Mascherano betrayed Liverpool more than Torres and Owen combined

Javier Mascherano left in the worst possible way any player can leave a club. He was boycotting games, that is unacceptable for a person on a contract. As if that was not enough, he went on to say some crazy statements about LFC. When Torres left, he was the Headline of many newspapers saying “when I left it was as if I killed someone”. He justified the move to Chelsea by Torres and he also justified his own move. He went on to talk about how Liverpool had fallen.

Terrence James, a die hard LFc fan who is a friend of mine had this to say about Javier, “Well Javier, you did kill someone when you left. You killed the person in me that loved you. We were not sad with you, we were mad at you, really pissed and angered. What you did is backstab us when we needed you the most. When we were hurting and distressed is when you decided to leave. We ended up selling you for less than we got you for, because you pushed the move yourself. What you did on Saturday does not change the way I feel about you. You are still that self centred bustard twat that does not honour contracts.”

What Mascherano did is worse than what Torres and Michael Owen did combined. It is not just betrayal he also stabbed us in the back. He just dedicated his win to us, he did not apologise in anyway way. So for me, he is still a twat.

I rest my case.