I would tip in favour of Enrique. With Enrique and Downing, our left side would be a much better balance to the team and provide good service to Carroll. Both Wickham and Dann would be welcomed. Along with Henderson already in that is 3 possible future stars for England. Add Downing, Carroll, Gerrard, Johnson and Kelly possible 8 players in the England call up! we have not had that many players in the England team for a very long time!! The final one I really question on is N’Zobia? Do we really need to splash the cash on him? We now have Henderson who can play on the right or middle of the park, Kuyt and Maxi. I can’t see why Johnson can’t play RW? Have Kelly RB. Johnson can prove he can pass players and deliver. Kelly has grown in stature and I want to see him grow and with Flano for cover it looks positive. So keep the dosh for N’Zobia and have Johnson in RW. Surely at least give it a try it worked for Bale at Spurs!!! In conclusion the players we are looking to buy are good signings and would add depth and strength to the squad. We should all trust in KK and he did win the PL with LFC when he had a squad full of English players so maybe he is trying to adapt that again!!! YNWA

  6. Propetis says:

    i think adams ability is good enough to be captain of blackpool and an average player in a top team. top teams dont expect set-pieces to win a game… meireles is twice the player adams is. downing is good enough i suppose, he ran the show against us and i think he can be better than what riera did in those 3 months of his playing career in anfield. enrique or any left back would be good since we only got 1 LB now and he is 17yrs old (Robinson).
    i havent really watched Dann so i cant comment on that but we certainly need a 1st team CB with EPL experience unless he is a top player so buy from any league. n’zogbia i dont like, wickham looks good (actually really really good) and some starlets we got in the under18 i would bet money on.
    i expect a LB, a CB and wickham to be signed and no other moves expect if we sell meireles as it is rumoured.

  7. Simon Hurst says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, i just dont see the mata deal happening, i dont see why he would come to a club without champions league football, also i think we should go for n’zogbia as maxi looks like he is on his way, and joe cole will be probably shipped out
    anyway if you want to ask me any more questions tweet me at @simonhurst94

  8. Burt says:

    What a great shout about Riera. Before he arrived yossi was playing left mid and we were mid table. The signing of Riera with his little touches and flicks really gave us an added dimension that was disastrously overlooked. Riera was handled very badly by Benitez. Which leads me on to downing. Downing spent the whole of last season playing on the right cutting in on his left foot and was decent at best. The boy struggles however to do his man on the outside when he plays left mid as he doesn’t have a hint of trick in his locker. He’s a Jason Wilcox throwback which is probably why Kenny loves him so.

  9. Burt says:

    oh…and Adam has a range of passing like no other in the premier league. His touch, free kicks and corners lend themselves to the great Jan Molby. If he shows half of Molbys quality we have a player on our hands.

  10. tracy says:

    You having trouble with reading.

  11. jan says:

    Dont you think that we should try eden hazard. I would prefer hazard over downing as he has alot of creativity as well as control and trickery. I believe that a hazard carroll partnership will b deadly

  12. GrahamT says:

    Our priority should be Jeffren Suarez…Quick, can beat players, can pass and cross.

    Not over keen on Downing, and not sure where Adam will fit in?????

  13. pooben says:

    i cannot understand these signings, they don’t make sense. i believe kk has lost the plot. he is signing players of mediocre qaulity. compare these signings with those of man u, chelsea etc. stop following kk like a bunch of sheep, wake up and tell him that in order to win prem league,he needs to sign players like those man u etc are signing. and i further think that it will b impossible for lfc 2 win league or challenge for top 4 with these type of signings. He is also paying 2 much 4 these players, he and comoli don’t know concept of proper negotiation. wake up guys and smell the roses.

  14. LFCaimee says:

    first of all KK is smart enough manager to know what hes doing we all know he won the league with us but then when he returned to management after leaving us due to the hillsborough disaster he led blackburn to a league title.

    i agree with most of these signings due to increasing depth ok he might be splashing a little to much cash but its his first proper season in charge coming up lets just support the team and kenny and reserve judgement on if hes lost the plot until the end of the season!

    hes signing players to play the old liverpool way the same way we played when we use to win the league regularly isnt it worth having been waiting 21 years for a league title going back to the old ways due it having been successful in the past?