Date:8th June 2011 at 11:46am
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With reports coming in that the two clubs have agreed a fee for Jordan Henderson I think its time someone said a few positive words about what a great signing he is .

Firstly, Henderson’s first experience at Liverpool will be under Kenny Dalglish, who has known nothing but success at the club, so there will be no under performing attitude that needs changing.

Henderson marks the beginning of the “New Broom Sweeping Clean” the dead wood & malingerers who have been allowed to under perform at our club since Roy Evans left.

At 20 years old Henderson is fantastically talented & is easily as good as the very similar Joe Cole at his very best and it is very likely that Henderson’s arrival will now signal Cole’s departure.

Tactical excellence doesn’t come cheap but you have to be a quick thinker, technically excellent and tactically razor sharp to play at Liverpool and you can double those demands in a Kenny Dalglish Liverpool side.

Even the most doubtful among you can not deny that Henderson is all of those things and I can only imagine how well he is going to flourish within the attacking tactics of Dalglish who primarily lets defenders defend while his attackers attack. Henderson, as the world will see in this summers U21 tournament is technically and physically as good as anything Europe has to offer at his age.

£20million is a lot of money to us men on the street but in the world of Football it is the equivalent of the price of a Mars Bar or a packet of Walkers Cheese And Onion .

Ramires, a complete disaster of Poulsen proportions at Chelsea last season cost £16million while the workmanlike Millner cost Man City £25million, at only £20 million we have got a bargain in the already Premier League experienced Henderson and a very clear signal from Kenny that he is going for the Leagues throat next season with “ATTACK !! ATTACK !! ATTACK !! ” in mind.

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