They said he was better than Messi

The other option of course is for Cole to go to a smaller team, such as the newly promoted Queens Park Rangers (another team he has been linked with), and take a pay-cut in order to play first team football week in, week out. The question at that point is what Joe Cole values more; money or playing regularly? With some footballers it is difficult to tell at times, but for Cole it does seem like the latter is more fitting.

Of course, if he were to stay at Liverpool he would need to accept a cut in his wages anyway. The fact that he is being paid £90,000 per week is ridiculous enough, but when it is compared to Raul Meireles’ (one of LFC’s most consistent performers this season) pay packet of £30,000 per week it is even harder to swallow. Putting aside the argument that “£30k a week is still a ridiculous amount of money” for another time, it is clear that Cole should not be earning more than the Portuguese international. So since Cole is likely to take a pay-cut if he stays at Liverpool anyway, perhaps a move to a smaller club would be in his best interest?

I for one, being a Liverpool fan, would love to see Joe Cole stay at the club and play his way back into the first team. After all, the team is in real need of good wingers and that is a position Cole has played in to great success over his career. Nevertheless, I think it would be better for Cole personally if he moved on in the summer. It is not fair to the player to have to sit on the bench every week with no discernable way of getting back in to the first team and it is unfair to the club to have to pay the player £90k per week to do just that.
In my opinion a move to QPR, although a big step down for a player of Cole’s calibre, would be his best option. He would get regular first team action and would be treated like a star by the Rangers’ fans. At Liverpool and Spurs, Cole will spend more time on the bench than on the pitch, but the opposite is true at Rangers. I hope Joe makes the right decision for his future because I would hate to see another great footballing talent squandered.

This article was written by Alex Watt and is courtesy of our partner website