Where Liverpool need to sign this summer

4. Centre Back – With the likelihood that Sotirios Kyrgiakos will depart this summer, the ageing years of Jamie Carragher, and the continual injury struggles of Daniel Agger, it is a good idea that there is someone in the squad who can come in to provide a commanding presence at the back. A person strong in the air, as well possessing the ability to pass out from the back is required.

5. Striker – Considering we got two strikers effectively for the price of one in January, the need to search for another forward is obviously less but I feel four top class strikers is always better than three, and with Carroll, Suarez, and Kuyt already in the team, perhaps another body could be added to the mix?

Do you agree with the order above?

Article is courtesy of David at LiverLiverpool

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  1. Ronit says:

    Yes i totally agree with u…
    i also feel the need of star players who will have a significant impact and make their presence felt!!

  2. Zubi says:


  3. Sneh says:

    Even i agree.a winger is required,bt a fourth striker??i dont think so..kuyt is hardworking,carroll is gud in da air,suarez is gud wid his tactics.a 4th striker would b a waste of money.

  4. jack says:

    I think we need a decent left winger e.g mata/turan/young.
    and a right winger/forward e.g menez/mauro zarate

    defense, we need a good LB, like izaguirre (coentrao, but unlikely) and a CB like kjaer.

    Team next season:
    reina, johnson, agger, skrtel, izaguirre, mata, meireles, gerrard, menez, suarez, carroll

  5. Kenny Dalglish says:

    First & foremost we need players who have proven their ability to cope with the physical demands of the Premier season & have proven themselves to be capable of frequently turning in match winning contributions .

    LEFT WING : Stewart Downing .

    Not only has he got the best left foot of all the English players in the league he has approximately 200 Premier League games under his belt at only 26 .

    Downing is a very intelligent team player with excellent distribution & tactical awareness .

    In terms of character & attitude he is top class , having captained both clubs he has played for .

    He has played on the left & right for Villa & he has even played as a deep central midfielder in the 4 1 3 1 formation .

    He is an excellent player , one I’d thoroughly expect to fulfill his professional ambitions under me the excellent Kenny Dalglish !

    Right Wing : Arjen Robben .

    What a fantastic talent !

    He is a player I have hated to see line up against us when he was at Chelsea & at Real Madrid .

    At Chelsea he was the reason the won two leagues when he was there ned I say he can win games single handed or he can , like most top Class Dutch Players , fit into any side that likes to keep the ball on the deck & rely on players cleverly exploiting Space .

    He has pace , a magic wand for a left foot , a great temperament , he can dribble , he can pass , his tactical awareness is fantastic & his movement off the ball is something to behold , he is a genuine superstar probably the best winger on the planet at the moment & a player I’d expect to win the Ballon d’Or under me , the Magnificent Kenny Dalglish !

    Yes his injury record is suspect but his talent & his experience of winning everything in the English game already at only 27 , on the door step of entering his prime , he is more than worth any possible risk .

    We have quality players who can come in & play on the wing in Maxi , Kuyt .

    Robben is easily on the same level as Gerrard & thats about the highest compliment I can pay him .

    £50 million would be a bargain but I have a suspicion we could get him for under £40 Million because I have a suspicion he wants to join us .

    Left Back : Leighton Baines .

    Baines can count himself very unlucky not to have made the last world cup .

    He is one of the most consistent full backs I have seen since Denis Irwin retired & compliments for fullbacks dont come much higher than that .

    He defends well & he attacks well , his over lapping runs are top class & his final ball is as good or better than any LB in the league both in terms of consistent quality & quantity .

    The boy can play ball .

    He is Liverpool born & Bred so he will have no trouble settling & wont even need to move house !

    This boy will hit the ground running & shut the mouths of anyone who thinks we have a problem at LB .

    He isnt Roberto Carlos & thank God for that !

    What we need is a LB who can play every game , is defensively solid & can distribute the ball consistently well to the players further up the pitch who can devastate with their creativity & finishing .

    Holding Midfielder : Lee Cattermolle

    Calm Down ! Calm Down !

    I know he isnt a fashionable player but we have to look at what we already have in place .

    Steven Gerrard is still without doubt the very best central midfielder in Europe , what we need is someone who can both give us drive , ambition & bite when Gerrard isnt on the pitch & someone who can play the holding role & free Gerrard to attack when he is on the pitch .

    Lee Cattermolle has played for 3 Premiership clubs , has captained 3 Premiership Clubs , has 150 Premier games under his belt he is an England U21 international & is Captain of Sunderland & is still only 23 .

    His character & never say die spirit is unquestionable .

    If I , I’m Kenny Dalglish ya kno ? get my hands on him I will polish him as a player until he is an England regular & better than his play alike David Batty , who wasnt too bad after I polished the rough edges off him .

    Cattermolle hasnt yet fulfilled his potential & it will take a manager like me , Kenny Dalglish to bring out the very best of him .

    Dont let the media hype fool you about Cattermolle , his discipline record is excellent with only something like a red card every 30 games or so & when you consider he has played most of his football at the lower end of the table & compare that to the amount of challenges he has had to make ?

    You are looking at a phenomenal combative midfielder .

    Tactical awareness is top class , his ability to bark orders & raise the standard of the players around him when the chips are down is top class , he knows the League inside & out , does the simple things well consistently , namely he wins it & gives it simple on the deck to a more creative player .

    Dont get me wrong , he can attack well & makes very good intelligent late runs into the box but we dont need him for that , we have better players at doing that .

    He will have to raise the standard of his distribution slightly & he will have to adjust to spending less time on the ball but I have zero doubt those minor adjustments would be completed within his first month training with us .

    As he stands he is easily on the same level as Lucas & with a lick or two of LFC polish to his game he will be well above the less disciplined but similar Mascherano .

    Cattermolle is my choice as Guard Dog at the back of our Midfield protecting our back 4 .

  6. Kenny Dalglish says:

    Centre Back .

    I dont think we need one in this transfer window .

    I think we need to get rid of Kyrgiakos who apart from making too many needless challenges in bad areas which exposes his team mates like he did for Lennons Goal at White Heart Lane this season he generally doesnt have the necessary quality to justify a place in a LFC senior squad .

    Martin Kelly at 6’4 is his replacement & while playing out of position at both left back & then Right back this season he showed us all he has the heart of a lion , makes disciplined challenges , he has pace to burn & can pass it with both feet .

    Kelly already plays like a 28 year old Carragher who at only 33 is at least 2 seasons from being replaced .

    Cara has lost none of his pace he simply makes less last ditch challenges because he has matured as a player & now reads the game better than anyone in Europe & equally as well as Sami or Hansen read it at their very best .

    Over a 38 game league campaign I wouldnt swap Carra for anyone , I rate him as not only the best in Britain I rate him as in the top 3 of Europe .

    Skrtel & Agger both only 26 are going to yet again battle it out among themselves to see who Partners Carra but to add some spice into the mix we now also have the excellent Danny Wilson with his remarkable composure & left foot to challenge Agger & Big Martin Kelly hot on Skrtels heels .

    I dont think we need more cover in there but if we do sign a top class proven CB like then so much the better for the competition for places , just so long as he isnt another overpaid malingerer holding back the progress of genuine quality like Kelly & Wilson

    Striker .

    If we need one we need a player who can come off the bench & give us a goal & come into the side & fit in with our tactics & give us at least a goal in 3 .

    Kevin Doyle at Wolves is such a player .
    He has about 150 Premier League games under his belt & averages in & around a goal every 3 games playing in relegation threatened sides .
    Iternationally he is a scorer of both great goals & important goals rather than being a great goal scorer , he socres with both feet & can win it in the air , he has genuine pace & plays very cleverly on the shoulder of their last man .
    He has excellent character & attitude , he has around 60 League goals worth of experience & his tactical awareness & physical strength will see him having zero problems adjusting to the league or any of that old nonsense .
    I have no doubt he , like Dirk Kuyt has the ability to both come into the side when needed & come up with the goods & I also believe he like Kuyt wont rock the boat when he is out of the side both of them are happy to let their performances do their talking & both are capable of both challenging Carroll & Saurez for a starting place .
    I’d expect Doyle to be a goal every 2 games if he gets a run in a Kenny Dalglish side

  7. dinpandai says:

    Liverpool should buy Keisuke Honda

  8. Bill Shankly says:

    Is that a 350 cc or a 550 cc model yer talking about ?
    In other words who is he , how many games has he played in the Premiership , Can he Speak English ? , Does he know anything about life in England , What has he won in England , How many big Clubs has he played for ?
    Unless yer talking about that Oriental player playing in the Russian League ?
    If you are ?
    We arent a relegation threatened club that NEEDS to take a stupid risk wasting fans money on an unproven overly expensive “Token” player from abroad when theres established proven players already in the League that fit the criteria of what we need .