Date: 3rd June 2011 at 11:39am
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With the Independent, the Guardian and Sky Sports all reporting that Liverpool have either bid or are preparing a bid for Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson, I think it’s safe to say that there is a big possibility that the Reds are interested in the youngster. If it is truly the case, the question as to why we are interested comes to the fore.

The 20 year old can play either in central midfield or as a right winger, and the Reds are said to be competing with Manchester United for the player with Sunderland trying to hold out for an astronomical £20million.
Before we even get to the price, the first question I have is whether we actually need Henderson. Depending on how we play with Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez next season, surely the priority has to be wingers, and ones with pace at that. Henderson can play on the wing, but he isn’t blessed with a great deal of speed, and he will never be a player who will beat opposition defenders to get crosses in. In some respects he would be very similar to the wingers we already have on the books such as Maxi Rodriguez and Dirk Kuyt, who generally cut in field. Do you we really need another player like this?

If he isn’t intended to be played on the wing, rather he is to be bought for his central midfield qualities, then there are just as many questions as to why we are interested. A hard worker with bundles of energy and the ability to pick out a pass, Henderson does have a very good career ahead of him, but I really feel he lacks the flair of a player we truly need in that central midfield position. With Lucas alongside him, the pair would give the Reds a solid base, but I feel there would be a lack of creativity in central areas.

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13 responses to “Why are Liverpool after Jordan Henderson?”

  1. amstrong says:

    we don’t need hime, we need a creativity like diego of wolfsburg,charlie adam,james mccarthy,juan mata or n’zogbia,ashely young or elia eljero 0r payet,scott dann or phil jones and one back up striker.

  2. Margus12 says:

    I’m astonished! We’ve been hearing from the owners and Kenny that we’re only interested in top quality players and then we hear names like Henderson and Cattermole.
    For too long we’ve fallen into the trap of buying players who can play in two or three positions. Lets just go out and buy the best player we can for the position we wish to strengthen.
    Any right winger we purchase, must be a goal scoring one. Otherwise we might as well re-sign Jermaine Pennant, if we’re only interested in crossing ability.
    If we’ve scouted Juan Mata and don’t bid for him, then something is seriously wrong.
    I don’t agree that we need a centre half. With Skirtel, Agger, Carragher and youngsters Andre Wisdom and Martin Kelly it’s not a position that needs immediate attention.
    What worries me most is that none of the players we’ve been linked with are players that would interest Real Madrid, Barca, AC Milan or Inter. If we want to be better than them, we need to have better players than they do.

  3. Ben says:

    @Margus12 – to be fair we’ve heard none of this from the owners and we haven’t bought anyone yet so we can’t comment! Lets just wait and see!
    Other than that I agree with what you say, apart from that I do think we need a centre back. Carra is getting on and we need a long term replacement to come and settle in now. Agger is a good player, but injured > 60% of the time. Skrtel, IMO, is not up to it. He is at fault many times (can see it more when you’re at the game than on TV), though maybe keep him as back up? Martin Kelly may be the answer, but I like him at right back (similar to Bale). Sell Agger if we get a good offer as well as Kyrgiakos (like him, but too slow now) and buy a quality CB.

  4. njanja says:

    I totally agree with both of you! For Christ sake We don’t need that little brat. I feel ashamed that we are being associated with low level players like Heinderson, Catermole, the Camerounian Monaco boy, Wikham, etc.

  5. tass says:

    DOnt worry reds fans, very soon you will see Juan Mata at Lft, its already been scout, just they are waiting for the transfer market to open which is on 1st July and Charlie Adams is coming very soon too, he too is very good just need best player around him, also am 70% sure that ashley young next destination is ANFIELD ROAD, bcoz MAn Unt Will not have enough money to spend on him. and then either Conor wickham or Long will be the second striker, dont worry they are both Younger and they are better than Ngog.

  6. Burt says:


    Great post. Completely agree about the pennant part. To spend 20million on Henderson would be like….like…spending £35million on Roy Carroll. (Hold on lads my mate is trying to tell me something…Carroll has been bought for what…..WTF!!)
    Comoli did the same thing at spurs, he bought in anyone who was 18-21 and English and hoped for the best. I can understand the logic of building a young exciting team that will grow over time but paying over the odds for good rather than exceptional players really does my head in. If I would have been quoted 35mill for Andy Carrol 1st I’d piss down the phone 2nd I’d pick up Connor Wickham and maybe 2 up and coming wingers.

    Have faith though Kenny knows English football and he knows a player when he sees one too. Stéphane Guivarc’h was a mere blip.

  7. Alan the Red says:

    Alexi Sanchez.

  8. M. says:

    Is he better than Lucas or Raul. Ok Raul is nearing 29, but Lucas ‘ll be there with his best years to come & to replace Raul in few years, Coady or Jonjo should be good enough.

    Only English midfielder I can go after, even for another 35mn, is Jack Wilshire. 20mn can buy us Ma’Villa or Hazard; has anyone seen Ma’Villa vs Henderson head to head at Wembly?

  9. Itopa says:

    I’m so disapointed in kenneth dalglish, he s realy nt on d ryt track. If he needs players den he should knw d calibar of players to obtain.for gods sake henderson is not wat we need.n’zogbia wil do the magic. Return of aquilani wil do. Wickham and aguero wil also aid us alot of dnt speculate

  10. Dan says:

    I think a lot of people are doing Henderson a big disservice here. There is a reason both Kenny Dalglish and Alex Ferguson are willing to fork out significant money for him. He’s probably not worth £20m at the moment but if you buy British expect to pay a premium, especially for young English players.

  11. Bill Shankly says:

    People need to get this nonsense that you have to pay a premium because a player is from the British Isles.
    What you are paying for in a native player isnt irresponsible flamboyance , you are paying for a rock solid player with tactical awareness , game intelligence , leadership quality’s , Physical excellence , outstanding temperament , will to win , & enough technical ability & creativity to unlock the best sides in high pressure games without putting the balance of the team in jeopardy with his out of control ego .
    British & Irish players arent needlessly flash , they are responsible , tough & great examples to youngsters just learning the game .
    With that said the question to be asked is whether Jordan Henderson is a player better than our other 3 central attacking midfield options Joe Cole , Steven Gerrard & Raul Meireles over a 50 game season like the one we have coming up ?
    I dont think so .
    He is an excellent 20 year old at an excellent stable club & he has a fantastic opportunity to play 38 premier league games there next season & challenge Wilshire for an England Spot but can he genuinely challenge Steven Gerrard , Raul Meriles & Joe Cole or Aquilani for the attacking role in Liverpools Midfield ?
    Not next season he cant .
    The boy is a valuable talent , no doubt about it but just because there may be 11 great goal keepers or 11 great left backs we can buy that doesn’t mean we will have a great starting 11 & its your starting 11 that wins games & its winning games that wins you league Titles as King Kenny well knows .
    I dont see Henderson bringing balance to our starting 11 next season , I dont see him balancing our squad in terms of giving us options we are in need of or improving tha average age which the media seems to want to be the same as an U16 side .
    We need some , repeat SOME youth , to blend in with & challenge Experienced players & already we have some of the best young players in both Britain & Europe already at the club .
    We need proven talent that has performed season in , season out over at least one 4 year contract in the Premier League , we need at least 2 wingers , at least 1 left back & we need a ball winning midfielder better than Poulsen if we are to win the League next season .
    Give Kenny Dalglish , Arjen Robben , Stewart Downing , Leighton Baines & Lee Cattermolle for those positions & he will win the League .
    Give him a whole loada unproven kids & foreigners & he will probably win a cup & get us top 4 …..
    He is Kenny Dalglish after all .

  12. Michael says:

    Wow, You call him the King yet when he sign players you all doubt him…1 word…..CUNTS

  13. Bill Shankly Hates CUNTS !!! says:

    Well said Michael .