People just don’t know how good Lucas is

Shorn of Alonso and the Spaniard’s replacement Alberto Aquilani, Benitez placed greater responsibility upon the 24-year-old in 2009/10, and his faith was rewarded with much more assured displays. Lucas featured 35 times for the club in the Premier League that season, and his progress led to him being voted the club’s Young Player of the Season.

After Benitez’s departure, many envisaged an Anfield exit for the Brazilian, but he stayed at Liverpool and continued his good form into the new season. He maintained his first-team berth under Roy Hodgson and Kenny Dalglish, and his consistency culminated in a new long-term contract.

Moving to play football in a different continent at a young age is a difficult transition to make at the best of times, but this is made even harder when one’s displays are constantly criticised. Instead of moaning or pining for a move away, the boy from Dourados knuckled down and worked hard to become a player worthy of the red shirt.

In this era of quick-fix fickleness, it’s nice to see how far a little hard work, faith and support can go.

Article courtesy of Zarif Rasul at Football Fancast

4 responses to “People just don’t know how good Lucas is”

  1. doug herffernan says:

    ok lucas was decent this season, but liverpool were fuckin dreadful for most of the season so having a player who was a bit better than a bunch of average players is over reacting by saying he’s a top class player

  2. Jack says:

    So happy for Lucas. He deserves all the plaudits. I did get frustrated with him sometimes but would never envisage booing him. Many fans were critical of Aquilani when he arrived, expecting an instant hit. But near the end of the season after coming back from injury he showed some his true attributes. I do hope he comes back. To all fans who want instant success, Lucas’ rise should serve as a testament to faith and patience.

  3. Jack says:

    Hey herffernan, Liverpool were under Dalglish for nearly half the season. Stats show that the form of the team ie points per game would have put us a couple points behind United. We smashed United 3-1, beat Chelski, and demolished Fulham 5-2 in that period. Hardly what you call an average side.

  4. Bryan says:

    Statswise he proved better than every other defensive midfielder in the league as regards number of successful tackles made so I for one am pleased with him