Andy Carroll was a waste of money

Yes, there was a possibility that Carroll could have done a Suarez and burst onto the scene and been a brilliant player, those are some of the gambles you take when signing a new player. But Carroll has not really set the Liverpool scene alight since he signed. Carroll has featured 9 times for Liverpool since he signed and has scored two goals. There is no doubt that Carroll has struggled with injuries and that has limited his ability this season.

But just look at the game against Tottenham where Carroll started: Liverpool were playing very well in the games before that when Carroll was not in the side but all of a sudden he comes back in and our game changes and we lose. I am not blaming the loss solely on Carroll but it is something we should look at, our game was not as good with Carroll on the field. Yes, we can look at the Manchester City game in which Carroll played and we did very well. I would hope that we can play more games like that with him in the side as opposed to our display against Spurs.

We have Carroll and he is a Liverpool player now so we have no choice but to play with him in the side and I hope Dalglish can do his magic and get the Carroll-Suarez partnership to work. But in hindsight, I still believe we paid too much for him and we could have held out until the summer and bought someone else. Just look at Sergio Aguero, he wants to leave Athletico Madrid for £40million, so if we were to put an extra £5million on top of the money spent on Carroll we could have a player such as Aguero.

Please share your thoughts about this with us.