Is Liverpool’s ‘Look English’ Transfer Policy good?

At times prices will be high – but that is just the way of the world and the big clubs don’t really need to penny pinch, do they? Case in point was the signing of Andy Carroll in the January transfer window, now I think most people know that at the moment there is no way he is worth £35m. However, he is a talented young striker and if he scores anywhere near the amount of goals in the Premier League and for England that has been predicted, then Liverpool’s gamble will have paid off. In a similar way Manchester United probably overpaid when they signed Chris Smalling and Arsenal when they signed Theo Walcott. But that is just the way it is and the selling club are not keen to sell their best talent – so they are going to want compensation for all the years they have spent training and developing the player.

Premier League clubs could do a lot worse than having a little look at the Barcelona squad – who proved themselves to be the best European club side. Their squad though has a definitive Spanish core to it and features 12 Spaniards in their first-team alone. So it stands to reason that this is a reasonable model to follow, but in order to do that English sides must commit to buying English players and also developing and giving the best English players their chance in the first-team instead of foreign players. But with the financial fair play rules coming in soon a certain amount of this may need to happen anyway and if so much the better.

If we fast forward 10 years and looked through the top squads within the Premier League – wouldn’t it be fantastic if each squad featured at least 10 top quality English players. Liverpool may be best placed to make that dream a reality. With two men that were involved in the set-up at Barcelona in Jose Segura and Rodolfo Borrell they should develop it in the right way. Both in terms of developing youth players as they have done with Jay Spearing and Martin Kelly; but also with the signing of the best English talent – something they started with the capture of Andy Carroll and will hopefully continue during the summer. And if they do it that way and other clubs follow so much the better.

Article is courtesy of James Kent at Football FanCast

3 responses to “Is Liverpool’s ‘Look English’ Transfer Policy good?”

  1. richard says:

    we will only know the answer at the end of next season.if there is no improvement on the season just passed then its a failure. but i am glad this just buy british campaign came in after we bought Suarez. arent we buying Doni the brazilian keeper and havent we just been linked with Jeffren?

  2. rick says:

    Good Point mate, good point.
    I’m totally agree.
    Personally, I’m open minded and I haven’t bad feelings on foreing players.
    Meanwhile, I firmly believe that When We sign a Player from a foreign country, He should make a difference for the side, providing a model of conduct for our youths.
    For example Xabi Alonso perfectly ticks all the boxes.
    Liverpool are moving just now in the right direction: our transfer strategy is really good.
    We’re looking for best english based talents in EPL: Players like Phil Jones, Jordan Henderson, They are all valid prospects in a long term view.
    We already have a load of foreign champions, with ability and experience, like Pepe, Suarez, and there’s still room for other classy players from other countries, but Liverpool are looking to recruit best youth british talents, Who can give 4-5 yrs to the Club.
    Kenny is wisely rebuilding our Club.

  3. URADICKHEAD says:

    Liverpool aren’t buying English or even Buying British , Liverpool are buying players with a proven track record in the Premier League instead of wasting millions of their fans money paying astronomical wages , transfer fees & signing on bonus’s to over hyped foreigners that can only perform in slow games in non competitive leagues that have at most 3 quality teams in them .
    If co-incidentally those proven players happen to be English , British or European or whatever then so be it .
    It is an English League after all so the odds are that the vast majority of the players of the physical standard required will come from the same locality .
    Seriously how some of this shit gets published is borderline criminal .
    I was called Racist on here yesterday because I thought Ryan Babel is a better player than N’Zogbia !