How will Liverpool’s defence look with Phil Jones?

Agger & Jones – So how would this pairing fair? Very well in my opinion for both have decent pace but most importantly both can pass the ball out from the back. No doubt Kenny has been looking at Jones primarily because of his capabilities with the ball at feet. The 19 year old can play in central midfield too, and has played very well when asked to play there, and added on to the fact he has very good aerial ability, like the Skrtel/Agger partnership, they should work well together.

Jones & Skrtel – Another partnership I don’t see many problems with other than the fact they maybe a lack of leadership or organisation if they played together. As I have said already, I believe Skrtel always needs a guiding hand when playing in defence and I am unsure that at 19 years of age whether Jones will be authoritative enough yet to organise the backline.

Jones & Carragher – This pairing probably would have the greatest potential for next season if Agger is unfit. Jones will learn a hell of a lot playing alongside Carra in the centre of defence, and it would be great for our vice captain to be able to give the next generation any pearls of wisdom he can provide. In addition, Jones has the ability to pass the ball out from the defence, complimenting Carra’s no-nonsense style.

For me, each pairing has its merits if we did purchase Phil Jones. Which would you go for?

Article is courtesy of David at Live4Liverpool

Which centre back partnership would you choose next season? (If Phil Jones was bought)

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4 responses to “How will Liverpool’s defence look with Phil Jones?”

  1. Bill Shankly Hates Blackburn !!! says:

    To tell the truth ,
    Which 99% of you wont do ,
    I have never seen this Phil Jones Play but I have seen the 21 yr old Martin Kelly play & I have seen the 19 yr old Danny Wilson & both of them are already excellent so if we do sign an INEXPERIENCED 19 yr old defender from Blackburn then I guess he will play in our reserves when either Kelly or Wilson pick up injures or suspensions .

  2. Rob says:

    100% agree with you.

    We have not even bought a player and just reading gossips here and there. Then how can we determine how the defence can look like next year?

    I think people need to ponder on what Kenny says everytime. He says he’ll only talk about his players and not other teams’ players. I guess we must follow his rule.

  3. Bill Shankly Hates Spurs !!! says:

    Good Lad Rob .

  4. Olowoyeye olayisade stephen says:

    I think cahil wil be a grat option 4 lfc defence line