Date: 10th June 2011 at 2:00pm
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Following Liverpool officially announcing the signing of Jordan Henderson from Sunderland yesterday (Thursday), I was waiting to hear Manchester United announcing the signing of Phil Jones from Blackburn but I am now reading on ESPNsoccernet that the deal taking Jones to United has hit a snag! I had a good laugh reading this as many United fans had started laughing at us saying that they have ‘stolen’ Jones from under our noses. Now we may have the last laugh as apparently Blackburn and United have not agreed on a transfer fee for Jones!

We all thought that Jones could be sold for £16million which was the fee in his contract but apparently that £16million clause only states that a club which bids £16million or above can talk to Jones and it does not mean that is how much the buying team has to pay to get their man.

Blackburn now want £25million for Jones. I find this to be very funny as Jones has already had a medical at United and agreed personal terms but the important thing which is the transfer fee has not bee agreed upon between the two clubs. So if Blackburn stand firm and say they want £25million and United do not want to pay this, Liverpool may still get their man if we are willing to part with that amount for him.

These transfers are getting more and more complicated with each passing season! You can never say you have your man until he is wearing your shirt and posing for pictures in it!


19 responses to “Phil Jones could still join Liverpool”

  1. ste says:

    Dont want him now anyway but unlike Liverpool Man Hoof are riddled with Debt and may struggle to come up with the funds to add him to the squad of the most overrated and lucky team on earth.

  2. Alan says:

    I’d steal him just to put two fingers up to whiskey nose but Jones would have to win over the fans after picking manure first.

  3. hadi says:

    come on liverpool get him pls

  4. Julian says:

    Were living in fantasy land . It’s seems most fans including our own think we have a shopping list and we must buy the no 1 pick for that position. Some people think for his age and being English , Phil jones is the main man. But for every position they should be loads of talent out there. The main thing the club have to do is get the right player for Liverpool. The fee, wages, technical ability and most importantly the desire to play for the club. We can’t go out and by a Sanchez for 30 mill because he will have no desire to play for us. Leave Jones to someone else. The rumours are that he has failed the medical. So this would rule out any club following him up.

  5. Ecored says:

    No i would not want him now, it would be hilarious though if man u had to raise their bid to 25m!

  6. mepa says:

    I dont want that manure use the greatest shirt in the world. But LFC could bid for him to increase the value of Jones. Dann … back

  7. Matt says:

    No need for him now. Beter CB like Sakho is available and who is also cheaper.

  8. tony says:

    IF he was suppose to come too usand did a u turn on the way to liverppol. I wouldnt want him now his bad luck dont wont player that dont want to be with us.

  9. Ben says:

    Yeah I agree! My 1st thought was that we should snub Jones if he becomes available, but your idea is much better! It may well finish ferguson off!

  10. Ben says:

    Oh and my comment was a reply to Alan! Didn’t realise that replies to individuals wouldn’t get placed below theirs!!!

  11. Ron says:

    Don’t want him now. We should only go for players who want to join us and not simply want to earn a fat check or take us as second best. Players who will play their heart out for the club and not make a U-Turn in the near future to another club.

  12. m kop says:

    I wanted Jones to Liverpool as it comes well in a plan of buying young, preferably English players but I wouldn’t pay 25 mil.
    Let Fergie pay that price, but I would offer more than 16 perhaps.

  13. nehe says:

    for what i think it is expensive .better to find other players

  14. baza5x says:

    we should offer 20 mill just to up the price and let uniteds debt get above half a billion hahaha

  15. Ballz says:

    NEVER gonna happen. Just because there is a stumbling block hes gonna come to Liverpool? Yeah ok.

    Kenny has got his plan in action @ Jones isnt part of it.

  16. Sunday says:

    No need to play second fiddle to any team. We dont need him for such an exobitant price.

  17. Gerrardious says:

    he didn’t fail his medical. the club are asking for more money cos they claim the 16m clause on his contract allows him to discuss personal terms with a club but does n’t mean Blackburn have to accept the offer.
    I wouldnt hold my breathe though. am guessing this is a ploy by BB to get more cash more likely from us after seeing d transfer of Henderson. and also considerin the player is very much sought after.

  18. a finnigan says:

    we should bid 20m the kid as not signed for the mancs and it would deal them a big blow a propa scouse theft get in there and he is only 19 and a good player we will at least drive the price up remember roy keane agreed to join kenny at blackburn then changed his mind kenny is king its up to him not us and he would love to get him now

  19. Gerrardious says:

    firstly, av gotta say Jones despite the large price(cos he is British of course) would be a good signing. he isn’t just a future star, he is already a good player who could add something to our team. he would boost our attack in d sense that he would allow up to push up bcos of his speed. having said this, its unlikely he would come havin agreed personal terms with MU already. ok, lets say we play along with BB ‘games’ and table a higher offer, i dont know if, our fans would welcome him after tryin to sign for our rivals. I wouldn’t hold it against him though.
    Now, even if we dont get him, I believe d only downside to it should be bcos he’s homegrown.
    I am still wandering why we havn’t made any serious move to sign SAHKO. apart from being English, dis guy ticks all d boxes. he’s CHEAP, young(21), and can play leftback. I av watched dis guy play several times, and believe me when I tell u he’s GOOD.he is strong n has good positioning. he can hold, move the ball n exchange decent passes (just like Agger) and can play leftback (beta than Agger). he more mature n technically sound than Jones. at the risk of overpraising him, let me just say d only thing Jones has on him is a little speed (and Premiership experience of course). he’ll be a good back up for whichever leftback we sign hereby allowing us to sell Insua(who’s loan was a waste) and Konchesky (who’s not good enough) without havin to worry about depth cos Sahko + young players coming thru will give adequate cover.
    I really hope we sign him.