Will Liverpool spend £60million on young English players this summer?

I’m well aware that British – particularly English – players come at a premium and I can accept that; paying around £5-£10 million for a player with potential who has shown signs of greatness is not something I would turn my nose up at and I, as much as anybody, would love nothing more than a great team full of Scousers or even just Englishmen. But if we were to sign all the young Englishmen (Wickham, Henderson, Catermole and Jones) this summer that we’ve been linked with and paid the reported fees in full, we’d come out of the summer months with a total spend of around £55-60 million for four young English players, who have a single England cap between them and have never played a single game in Europe, let alone the Champions League. Imagine where that money could be better spent; imagine the top class winger, centre back and full back we could sign with that money and probably still have change come August?

It has long been a topic for discussion amongst the English media and press that top English clubs are not giving enough English youngsters a chance; that we’re turning out noses up at them and going abroad for players that are only their equals and not their betters. But to that I would say – look at the prices. We can sign the equivalent of all those players I’ve mentioned – and with more experience – from abroad and I would put my job on the fact that we wouldn’t pay even half the sum we’re being quoted for all of these English players.

It’ll be a great day when Liverpool start a game with more British players on the field than foreigners and with the knowledge that they are there on merit but until the FA and the Premier League put their heads together and stop this extortion, then I’m afraid dozens, if not hundreds, more British players are going to see their progress stunted by being forced into staying at smaller clubs because the bigger clubs are being priced out and going abroad. It has to end.

Article is courtesy of David at Live4Liverpool