Liverpool’s Three Wise Men

It is highly unlikely that the likes of Steve Clarke, Rodolfo and Kenny will be having cups of tea in a 2 by 4 sized room in a dark corner of Anfield but that old setup was about more than just a room, it was what that room stood for that has endured at the club. Some would say to the club’s detriment, as over the years, the club’s successful past has only proved to weigh down managers and players alike, with the fans unwillingness to leave the past behind and focus on the future. But to have a successful future, there always has to be a link to the past and that is why implementing something of a modern Boot Room would definitely be in Liverpool’s best interests and certainly seems to be something that Kenny is eager to move forward with.

With 5 very important men already in place, there may still be room for one or two more, to come in and learn their trade from established men in the way the likes of Sammy Lee and Kenny did themselves in the 80‘s and 90‘s, and given that Robbie Fowler and Sami Hyypia have both made it clear that they intend to work on their coaching badges over the summer, what better place to start than with two of Liverpool’s most legendary recent players?

Article is courtesy of David at Live4Liverpool.

5 responses to “Liverpool’s Three Wise Men”

  1. Larsen says:

    The final touch of this article talking about Fowler and Sami playing their part as coaching staffs was awesome!

    Over-all I could read an article that made sense in this period of endless nonsense transfer articles during transfer time!

  2. 5TIMES says:


  3. Kenny Dalglish says:

    You must have cobwebs over yer eyes if you watched us play & destroy the top teams in the Premier League & who are also some of the top sides in Europe & then honestly question is Kenny Dalglish has Cobwebs in his tactical knowledge after so called inactivity !
    Do you think Kenny spent 10 years on the moon alone apart from the brin washing aliens who robbed him of his lifetimes worth of unequalled top class football experience ?
    You obviously know only two things about the game if you believe that & they are …
    1: LITTLE
    2: NOTHING
    Theres maybe 8 men on the planet who could possibly be as knowledgable as Dalglish about the Game & they are
    1: Platini
    2: Van Gaal
    3: Hiddink
    4: Johan Cruyff
    5: Ferguson
    6: Lippi
    7: Trapattoni
    8: Ottmar Hitzfeld
    But none of them & I repeat none of them know as much about the game & winning things with Liverpool Football Club .
    This time next season you will be trying to tell us that Kenny can walk on water & that we are truly blessed to live in this football era & have the honor of experiencing one of the all time great masters of the game at work.

  4. L Dunn says:

    Spot on regarding the comment by Kenny Dalglish

  5. Bill Shankly says:

    Aye , Kenny certainly knows what he’s doin .