Which winger would you want, Downing or N’Zogbia?

When comparing Downing and N’Zogbia, it is clear that both have their pros and cons. Stewart Downing would be the player most likely to settle into our team but would be overpriced due to his nationality. N’Zogbia on the other hand would most likely be cheaper and out of the two, probably has more potential to grow as a player if he is placed in the right environment. Looking past technical ability though, I would have to say that Stewart Downing seems like the player most likely to be able to handle the pressures of playing for a big club.

Only time will tell if any of these players do sign for Liverpool this summer but I have to say that I wouldn’t complain if either of them were recruited. Both are outstanding wingers on their day and both would add some much needed quality to our wide areas. In an ideal world, I would be hopeful that the winger we do sign carries the characteristics of both Downing and N’Zogbia. The acquisition of a consistent, hard working winger with pace, skill and great set-piece ability this summer is a must, and I for one cannot wait to see who Kenny and co. decide should be the man to supply our new strike force next season.

Article is courtesy of Mark Wilson at Live4Liverpool .

Which winger would you want, Downing or N'Zogbia?

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