Date:25th May 2011 at 2:39pm
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Before the Liverpool fans start to bite my head off after reading the title of this post, please allow me to firstly let you know that I am also a Liverpool fan writing this post and all I am simply doing is airing my opinion to you and interested to hear your thoughts:

In January, we lost Torres to Chelsea as he wanted to leave. Good riddance to Torres as any player who does not want to play for Liverpool should be sold. So I have no problem at all in us selling Liverpool and it was great that we received £50million pounds for him from Chelsea. Yes, we were under pressure to reinvest that money we got for Torres to get a replacement striker and Torres did not help us at all in that by his deal only going on on the final day of the transfer window, thus giving us very little time to sign a replacement.

So in what I term a panic buy, Liverpool ‘had to’ go out and buy someone. I use the word ‘had to’ very lightly as I do not believe we had to buy someone especially under the timing pressure we had. In all fairness, we were already having a bad season and all we aimed for was for Dalglish to just steer us to safety with the squad we had for the rest of the season and then we rebuild this summer. If we had hung onto that £35million we spent on Carroll until the summer we would be in a better position to buy someone better than Carroll or even get Carroll at a lower fee this summer as Newcastle knew we had the cash and we were desperate so they inflated his price. There is no way Carroll was worth £35million.

Coupled to that, Carroll was signed injured. Should we not have learnt from this mistake from signing Aquilani? But then again, FSG wanted to stamp their authority and show us the fans that they mean business and thus they spent the £35million on Carroll. What a waste of money in my opinion.

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