With Liverpool reportedly interested in Blackburn Rovers’ centre back Phil Jones, I thought it maybe a good idea to look hypothetically at which centre back partnership would be best for the Reds if the 19 year old did in fact arrive this summer:

Carragher & Skrtel – This partnership has been solid for the most part since King Kenny arrived as manager. While Jamie had his injury problems last season, Skrtel has played every minute of every Premier League match, with his form improving as the campaign went on. A concern for me with the pairing is that they encourage the backline to play too deep when they play because of their lack of pace, and they also lack the ability to pass out from the back; a quality essential to Dalglish’s pass and move philosophy.

Carragher & Agger – A cornerstone of Liverpool’s Champions League final run in 2007, the pairing has had limited game time together in recent seasons due to injuries to both players. While the Dane is the most gifted player on the ball, allowing an additional midfield option when bringing the ball forward, Carra compliments his footballing centre half partner, with his organisation and communication and no-nonsense defending. With the number of injuries to Agger and the fact that Carragher is now 33, it means this partnership could not be seen to be a long term solution for Liverpool’s centre back issues.

Agger & Skrtel – This pairing is definitely one of my favourites for a variety of reasons. For starters, Skrtel really needs somebody alongside him, such as Agger or Carragher, who can be decisive and authoritative. I think it is fair to say that the Slovakian is not the best organiser at the back and he kind of needs somebody alongside him who can communicate well, and ensure he is in the right place at the right time. Skrtel’s aerial ability combined with Agger’s passing range means the pairing compliment each other very well.

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4 responses to “How will Liverpool’s defence look with Phil Jones?”

  1. Bill Shankly Hates Blackburn !!! says:

    To tell the truth ,
    Which 99% of you wont do ,
    I have never seen this Phil Jones Play but I have seen the 21 yr old Martin Kelly play & I have seen the 19 yr old Danny Wilson & both of them are already excellent so if we do sign an INEXPERIENCED 19 yr old defender from Blackburn then I guess he will play in our reserves when either Kelly or Wilson pick up injures or suspensions .

  2. Rob says:

    100% agree with you.

    We have not even bought a player and just reading gossips here and there. Then how can we determine how the defence can look like next year?

    I think people need to ponder on what Kenny says everytime. He says he’ll only talk about his players and not other teams’ players. I guess we must follow his rule.

  3. Bill Shankly Hates Spurs !!! says:

    Good Lad Rob .

  4. Olowoyeye olayisade stephen says:

    I think cahil wil be a grat option 4 lfc defence line