So today Liverpool – according to every press source under the sun – have upped their bid for Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson. Apparently, the reported initial bid of £13 million wasn’t enough so the club went back in with a £15-16 million bid. Again, they were rebuffed. Today, we’ve moved again with a bid in the region of £18.5 million.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as pleased as punch that we are able to table bids of this sum for players, it shows that we’re not short of a bit of money anymore. But what we’re talking about here is a player who has spent his entire professional career (one spell at Coventry apart) with a bottom 10 club. In two full seasons at Sunderland, he has played 77 games and scored just 5 goals. He is a midfielder and an attacking one – that can also play out wide – and he has scored just 5 goals over two seasons. We have tabled – reportedly – an £18.5 million bid for this player, who also has one England cap. He has never played in Europe and has not yet even made an impression when playing against one of the big sides.

Contrast this with a player reportedly on offer for £500,000 less, Valencia’s Juan Mata, and you can see why I’m a little concerned about the amount we’re prepared to pay. Mata, by contrast, is barely 3 years older than Henderson, has played over 170 times for Valencia with 46 goals to his name. He has also played 11 times for the best national side in the world, scoring 4 goals. He has played a further 38 games for Spain at various youth levels, scoring 21 times. Now if anybody believes (and can also prove) that the Englishman is greater value for money then I will happily retract my statement and eat my hat.

Similarly, I have read today via the official LFC site that Ipswich have refused an £8 million bid for their young striker Connor Wickham. They believe that they are entitled to about £2 million more and I can see why, after all he has scored an intimidating 15 goals in 72 appearances for Ipswich. In the Championship. Now, I appreciate that I may sound overly harsh, he is after all only 18 years old and it’s impressive in the sense that he’s playing regularly in the Championship and has been since he was 16. But £10 million? For an 18 year old that has scored 15 goals in his whole career so far? I’m sorry but British or not; ‘home-grown’ or from the Isle of Sandwich, that fee is positively extortionate. In January, we spent just over double that on a proven Uruguayan international that had scored over 140 goals in his career by the age of 24 – Luis Suarez.

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11 responses to “Will Liverpool spend £60million on young English players this summer?”

  1. Omar Brown says:

    Yes we have probably been pushed into spending a little more than we should on Henderson but that is the price you pay to acquire good young players in our position. Juan Mata is more likely to go to a top four club than Liverpool. The same can be said about most of the top talent going across Europe. Our best hope lies in young English talent and should hopefully put us in a good position for years to come. It is less likely these players will see us a stepping stone to Real Madrid or Barcelona.

    Furthermore, You must consider re-sale value. We can see this with the Andy Carroll transfer. If Andy Carroll or Jordan Henderson did wish to leave in a few years time then they would be still at a young age and we could still sell them for a good amount of money, meaning the large initial investment isn’t as risky. Now if you spend this on a 28 year old the risk is there as there re-sale value will be minimal in a few years time. A 28 year old David Villa may cost less than Andy Carroll as it is basically writing off most of that money whereas with Carroll this is not the case regardless of Villa’s obvious ability. A large short term outlay does not necessarily mean the highest cost in the long run. I would also suggest you consider the wages of top foreign stars such as Juan Mata and Aguero. I know these players are young as well, but I think my point in the previous paragraph can highlight why they may be difficult for Liverpool to sign at the moment.

    Finally, on the point of Connor Wickham. You have attacked his goal scoring record but I don’t think your criticism is really justified. Have you watched him play, He Spent a lot of time injured or coming of the bench and it wasn’t until Paul Jewell took over that he got a regular place in the starting lineup, from January onwards he scored most of his 15 goals (if that is correct). Some of them were brilliant as well, did you see the goal against Sheffield United? (regardless of the shaky defending). He is a good finished, motivated and is physically strong, so I think at 10 million he would be a good signing for anyone who buys him. And think of the wonderful re-sale value..

  2. Bill Shankly Hates Wannabe Accountants !!! says:

    What Century are you living in ?
    Your post reeks of “I remember when I was you , we could have bought a house , a car & taken 2 holidays on a weekly wage of tuppence”
    Jeesus man give yer head a shake !
    If Ipswich want £10 million for a player whos registration they own then that is Ipswich right .
    Or do you think we should co down there in Armored tanks & demand they accept the fee you think is appropriate for a player you HYPOCRITICALLY have never even seen play !
    As For what Juan “Sheet” Mata or anyone else has done in a weaker league that contains only 3 sides capable of finishing in the Premier Leagues top half is of little or no concern to any true LFC supporter .
    Perhaps you have forgotten how Morrientes performed for us & there was nobody in Spain with a better pedigree than him , perhaps you have forgotten Luis Garcias frustrating performances ? Hows about David Silva at City ? Werent we mad not to sign him too ? Cisse was a disaster tactically , Poulsen isnt up to standard , Jovanovich isnt up to standard , N’Gog isnt up to standard & we have flooded our Youth systems with French & Spanish players since 1997 & not one of them has mad the break through into the senior set up .
    Facts are that the more Foreign players in our squad since Roy Evans left the less likely we have been of winning the League with only 2 top 2 finishes in that time .
    Thats the only stat that matters .
    You obviously have no respect for English players & are biased against them .
    I personally dont want to see a team of Englanders because I think a certain amount of Foreigners make us a stronger set up , but only if they are up to the job . Too many English or locals together & complacency sets in .
    Too many foreigners like we have suffered since 97 & we got no soul , no heart for the battle & no connection to the fans or the locality .
    Those are real world facts & stats , not computer football management game stats .
    Facts are that “British” players are best suited to the British Leagues while Spanish players are better suited to the Spanish league .
    Every now & again that trend may get bucked but I haven’t noticed any Spaniards apart from Renia putting in consistently impressive performances at the top end of the table for quite some time now .
    This is the real world , players are human beings with human limitations , they arent wee pixelated figured on your games console screen that you can buy & sell for a pretend profit & make yerself feel all clever about .
    If Kenny Dalglish signs a player because he sees a role in the squad for him then I’m going to believe Kenny & put both my faith & trust in him & if you knew anything about football you would too .

  3. Colly says:

    Totally agree with this

  4. SuaRed says:

    As I’ve been on the web for the last few days fully advocating the merits of buying British I’m only pull the author up on one point! Connor Wickham.

    Just to correct the author and “£10 million? For an 18 year old that has scored 15 goals in his whole career so far? I’m sorry but British or not; ‘home-grown’ or from the Isle of Sandwich, that fee is positively extortionate” and “he has scored an intimidating 15 goals in 72 appearances for Ipswich”. statements!

    At 21 years old Alan Shearer scored 23 goals in 118 appearances for Southampton and Dalglish and Slur Fergie went head to head to sign and he chose Blackburn in a then BRITISH TRANSFER RECORD! What inspired Dalglish to do that when he’d only scored 23 goals in 118 games?

    If you knew anything about football you’d know about potential! Dalglish knows Wickhams potential is open ended just like he knew Shearers was!

    This article lacks…lacks…well it just lacks a modicum of knowledge in relation to real football. Very poor

  5. 5TIMES says:


  6. Septimus_red says:


    This is my fist post here and I’m getting annoyed at this Xenophobia sweeping through the club.

    I draw your attention to the fact that like it or not TECHNICALLY very few British players are world class.

    It’s this kind of arrogance that embarrasses England in world cups.
    The ONLY people that think the Premier League is the bets in the world are the British.

    Heart and passion will NOT win us the league English players or not.
    What we need are technically gifted players that can beat a player and mental toughness.
    Where they are born SHOULD NOT come into it.
    This is dangerous and if I was a player from abroad looking to come to the Liverpool and I read some of this stuff I wouldn’t bother.

    Henderson is NOT better than Alonso at the same age FACT.
    Suarez IS a better goal scorer than Caroll FACT.
    Riena IS better than any English Goal Keeper.


  7. Bill Shankly Computer Football Managers !!! says:

    How Is Saurez a better goal scorer than Carroll ?
    If Carroll hit 700 goals in League 2 would that “FACT” make him a better finisher than Ian Rush ?
    You are another muppet that spends his time playing Football Computer games then mouthing off on websites like he knows something about the real Game .
    Saurez’s shooting was absolutely atrocious , no better than N’Gogs , if it wasnt for his clever link play & movement off the ball he would never have gotten into the team .
    Saurez has a hell of a lotta proving to do in England , especially if clowns like you are saying he is a top goal scorer .
    Facts are his goals per game ratio is no where near Andy Carrolls in top Flight English Football .
    As for Alonso , you never seen Alonso play as a 20 year old for Real Sociedad & you have only seen Henderson play on MOTD highlights or in 4 full games against us at the very very most so seriously , before I dress you in a nice wee pinafore & set ya on my lap like the wee overly opinionated stupid girl that you are ?
    Do yerself a favor & support the club by supporting Kennys decisions , he has earned our trust after all .
    Or keep yer stupid as fuck opinions to yerself .
    Xenophobia my arse !
    No Club in Europe has had more foreign nationals pass through their doors from youth to senior level than us this past 14 years .
    Your IP address should be recorded & you should be prosecuted for slander .

  8. Bill Shankly HATES Computer Football Managers !!! says:

  9. Marshi says:

    So what if we do spend £60m on young English players. We’ve got the cash, and we’ve spent plenty in the past on young and old foreign players that didn’t work out. As long as we’re buying technically skilled players and they work hard for the team, we’re happy. Add another 20M on a top class overseas winger and our juniors will do the rest..

  10. septimus_red says:

    Your a UNIT seeing as we are name calling.
    Anyone can see that technically Suarez is has TWO feet and can beat a player….Carroll doesn’t.

    Why are you talking about computer games?
    Your the idiot with a GOB LIKE SKIP talking b****x.

    FYI I did see Alonso play at Sociedad and he was a better player then.

    Just to add that your CUNT ON WHEELS who has no idea about International football only watching the prem

    I support LIVERPOOL FC then DALGLISH it’s fools like you that don’t get what that means.


  11. Bill Shankly Hates Whiney Cunts !!! says:

    Dry yer eyes & save yer Boo Hoo’s Septimus coz no one is interested in your awful attempts to save face after I have slapped 10 different shades outa you !
    You didn’t even know Alonso Played for Real Sociedad when he was 20 let alone watched him play there , unless of course you are his mother ?
    You never seen Jordan Henderson play a full game .
    & now yer claiming yer so called Facts arent facts but are merely opinions that everyone agrees with .
    Andy Carroll is 6’3 & 15 stone ,
    Louis Saurez is 5’10 & 12 stone .
    Only a fuckin idiot like you would try to compare two players that physically contrast so much !
    But just to highlight your stupidity even further tell us …
    How many headers has Saurez scored compared to Carroll ?
    How many Headers has he flicked on to a team mate in space compared to Carroll ?
    How many goals has he created simply be being there at a set piece & drawing two men to mark him allowing clever poachers like Dirk Kuyt or Maxi to put away a tap in ?
    How many balls has he taken down with 2 centre backs kicking & pushing him from behind & then laid it off to a team mate in space using only 2 touches ?

    You are an embarrassment to our Club so heres a wee bitta help for ya just in case ya ever need tellin again when I’m not around …
    Yer Elbow is that thing in the middle ov yer arm where it bends … Yer arse is that big fat smelly thing ya sit on …
    Now know yer place & dont be getting confused in my presence again .
    Got that ?
    Good .