“How would you like to manage the best club in the country?”

He said that of a team in the second division! (ha ha ha, but that is Liverpool FC for you)

When Jonjo Shelvey said “Next season will be a big one for Liverpool” many people had mixed feelings about Jonjo’s “optimism”. Many people from different clubs scoffed at our starlet’s remarks. What startled me was that some LFC fans that did not agree with Jonjo. Some of our own fans started mocking him and saying that he is not good enough for LFC.

Jonjo was not being optimistic, he was actually being realistic. He understands what it means to be Liverpool FC, a big team of World football. Daglish also understands that, that is why he says we do not need European footie to attract top players. Because we are simply LIVERPOOL FC. Our form in the second half of the season also justifies our starlet’s remarks. At one point in time we had won 10 out of 16 league games (just before the Tottenham game).

There is a theory among the fans that says it was a tactical decision to lose the last 2 games of the season, so that we could avoid playing in the Europa league. If the theory is true then Jonjo really knew what he was talking about. That would make Jonjo’s statement a factual one.

If our form was that good with all the injuries and the so called “dead wood”, what is it going to be like next season with a fully fit captain fantastic and a few signings. The Daglish factor makes us contenders even if we do not sign anyone (though we will sign).

In conclusion

We are in a very good position to win the league next season (because we are Liverpool FC). And we are going for it, that is the target of the coaching staff and the playing staff. Any position that is not number 1 is loser’s position. We made winning famous and we are going to win that premiership title. We are also going for the FA Cup and our second string side is going for the Carling Cup. So again we repeat the statement we made famous “NEXT SEASON!”.

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4 responses to ““How would you like to manage the best club in the country?””

  1. Jack says:

    Have to agree on the whole. Couple of disagreements.

    1) 2nd, even 3rd and 4th seem like winning positions these days with all the CL money thrown at the top 4.

    2) if the manager, his staff and his players believed that “next year is our year” with total conviction then I’m all for thinking this way. Unfortunately for the past decade this sentiment has become more of hope rather than absolute belief. Fergie has shown that even with rather medicore players you can win things through believe and a winning mentality.

    Anyway I have to agree that getting to the CL would be great but LFC can’t rest till they are number 1 in England and Europe.

  2. humzas says:

    f*** up off you mancs we’re the bests

  3. Shankly is the one who said that second is nothing. Though Champions league is lucrative, 2nd to 4th are losers. Coz those positions dont affect the trophy cabinet.
    I have to admit though, it sucks that we aint in that champions league. Really sucks. The world has been robbed of classic Lfc action.

  4. Simon says:

    100% belief, nothing less! YNWA!