Date: 25th May 2011 at 2:39pm
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Before the Liverpool fans start to bite my head off after reading the title of this post, please allow me to firstly let you know that I am also a Liverpool fan writing this post and all I am simply doing is airing my opinion to you and interested to hear your thoughts:

In January, we lost Torres to Chelsea as he wanted to leave. Good riddance to Torres as any player who does not want to play for Liverpool should be sold. So I have no problem at all in us selling Liverpool and it was great that we received £50million pounds for him from Chelsea. Yes, we were under pressure to reinvest that money we got for Torres to get a replacement striker and Torres did not help us at all in that by his deal only going on on the final day of the transfer window, thus giving us very little time to sign a replacement.

So in what I term a panic buy, Liverpool ‘had to’ go out and buy someone. I use the word ‘had to’ very lightly as I do not believe we had to buy someone especially under the timing pressure we had. In all fairness, we were already having a bad season and all we aimed for was for Dalglish to just steer us to safety with the squad we had for the rest of the season and then we rebuild this summer. If we had hung onto that £35million we spent on Carroll until the summer we would be in a better position to buy someone better than Carroll or even get Carroll at a lower fee this summer as Newcastle knew we had the cash and we were desperate so they inflated his price. There is no way Carroll was worth £35million.

Coupled to that, Carroll was signed injured. Should we not have learnt from this mistake from signing Aquilani? But then again, FSG wanted to stamp their authority and show us the fans that they mean business and thus they spent the £35million on Carroll. What a waste of money in my opinion.

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113 responses to “Andy Carroll was a waste of money”

  1. andrew says:

    i beg to differ. i think caroll is a young prospect and have a bright future ahead for the club. agreed that the 35mil ponds we paid for him is a little high but a bigger waste of money is joe cole, whom we r paying 90k pounds a week. there r rumours that we r in the hunt for scotty parker, valued at 15 mil or higher. i think if we sign him, it will be a disaster. he is a proven injury prone player where he went. i believe caroll will deliver.

  2. andrew says:

    i beg to differ. i think carroll is a young prospect and have a bright future ahead for the club. agreed that the 35mil ponds we paid for him is a little high but a bigger waste of money is joe cole, whom we r paying 90k pounds a week. there r rumours that we r in the hunt for scotty parker, valued at 15 mil or higher. i think if we sign him, it will be a disaster. he is a proven injury prone player where he went. i believe carroll will deliver.

  3. Andy says:

    As you said “in your opinion”. Carroll was £15Mill less than FT who we paid £25Mill for & squeezed a lot of goals out of. You need to be more patient instead jumping the gun & judging a young player only 4 months into his LFC career … the majority of LFC fans will give him the time to bed in & be a successful No.9 for Liverpool, I suggest you do the same.

  4. joered says:

    I think carroll will deliver but I also agree 35 mil is bit high for him especially he was injured for most of the season..

  5. Ramy says:

    Sure, sure, sure. But do you truly believe that Carroll will deliver something worth 35 Million Pounds? Let me put it this way, David Villa cost Barcelona 40 Million Euros, that is, a little less than 35 Million Pounds. What do you think about that?

  6. thomas says:

    As already said Carroll was very pricey, but to say he was a waste after half an injury hit season is extreme to say the least.

    I believe Carroll will be a quality player for years to come, of he is used correctly, but more importantly the position and perception of the club would be very different going into this summer if we had not bought him.

    The media, and therefore players and agents, are talking about us being a handful of signings away from challenging for the title again. If we had not bought Carroll a lot of the media talk would have been about how Liverpool will fill the boots of Fernando Torres. With Carroll on board the side has 3 top quality strikers before the window opens. That will give prospective signings the impression that we are a decent side with good prospects, instead of a 2 man team that lost its most potent asset.

    It is a shame we had to spend so much on Andy, but the alternative could have been much more damaging in the long run. I believe that was a big motivation behind signing him. It sets us up for the summer very well.

  7. HH says:

    You are correct, Carroll was a waste of money, about £25m of it. There’s no way on earth he was worth more than £10m and even £10m would be placing faith in youth potential. We keep hearing he was bought for the long term, thats fine because if we are buying in any player they should be bought for the long term, short term replacements should be covered by the squad.

    Acid test, would anyone, including Liverpool, go out this summer and target Carroll for £35m? No chance.

    Imagine what we could buy in for £25m, a left? back, a central midfielder? a right/left winger? another striker? and if you spent it all on one player they’d be our record signing.

    I don’t doubt Carroll will be useful, nor that he won’t contribute a great deal, but I still wouldn’t be putting £35m on youth development, those sort of figures goes to world class world stars finished articles, who have proven they are worth that sort of money.

    • walter says:

      I agree. Caroll was a waste. He can not even control the ball. He lacks the basics. Most of his passes a stray. Please get me right I have nothing at all against Caroll but from the few games which I have seen, he lacks the quality of a football player. Unfortunately I have to had a chance to watch him when he used to play for Newcastle maybe that can help me to assess his potential but for now I am disappointed.

      • 2N 2N says:

        Hows big Andy doing down their, think we were robbed when you only forked out £35 Mill …..snigger snigger…for him!!
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. Waltonred says:

    Turn it in. Call yourself a Red. He’s played about 5 matches.

    In Kenny we trust, not some internet warrior.

    Get behind the lad FFS

  9. AT says:

    I don’t see how you can say he’s a waste of money. We all know that English players cost more and he’s a young lad who could be with us for a decade.

    If you think you can buy an England international at 22 years of age for 10 million you’re crazy.

    In 2004 Rooney was bought for about 25 million who had only made 67 appearances for Everton. In today’s money that’s probably about what we’ve spent on Carroll who is a far better player imho.

    • Ray says:

      mmm….im a staunch liverpudlian, but did you just say that carroll is better than rooney?
      mm..anyway, yes, i agree that english players are expensive…but the fee totally crazy….
      let’s hope he does come good , everyone wants that….but i do agree that he was vastly over-priced

  10. Gary says:

    If you take the cost of Carroll out of the equation, then in my opinion we have bought a quality talent, who could be Liverpool’s and Engalnd’s striker for the next 8 years or so. We paid over the odds, there is not doubt about that, but to write him off as a waste of monety after half a season at Liverpool is ridiculous. Unfortunately, this article is the perfect example of the fickle nature of today’s football fans who want instant success. Give the lad a chance – at least a full season before you start making judgement. He was bought for the future. Carroll is still young, he has a lot of maturing to do and he will become a better player. He’s scored 1 in 2 this season – his first season in the Premier League. That’s a good strike rate for anyone.

  11. LFC Fan says:

    Oh you’re absolutely right mate. You should tell King Kenny that the people involved in the purchase of Carroll including KK are wrong according to your ermm opinions. KK knows that Liverpool are not buying him for 5 months, Carroll will be a quality player with the LFC staff helping him all the way and he’s for the future. We’ve come to realised that english players are not coming cheap, You’re judging the price of Carroll after 3-4 months and in your “opinion”. He’s a waste of money??? Are you ok there?

  12. andy says:

    Thomas has it spot on. It was a question of the image of the club.Cleverly we are now the club who bought an English striker for a record amount, rather than a club who sold their best forward. Take into account the amount of publicity generated world wide on transfer deadline day, the psychological boost and the signal it sends out, and the fact that the net spend on Suarez and Carroll after selling Babel and Torres was about £1m, and I think that it doesn’t really matter how good he turns out to be. He is a ‘quota’ player and has a resale value, and is has probably helped reduce the wage bill

  13. Alan says:

    IDIOT !

  14. Jonas says:

    I promise all of you this! Andy Carroll will, after about 2-3 years, be the best target center in the world.

  15. brian says:

    your an idiot Carroll is no where near Rooney

  16. brian says:

    Carroll was a terrible signing, he doesn’t fit into the team, for Carroll to work we need a new pair of wingers otherwise liverpool will have to long ball it, Meireles, Gerrard and Lucas mean 4-3-3 is our formation and one of them forwards is suarez, unless we go out and buy another Suarez-esque player like alexis sanchez whos movement around carroll and feed off his flick ons, for the job carroll will end up doing we could of got Heskey to do the same job.

  17. njanja says:

    I completely believe you! With Carol, our pass and move partern which we have allways been known for; which got us from 12th position to a respectale 6th is gone.

  18. Paul says:

    I think your totally out of order writing this after 1/2 a season and nagging injuries. Listen to kenny, we signed him for at least 5 years and our club has had enough negativity to last a lifetime so a Liverpool supporter actively continuing this when things are looking brighter is disgraceful. Stop trying to ruin the lad he’s tailor made for the prem and will be a massive hit.

  19. Jay says:

    I think you are jumping the gun a little, 35 mil to much i agree, however consider timing of the deal and fact that is england’s hottest young striking prospect. i feel maybe we payed 10mil to much for him (spurs had a 25m offer rejected in Jan)
    26 13 3
    a goal every 2 games not bad. Had Carroll recovered quickly and remained fit pushing us into top 4,people would be singing a different tune.

    In Kenny I Trust

  20. pbro says:

    Whenever you spend 35 million on a player it’s probably going to be a waste of money. We weren’t ever going to get into the champions league this season. If we wanted to sign him, why didn’t we just wait until the summer??? We had already brought in Suarez so a January inflated price is not exactly ideal. We overpaid by some 20 million!!

  21. You are a moron says:

    Carroll has as many league goals as Javier Hernandez
    Carroll is younger than Hernandez
    Carroll was injured for two months of the season
    Carroll qualifies as a homegrown player for European competition
    We currently have no players who can cross a ball with any consistency.
    We are addressing that over the summer.
    You are a moron.

  22. redjonjo says:


  23. Hayden says:

    Yes 35 million is alot of money. But we were not a loser cause did u forget…….we sold Torres just before the signing for 50 million, so yes we had the available money to make a statement that we (FSG) mean business of getting the club to challenge titles. Sometimes i wonder did we really pay to much for Carrol but then again i’m reminded of the teams vision of getting more quality players to compliment Carrol in the coming season/Ssssss and im all excited that in my lifetime Liverpool will once again lift the EPL title. If there is a club who wasted there money then its Chelsea buying Torres. PERIOD. In Kenny i Trust!!! YNWA

  24. JT says:

    If it were not for chelsea’s over the top offer for F-u-Torres, we would not have purchased Andy for the $35. In my opinion, Andy has the potential to fill that offensive aerial dominating void Liverpool have lacked for some time. I could see a big club spending around 22-25 for Andy without the chelsea silly money. So figure if we accepted 35 for Torres in the summer for the sour grape, then 25 for andy would be fair, since Im sure he would have attracted more suitors. He has tremendous upside potential. And I can see him cemented in the England side for years to come. Get used to seeing him in the England squad since the usual tactics favor a monster no. 9 paired with another technical finisher. Plus I think KK understands that a Batman and Robin strikeforce is a formidable pairing, as club history has shown us, and has used his intuition to bring andy to anfield to pair with the South-American Robin.
    I think andy will bring a nice dimension to the team as we can play the long pass if needed. He also has the ability to hold the ball very well. Lpool hasn’t had a very great attack or threat with set piece since hyypia has left. It is nice to feel the excitement again in this area of our game as you can almost see a merelles driven ball to carrol at the backpost where carrol is smashing a downward header at the goal line.
    The team was passing very well in the last quarter of the season but i dont feel andy adapted to the pace since he was missing the training. Give him time. I almost could not see a place for him when he returned as the team was working without him well. As KK would say, “It’s a credit to the lads that they’ve been performing so well!”
    We are a club with upside again. We will be getting more from our two upfront rather than less. We will get it right and KK has a player to use against certain types of defences.
    Next thought. The club was purchasing Suarez with money before they knew Torres was on the way out. So, although it appeared we spend 22+35 (57) for the new batman and robin duo, we really should have the other 15 in transfer for another player yet to spend plus additional summer kitty allocations. If that is spend on another striker, then we will have 3 very dangerous strikers next year rather than the one man show of seasons past. Torres was a joy when on form, but we crawled when he was injured, which was always more that we wanted.
    This year will be exiting.. I think were going to be in it on all fronts. Not playing in Europe will help us on the domestic front.

  25. Kop Yank says:

    Nothing more than a troll. He’s been here less than a minute with injuries and no wide service. Give me a break.

  26. Hayden says:

    Good comment JT. Just imagine we get Enrique/Coentrao, Adam, Young/Gervinho , Elia. YNWA

  27. Sam says:

    We would not have got Carrol cheaper. He was already starting to attract a great deal of attention. The Bent deal raised the bar. If we waited for the summer we would have been in a bidding war with clubs that would have been alot more attractive to him. We would have lost out. Going for him in Jan worked in our advantage.

  28. Dave says:

    I agree Carroll was overpriced at 35mil, but from what I understand is that the Torres fee was basically whatever the maggies wanted for Carroll, plus 15mil ensuring that we got a replacement striker (obviously not the same caliber as Torres in his prime but still a decent proven PL young force ) and a few pennies profit. 35mil extra in the summer would be nice, but over having a striker whose bedded in with the players and club culture, who also has plenty of potential plus England caps, I think is more beneficial. People should just drop the debate. Its done, it cant be changed, KK has faith in the big man so should everyone else. And the fees are irrelevant as i’ve previously mentioned

  29. Rolando says:

    Carroll better than Rooney? Even the biggest LFC fan would admit he is a long way off that level!

  30. houdi says:

    hw scored 13 goals and hardly played beratoss scored 21 enough said mate played more games and got 8 goals in two of them games if you want to talk a bout waste of money
    rooney 250 grand a week how many did he score lol

  31. Jeven says:

    give the lad some time will you people….if u think back, gerrard wasnt very far off from how carrol performed when he started out….and see how he is now….time is everything….and patience is a virtue…:)

  32. Ian Mkelvey says:

    I agree, Carroll is good in the air, smart feet but no pace to race onto through balls, he looks very slow. We went on an amazing run of results when Kenny arrived and it was all down to high tempo passing and wizadry of Suarez, each time Carroll came in we played high balls and lost the game apart from 1 or 2. Because of the inflated price we will now have to build a team around Carroll to try and compliment him ie. spend large amounts on top quality lightning fast wingers who can whip in the crosses. Hope it all works out. Footballers today dont have loyalty and go where the money is, Liverpool should not have allowed Torres to leave the same way Ferguson didnt allow Ronaldo when he first wanted to. We should have said sorry Fernando, no chance, you can leave in the summer when we can replace you without panick. Even if he wanted to go, he would have played and maybe would have gelled with Suarez who was coming anyway and……might have ended up staying!!!!

  33. Grarad says:

    I believe Andy Carroll will come good, and when really fit will win matches for the Reds.
    Remember me next season because I’ll be back gloating at all the doughters who say he’s not worth it, yes it was a hefty price to lash out but if you want quality you have to pay your dues.
    Where did the pass and move go some are saying?
    well it’s not Andy Carroll lumping the ball down field is it.
    We can still have the passing movement we are reknowed, only the team has to achieve this and gel as a team.
    BELIEVE the future is bright.

  34. davvidd says:

    I think you are wrong. The club knew before the last day of transfer window that Torres was leaving and they will get a bit transfer fee. You can’t “blame” the signing on the fact that there were pressure of signing another striker (we signed Suarez as well).
    Anyway, the thing is that Dalglish is trying to change the team tactics. He will probably buy Ashley Young and a good left back just to play Carrol. So, I don’t think you could have signed a better player than him…. even if we have taken time untill the summer..

  35. Flying pig says:

    We have to forget the price tag and use Carroll in selected games were he can be effective. But playing him alongside Suraez in 442 formation will probably weaken our current midfield line-up, as we saw against Spurs. All great sides have more than one tactical plan and Carroll should be used as one of ours but certainly not as a starting player in every game. I would also place Gerrard in the same category. Just see Carroll as a squad player, albeit a very expensive one.
    For me, the line-up used against Fulham is our best team at this moment in time. Some real magic there. Carroll and Gerrard should have to prove that they can become part of that excellent pass and move system without creating weaknesses.

  36. ScouseUK says:

    we do not have the players at this moment in time that will get the best out of andy carroll,we dont have winger who will get down the wing and ping balls over for him to attack,we have had 2 good midfielders but they are good at there job but take lucas and spearing and replace with gerrard and say alonso then you would see more from carroll…

    plus to add to all of the above the lad had a series of injurys and like kenny said from the start we signed him for 5 years not 5 weeks,carroll will score goals that iam very sure of,once we add the players around him to compliment his game then we will see what we actually paid for,oh and if it wasnt the final few hrs of the transfer window and had we not just sold the rat for 50 mill then the fee for carroll would of been 15-20 mill….

    opinions are like arseholes……..we all got 1

  37. youngPOOL says:

    Well yeah may be 35million is over priced but look carroll is not injury prone player and people say he can score only and mostly on head but well he is fast enough to score by foot too look ncstle city vs chelsea and he was fully fit in 1 match and he scored two fabb goals so give a little time the lad trust me he will be the 1st lfc player to score in next season

  38. Fitzy says:

    Load of boll*cks lad.

    The only thing you’ve said right was the making we paid. Everyone knows he cost over the odds but he’s english and you always do spend loads more, then the fact he was joint top scorer before Xmas before he got injured with Newcastle so again they had a case when reluctantly selling him. I don’t think buying him was for the next four months, he was injured, he’s moved down south, he’s young, needs a chance before you start saying he’s a waste of money, if he wouldnt of been injured, came in and scored 7-8 goals you wouldn’t be writing this article, you’d be saying he’s the best thing since sliced bread.
    I agree he doesn’t fit into the pass and move we’ve seen of late, but then I think dalglish has a couple of options and formations he will use, either through the middle, pass and move or wide players for Carroll to feed off. And regardless of how much we paid for him, we spent £1m in January, we sold 2 strikers and got 2 strikers, I think we got the better end of the deal, it’s now down to the owners and now they need to splash the cash on a forward, left back, at least 1 winger and possibly another midfielder. If they don’t spend £70-80m in the summer I’ll be disappointed, because the sorts of money that’s coming into Liverpool I.e £20m year standard charter, £25m year kit deal, £35m for 6th in PL, £4-5m for Europa league(25 games we played in that thing) then even spending that amount they not exactly digging deep in their pockets, when there bringing in £80-85m a year, that’s after all the bills are paid.

  39. scouse bob says:

    Last day of the transfer period in fact last 12hrs English young talented an remember the price was based on the sale of torres what ever we got they wanted £15m less. The lad will be quality there doing everything to help inc gettin him out of England duty kenny will be looking for top spot but the mantra will be the same one game at a time, look what happened with city good ball in by Raul an a nod in by Carroll with 2 qaul wingers expect more an remember he has scored more than torres since Jan an he was injured more an had to join a new team also the whole Chelski squad were setting him up like in a game of head an vol’s sad to say the Judas is reaping what he sowed prob still angling for a reduced fee to barca. YNWA

  40. Mikey72 says:

    What a load of complete and utter nonsense. I can only assume you are a) young and b) trying to generate site traffic.

    And to compare him to Aquilani is just a complete joke. I fear the author has spent a) too much time listening to talksport and watching sky sports and b) has nothing better to bitch about.

    Why not complain about what this disgrace of a government are doing to our public services and NHS.

  41. JJ says:

    Carroll admitted himself that he could n’t belive how much weight training and gym work the Liverpool team do, I think he has had a wake up call compared to Newcastle and found out how unfit (Physically) he really his for a team that plays pass and move football give him preseason and we will see a super fit footballer in Carroll.

  42. lee says:

    All the great strikers:Rush.Wright,Drogba,Henry,Owen,Fowler,Torres…Had one thing ..and that is PACE !!Can you be a great striker in the PL without PACE? Carroll lack it and the only club you can lack pace and still score goals for i Manchester U ..Becurse the ball is in the box a lot of time in the game..

  43. well for this article i think my fellow lfc fan we should’nt judge carroll on this seasons that ends and its true that carroll does’nt worth 35m,also when i read that carroll has been bought i was’nt happy because i was expecting mr,kenny to spend that bring in KARIM BENZEMA from real madrid,and the managers should’ve take example from AQUILANI whom benitez bought under injury and uptill when aqui.was send onloan to juv.the little time he played he did’nt meetup the standard of lfc football,pls fellow lfc fans let’s wait till next season before we can realy knows what to say about carroll.

  44. fizz says:


  45. onbeyondzebra says:

    I honestly think this is a fair debate, as all Liverpool fans have been thinking this issue over. So, firstly, not sure the author of the article should be taking too much stick here. He’s voicing what all of us have thought at one point or another.

    I, like many of you, were torn on this one. We all feel this was a good move (completely changing the mood, dynamic of the what was a stagnating team) but we also know that £35 million is a lot for a (largely) unproven footballer. The way I sleep at night is simple, I think firstly that Berbatov cost the same amount of money for manchester. If I had the choice between a 25 year old Berbatov or a 22 year old Carrol, I would take the latter. Secondly, we forget how much Carrol brings in – as almost certainly the England no. 9 for the next decade – in terms of sponsorship and global exposure. Lastly, I remind myself how in October of this year I was salivating at the thought (I should probably say the dream) of getting Carrol. He was the most exciting european prospect I had seen in some time and seemed like he would guarantee 20 goals for whoever he played for for the next 12 years. Now that we have him, we should get past the money issue (we know why it had to be spent) and just ask ourselves, do you not think he will be as good as Berbatov in 5 years.

    (note: would like to also correct the guy above that seemed to be suggesting that Carrol was slow. Were you watching the clips early in the season when he scored 2 goals on the break. What initially impressed me about him was the fact that he’s a rather light footed gorilla of a lad…who you’d certainly rather have playing for you than against you)

  46. byrnesey says:

    OK we all know we payed too much for him but considering what we recieved for Torres who cares and bonus SUAREZ.
    I know i would much rather have Suarez and Carroll than a whinging little ladyboy called Torres and if Carroll isnt worth the 35 Suarez is so its all good.
    Carroll was an important signing for us his signing gave the players and the fans a huge lift.
    I have no doubts about him what so ever and he clearly hasn’t been fully fit for us.
    With the signings Kenny makes this summer we are going to see the best of him next season and I just cant wait to see him and Suarez terrorizing defenses next season.
    If theres one man you can trust to get it right with the signings its Kenny.

  47. BloodRed says:

    It’s true 35 mil is alot for a player in his first season. It’s true this might turn out to be an expensive mistake. But might I remind u about the case with Lucas? How many of u judge and criticize him before? Look how well he turn out? Doesn’t tt make u guys ashamed of yourselves? I know I am. As a true fan, we shld stand behind our players. Not shoot them down after a few lousy games. I think those ppl who doubt the King shld be ashamed of themselves. Who would have believed we would be in 6th before he took over?? The 35 mil has been paid, Carroll is a liverpool player now. I say we shld stand behind him and encourage him to give his best for Liverpool. Criticizing him now does nothing to the welfare of Liverpool. As long as he’s wearing our jersey, let’s give him the support he needs. Tts our role as supporters. All u ppl who criticize our own players are no better than man utd fans. I pride myself as a Liverpool supporter for our undying belief in our team. Especially king Kenny. In Dalglish we trust. YNWA

  48. Duh says:

    as far as i am aware liverpool wanted andy carroll due to his nationality, age and obvious skill, he also rated higher (by the americans sport economics thingy-me-bob) than torres, fsg agreed to the sale of torres as he no longer wanted to play for lfc and was a shadow of his former self, they told chelsea that they would seel torres for £15m PLUS andy carroll, regardless of Newcastles asking price, chelsea agreed and thus the £50m price tag (£15m[torres] + £35m[NUFC’s andy carroll asking price) therefore it doesnt matter what we spent on carroll as it was built into the torres transfer. PS, You will eat your hat once Carroll hits full fitness….Watch this space

  49. Danni says:

    What moron wrote this? Give him time to get fit and see what he’s like when he has a good run in the team, with good service from quality wingers. We have already seen what he’s capable of for Newcastle and against City!

  50. Browny says:

    If you paid attention, the club explained the fee at the time.
    We told Chelsea that we wanted andy Carroll and 15m..or we wouldn’t let him leave. Chelsea were told this and the fee was effectively set by Newcastle. The fees of 50 and 35 are both over inflated. Had we sold ft for 35 and brought ac for 20 then nobody would have said a word.
    This waste of money did play less games than Torres and according to you, it shows we shouldn’t have brought him. He did also out perform ft in this time.
    Also, if we had of sold Torres and banked the money then we would have been royally shafted for every target in the summer

  51. REDseptember says:

    I love when people with an informed opinion share it,thank you. The price for Carroll was indeed factored into the Torres sale price as was stated at the time by our new owners, Andy Carroll plus 15 million was the selling price for a player who wanted to go.Good business in hindsight i might add.Where you arrive at the idea Carroll is/was a waste of money is quite frankly daft.The fee Newcastle received was to high,the money was to much, but within the deal all relevant. WASTE……. MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT IT !!

  52. Yanni pap says:

    U lot r idiots. This guy is 100% right. what he is saying is that we wasted money buying him when we did. Which is correct because I can only think of one game where he has made an impact ( liv-man city). Apart from that game he’s been injured and rested. So to buy him for a probable 15-20 million in this transfer window makes complete sense! Sure I would understand if he had played a lot of games and we clinched a 4th spot, but we didn’t. So I would much rather had 35m to do whatever with now, than andy Carroll sat on the bench waiting for his fitness to come back. Ultimately I would have liked us to buy him for 16 m and Ashley young for 14m leaving us 55m hopefully to either bolster weak areas in the squad or buy 1 maybe 2 top players. It’s not his opinion it’s fact.

  53. REDseptember says:

    P.S. It would be appropriate to put a name to the article, maybe something like…KANWAR?

  54. rEddie says:

    He was a waste of cash, and, if he was bought for his potential then why was he coincidentally bought on the same day we sold Torres.

    Suarez and Kuyt would have been fine up front for the rest of the season, we didn’t need him and he was bought to appease the fans and just to demonstrate that we actually had the cash.

    Our fans will have a go at you for saying it, but they know your right deep down. No matter how they try to dress it up.

  55. Rob says:

    £35m that means a player like Sanchez must be worth £70m special player. Hazard.Ageuro,Sanchez,Cavani all young talents is Carroll in the same class NO we got mugged

  56. Savvas says:

    As John W. Henry said, the agreement with Chelsea was they would pay for Torres 15m more than what Newcastle wanted for Carroll.

    So the price of 50m for Torres was dictated by the 35m Newcaste wanted for Carroll. If the Toon had agreed to sell Carroll for 25m, then the fee for Torres would have been 40m.

    Basic math really.

  57. Lfc4lifer says:

    Why is everyone having a go at this article??

    £35m on potential??
    Lol he better end up playing a mix between pele and maradona by the time he’s the finished article!

    Let’s put things into perspective here… Before this season it was Andy who?
    He had played well a got a few goals for Newcastle in the first half of the season, but come on £35m?? Never! First half of the season I’m sure blackpool were top 4 wernt they?

    An inflated price for him would have been around £20m and even then eyebrows would have been raised…

    Anyways money aside, I like Carrol I believe he gives us another dimension that will be needed against the lesser teams that we struggle with….

    But let’s face facts…
    We were destroying teams without him because we are able to play pass and move, 1-2 touch football and I’m not we can do that with him leading the line…

    In fact when he was chosen for the spurs game, I knew our football would suffer and it surely did!

    From flowing football against a very solid fulham away to a team that couldn’t muster up a single chance against spurs at home… Do the math!

    A few guys have made comments that we should give him a chance and that he’s not fit, so don’t judge him untill next season…
    Granted , But imagine Carrol at Arsenal? Carrol is a fantastic prospect, but I’m not sure his style would be matched there and the same I feel will happen here unless we move away from the beautiful football we’ve been playing untill the spurs game and I hope that’s not KKs plan :/

    Let’s hope Iv got this totally wrong and next yr he scores us enough goals to lift us a bloody league title…

    Then i would say hes priceless !!!!!

  58. Rob says:

    Spot on kuyt&suarez are a better pair

  59. Hayden says:

    Does anybody know when does the summer transfer window open & close> YNWA

  60. Rob says:

    Just hope I’am proved wrong

  61. spike says:

    35M is a fucking joke – sorry but its true.

    Yes he is good in the air – but if anybody has ever seen a slower player in the prem please tell me who it is? I will give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being because I want him to do well, But there is NO WAY ON EARTH is he England’s all time most expensive player!! 4 months earlier he was worth £2M (if that). Ive heard people say that he has the potential to be the next Drogba? Well from what I have seen it’s more likely to be the next Chris Sutton. Yes he’s been injured, Yes he’s young and has potential, Yes he’s a hand full for defenders- BUT FUCK RIGHT OFF if you seriously think £35M is good business

    The only thing that fills me with hope is that FSG must have serious money to shell out £35M for one player, who lets face it is completely unproven (a hand full of premier league games under his belt does not gaurentee a world class player and for 35M you would normally expect to have a proven world class player, that doesn’t go on the piss and get in loads of fights)

    I’m not being disloyal – and Im not going to pretend its a good deal and argue the toss for the sake of it when it is really really obvious that this deal is a load of pants.

    I don’t blame the King, I blame Comolli for this one because its his job to negotiate the transfer fees – and whilst he paid under the odds for Suarez – He paid WAY WAY WAY over the odds for Carroll.

    Anyway I hope I’m wrong – I hope he goes on to be Liverpool’s all time leading goal scorer – and for £35M he needs to be there or there abouts

    Sorry fella’s

  62. Leighton says:

    This website blows…sorry just had to say that!

  63. Daniel says:

    Another Aqualani injury waste of time player. Very seldom we see a performing English player. I dont have hope for Carrol, his just to slow for me…. reminds me of Crouch. We need skill, pace & creativeness not a one dimension guy like Carrol. When his in the squad the game plan is obvious either long balls or crosses to him & rest assured he’ll be more injured for us than playing. My Dad always taught me: “Never buy an injured player, you taking a major gamble.” And by the looks of it after buying Aqua that was said his one of Europes playmakers….. damn no, not even a fit again Aqua can set the likes of Juventus a light. Need i say more, you guys are all idiots & i’m 100% behind the article…. Carrol is a waste of money, even for 10mil then id rather buy Charlie Adams for there asking price of 12mil. In Rafa i Trust YNWA

  64. Dave says:


    Henry even said it was connected to Torres’s fee. So he was pretty much free. If the toon wanted 10 mil and we sold Torres for 25 mil, would you be complaining?

    So, we are 12th in the table
    Sell our star player
    and not even sign anyone knew


    It was a signing of importance, impact, and in the long run could be priceless. It has set the image of the new Liverpool, POTENTIAL.
    Not just as a selling club, Masch, Alonso, Torres ….

    Do you think Reina would still be here if we didnt sign anyone new? Or even Suarez? GERRARD?

  65. Growler says:

    Disappointed by some of the comments. the lad is only sharing his opinion.

    Yes we overpaid, we all know that.however, rooney went for 20mil as a teenager right?

    as for him not doing anything since he has signed, well he has gotten used to the team, we can coach and train and recuperate him properly before next season.

    its clear that newcastle have not coached or looked after him as well as we can. The extra 8 months he gets with our team and back team would be critical to success. God knows what state he would have been if we had signed him in June. not to mention competing for him with Chelsea, Mancs, spurs city.

  66. philip says:

    I really agree with you. We got the same thinking. Buying Caroll is a rush & unreasonable decision. That’s why Kenny kept on keeping him as sub so that he will not make the fan dissapointed. Since he already in the squad, Fan need to pressure him to play like 35 million player.

  67. Liverpool_living_in_the_past says:

    Agreed Carol is a waste of money. I can see Dalglish continue to buy more rubbish like Carol, so Champs league is a long way off until he resigns in three years time.

  68. eman says:

    true, i dont like carrol, he is too slow and heavy!!

  69. pat says:

    holding out to the summer with hindsight was possible. that said, if liverpool had let torres go, and no replacement was brought in, i beleive the manager and board would have come in for some stick. every top side should have four strikers at any one time. we were down to two. it takes one bit of bad luck and your down to one. or even none. even injured it sent a message and gave the club a massive boost, which could of been the catalyst…who knows (best guess)

  70. Ankur says:


    On the article though… Nice one mate… IMO.. Just a way to earn a few extra quits..
    Let me also… IMO.. Suggest a few future titles:

    1. Sell Gerrard – After all last season … IMO…he hasn’t done much!!!
    2. Letter to Porto – refund our money for Raul Meriles – Reason : IMO bald players should not play for LFC.
    3. Pepe Reina should be asked to move around more- reason: we are paying top wages to the guy. Why should he just be standing at the goalpost? Also, he is bald!
    4. KK quits – then show the 90’s photo!

    These ought to give you some more Internet traffic!

  71. Noel says:

    I agree with the article. We had money to spend so we jumped quickly. Too quickly in my opinion. The medical staff shouldve flagged up the injuries a lot quicker. Now, a choice between Aguero and Carroll!!? Hmmmm… Aguero EVERY time. I hope Carroll proves himself, but somehow I agree, he will be a waste of £35M!! Anyway, why did we need to spend the money so quickly? He was injured!! Rafa on Aquaman – We didnt sign for 5 weeks, we signed for 5 years. Really??!! Kenny on Carroll – We didnt sign for 5 weeks we signed for 5 years. Really??!! NEVER AGAIN SIGN AN INJURED PLAYER IS THE RULE. HEAR THAT LIVERPOOL??!!!!

  72. JamesDean says:

    Well, as this article is so true.. We might had pay a little less in the summer compare to january transfer for Carroll.
    Moreover he was injury prone off and on the field.

    The facts is KK was desperate to buy Carroll or top striker to replace Torres, not knowing Suarez might not shine or perform to the expectation in the 2nd half of the season.

    KK was just being too cautions on his purchase.
    Well, DC and KK – just be caution and precise on our next major signing. Our rivals club might easily increase our buying values just becoz we have money to spend.

    KK – YNWA.

  73. robeen says:

    caroll prize shld b around 15m.we paid realy a lot for him! i just hope he dnt end up like keane.i realy dnt lik this caroll.he dnt fit in the liverpool game,which will b very fast nxt season.wat a waste of money.cld hv got benzema with the same amount of money..

  74. Cannon says:

    Wayne Rooney Everton 67 apps 15 goals
    Andy Carroll Newcastle United 80 apps 31 goals

    Now if you know mathematics Carroll has better stats.. the fee paid for Rooney in 2004 has the same value as the fee pad for Carroll n 2011…

    its pretty obvious that even Rooney was signed for observable potential only…

    Again Nani Sporting CP 67 apps 15 goals.. 26 million in 2007 is the same as 35 million in 2011..

  75. amit says:

    i totally agree when we signed him and it was announced for 35mill at time itself i knew that we have wasted such a good money when we could have buyed one outstanding striker like aguero in summer but instead of that kk went on to sign carrol , had he been a player from overseas we wouldnt have paid even 15mill for him thats for sure so kk must realize that he is not here to promote the players or bring ordinary players to out club and expect them to win the title for u bcoz everyone knows he cant play football by foot only by his head so kk u got this one wrong so make sure u dont repeat the mistakes u did or else as now we have got the money to spend so u may go show ur ass somewhere else

  76. Mr.Khan says:

    Sell Andy Caroll and use the money to purchase Europe hottest property Falsao (Porto superstar)!!!

  77. Thomas says:

    carrol was a waste of money,liverpool should try and be reasoning buy suarez alone then would ve been much better than wasten money on carrol and now i think we should keep me on bench coz he’s not play what we want and for now i think we should go for falcao and kun aguero both of them re much more better than that of carrol that even to control ball is a problem to him,he doesn’t again ball with his height and we can not be playing up ball always all bcos of him.u can definitely see when we use both kuyt and suarez it’s work easily for us than of i prefer we go for another striker like falcao and kun aguero very dangerous strikers out there to help us out and be in top four and championsleague next season…………thanks

  78. cc says:

    You are an idiot.

  79. nazri says:

    if thought that caroll is over price, buying torres with 50m is more than that…score just a goal with play more game than caroll..and torres is a injury prone player buying caroll is good long term year he will play more organise and kk know what he should do to get best from him….

  80. mg79 says:

    A few of points……
    We never wanted to sell Torres and he gave Liverpool a couple of days to negotiate a £50m deal. What other business works on those values with such short timescales. We had just finished negotiations to sign Suarez specifically to partner Torres.
    We needed to reinvest that money for 2 reasons…..if we hadn’t then every Liverpool fan would have been screaming that we are a selling club and we’d just let one of the best strikers in the world go to a rival. Instead we were waving him goodbye and saying what a prospect we had just bought.
    He is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for him. And we valued him highly enough to pay £35m. I was as surprised as anyone but with the right service next season will teams be able to cope with both Suarez running through them and Carroll attacking crosses? It’d take some centre back partnering to cope with both!
    But also, a point raised at the time and then forgotten about now…..The Tax year ended March. If Liverpool just banked the £50m received for Torres and wanted to spend in the summer when it is “cheaper” they would have had to pay tax of 20% on the profits on that money. by reinvesting there were no profits hence we get the full £50m. Who;s to say it will be cheaper this summer when it is the FINAL window before the FIFA fair play starts so all teams will be spending big this summer!! Let’s stop worrying about “overpriced” and adding pressure on to a young lad’s shoulders, and sit back and enjoy potentially the most exciting centre forward partnership in the premier league for years to come!!

  81. Willmott82 says:

    Yes we overpaid for Carroll, however Carroll should have been worth around £15 Million and Torres was worth about £30 million considerign his form so i kind of works itself out.

    Now, on to you judging Carroll on half a season when he has been injured is rediculous. If you listen to any pundit or coach in football they all rate Carroll highly. They do not rate him highly for no reason and they see what a player he can be. Dont forget this is a Striker who thrives on crosses and balls into the box which we dont prove at the moment. Kenny and Commolli have bought Carroll as part of a new look team, judge him when he is fit and playing in that new look team. Get behind the lad, Liverpools number 9.

  82. scuzz says:

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing hey pal. Looking at how he ended the season; and what was achieved without it him makes it far, far easier to have this view now. I bet you were excited at the time of purchase.
    I do concur though that I share the same wariness about the buy, as anyone should at 35m. I think he will come good, but in your fantasy, if we had the 35million now I would spend it on another bid, strong, long-haired brute of a striker, Edinson Cavani who topped the Serie A chart, and is also Uruguyan like Suarez. Immense player!!

  83. far says:

    Mate yu right.I do not think it was wise to make a move for Carroll.I am just wondering whatelse he could do differently when fit or after 5yrs from what we have seen.he disrupts the flow of the game.he is very sluggish

  84. Lfc4lifer says:

    Cannon – mate firstly you haven’t factored the fact that Rooney was in his teens at that point and secondly more than half of Carrols goals were scored in championship…

    Carrol wasn’t considered no sensation when we bought him, where as at 16-17 Rooney was playing prem football and WAS considered to be a sensation, hence nobody battering an eye lid when fergie paid out big for him.

    Some may say the comparison is chalk and cheese…

    I say it’s now Carrol and Rooney :/

  85. Lfc4lifer says:

    Someone did make a Valid point which I had not considered and that is the owners had to Buy a player regardless or the already dejected fans( like myself) would have found reason to distrust our new owners..
    So for them it was more of a gesture I guess and with big name players unlikey to be available 2days before the transfer deadline I think that they paid the the premium on Carrol for our sanity and their well being… maybe!! lol 😉

  86. south wales red says:

    I don`t believe buying Carroll was a mistake but I do believe we`ve wasted around £10m. The price we paid was far too high and stinks of a panic buy.

  87. Andy says:

    What an awful article. How about giving someone a chance before you slag them off. Carroll is a strong, powerful forward and different than anything Liverpool have at the moment. You need a balanced team and a balanced squad and as long as quality is being bought in that offers something different then it’s a step in the right direction.

    He’s played a handful of games so far. Give the lad a chance. If you don’t you end up being as stupid as Manchester United fans.

  88. TwittersatHale says:

    Mr Khan – this is the whole point of the article , who on earth would buy Andy Carroll for even one half of the £35m ?

  89. Chris says:

    Read John Henry’s comments on the subject – he basically says the Carroll fee was directly related to the Torres fee. The price FSG wanted for Torres was Carroll plus 15 mill so, whatever Chelsea paid for Torres, FSG were willing to pay that amount minus 15 mill.
    As it happens, Chelsea paid well over the odds for Torres so we paid well over the odds for Carroll – the plastics drove the price as is often the case when there’s a mini trasfer merry-go-round.
    Plus, surely if we’re playing a 433 as the poster suggests, we need a target man to spearhead and bring others into the attacking play – Carroll is already good at that and will only get better as he gains experience and coaching from Kenny and Clarke – he’s not just a Duncan Ferguson clone ffs.
    The poster of this blog is purely trying to garner hits from newsnow etc… don’t give him the time of day, I would suggest people don’t bite because the summer is going to be full of these sort of blogs (a bit like the rubbish about Coentrao)

  90. Lee says:

    Caroll is better than Rooney???

    Some people really dont have a clue.

  91. Sam Kiernan says:

    he’s a big lump!!! Crouch, Heskey the price was a joke!!!!! hes worth £15 TOPS but hopefully we can build round him and get him some quality service with 2 top wingers ans see what happens.

  92. Born2Die says:

    Typical how we already judge players so quickly. Maybe he is not worth 35 million but that is not his fault. also we did not play to his strengths.

    What can he do if Carra wellies one up field.

    We sure know how to support players and give them a chance. If he was a scouser he would get the time to fit in.

    Also if we did not invest straight away then we’d lose money through the tax.

  93. Chris says:

    He was expensive but if we had waited and not sold Torres for £50M the way his form had been we might have only got £25M so its all relative !! I think he will prove to be a quality signing.

  94. Neal laurex says:

    I jst want to see changes in liverpool, if they want to be succesful and become great,they should do what makes club to become great,its been 21 years ago and that shows slumber.liverpool have relaxed a lot and have not found the solution to their problem.let us forget this kop philosophy and lets think it helping us or not?lets play our game,buy this,buy that,bring kenny,sack benitez,buy carrol.see lets think utd are great today because of the philosophy running in the club.u need to work hard before u can be great.all of us are thinking on one side no one is thinking high.i would suggest this:since we are not in any european competition,it gives us an opportunity to turn things around.1.we need to move away from anfield to franton park enlarging its seats to 75000 or more if possible.2.a standard youth academy institution in the club where every u-15 players can come from different part of the world to be a part of the school like la masia.3.we have some good spanish youth coach in the academy,we need more from germany,portugal,belgium,holland,argentina and brazil at least two from each.4.we need to change our playing philosophy its not winning us anything,we need someone that is a God sent like ferguson,someone who will begin and stays with us like 10,15,20 yrs with us.creating a new philosophy and we liverpool playing different football,entertaining and winning.i want us to see it like this, liverpool is playing football different from others in england,in the country.let us be respected with our new game of football even if we are loosing.5.the coach that must be brought in is andre-villas boas,he must be is a must.its only him that can give us a new lime light as mourinho did in chelsea.lets bring him,we can give kenny a higher post in the boardroom for his success but not as our coach.6.i will suggest a summer clearout of all the players,u may ask me what am i saying but when the reward is showing,u will all congratulate me.sell all of this:reina,aurielo,agger,skrtel,krygiakos.poulsen,meireles,lucas,gerrard.jovanovic,jcole,maxi,kuyt,ngog and carrol.let the owner give us 100m kitty and with money from players sold to buy this all of them-de gea,rafael romo,coentrao,alex sandro,kjaer,leonel galeano,yanga mbiwa,mvilla,badu,hazard,coutinho,defour,canales,adam barton.sanchez or marin,alex chamberlain,sergio araujo,wilfred zaha,dos santos,shaqiri,juan iturbe and gai assulin.after this they can also buy young player u-18 in the next summer but all these must be bought and you will see.thanks.

  95. T C says:

    The £35m price tag is irellevent……..

    When Torres said that he wanted Liverpool to listen to cheslea’s offer Abramovich was told that he would have to pay £15m + whatever Newcastle wanted for Carrol. Newcastle said £35m so Chelsea paid £50m……… Simple.

    If Newcastle only wanted £15m then we would only have got £30m for Torres

    So if it’s a waste of anyone’s money it’s Chelsea’s not ours!!

  96. Bjorn says:

    I trust Kenny, why on earth are is this board full of Everton and MU fans, Abramovich has mot patience and trust in his managers that you lot. Visiot your own friggin sites!!!

  97. reikirebel says:

    chelsea overpaid for torres, we overpaid for carroll..
    As to judging his ability, best wait till we have had him for a full season, so i suggest you re-write this next year and then we will all be in a position to make honest well informed judgements … until then, lets stop the knee-jerk reactions and the words that come from that. 🙂

    Too much of this negative writing in the past, time for positive writing, writing with meaning and honesty and a passion for the club we love …


  98. Bruce Wayne says:

    Firstly, Andy Carroll was not a panic buy, in point of fact part of the deal that took FT to Chelsea was dependant on Carroll signing for Liverpool, if the Carroll move failed then the FT transfer would not have happened.
    Secondly, OK he was bought with an injury and he has been unlucky so far, but lets reserve judgment until the end of next season when he’s had a full preseason, its unfair to call him a waste of money just because he’s been injured, look at what he did at the start of the season for Newcastle he looked well worth £35M then and he’s scored 2 for Liverpool in fewer games than FT took to score 1 and his over all play has been better.

  99. Seanster says:

    What I think about that it that Villa in the last year of his contract and at 28 Barca aren’t goin to get much of a fee for his in a couple of years time. Carroll is 22 and proven in the Premier league. Your comparing apples and oranges there dude.

  100. Al says:

    Granted, £35m is an inflated price but lets get things into perspective. We bought Suarez for £22m – in his handful of games so far he has already proved he is priceless. So any over value for Carroll is offset by the absolute bargainous Luis Suarez. If we need to sell Carroll we would get £20m for him no worries, if we sold Suarez, we’d get closer to £50m. Hell if Torreshite is worth £50m then what price do you put on Suarez, we’ll easily claw ourt money back . . . swings and roundabouts mate

  101. nrajyv says:

    especially @ the writer of this article and all those who dont believe in A.C…so give a small thought to A.Schevchenko…so U talked finished product…but what did he achieve at chelsea!!?? if MAN UTD bought Rooney today a that price, what U would have told!!?? just think better before U wrute these kind of articles mate!!!! I really despise this article and better if U dont write anymore of the shit on the LFC blogs!!!

  102. Kevin says:

    Well said mate… What a muppet this guy is. The 2 goals against city show EXACTLY why we brought him. Who else in the squad can score goals like that ??

  103. Ivar says:

    A very fair comment.

  104. Ivar says:

    Clearly threading of comments isn’t a feature. My original comment was regarding thomas comment on the image of the club being upheld with the signing…

  105. dixie222 says:

    One simple fact that i will share; whenever kenny dalglish has broken the transfer record for a striker, the striker
    goes on to be quality.
    People need to stop looking at the price tag. He has played a handfull of games. Hypothetically if liverpool win the titile next year and he only scores 10 goals all season in the league was whatever we pais worth it?? Its about having options. At the moment we are only seeing a half strength liverpool team without width. with a winger or two and a few additions then the whole dynamics of the team will change and carroll may become as important as suarez!

  106. LFC says:

    The deal in selling Torres was Carroll + 15 millions, so Chelsea paid for Carroll. So why do you care if Carroll cost 35 or 50 millions. In the end we got Carroll+ 15 as we wishes!

  107. RickyB says:

    This is written by someone I would not call a fan. Someone not in possession of the full facts. Someone immature enough not to want to give a fully fit Carroll a chance. Someone influenced by Sky sports.

    Carroll will be massive for us:
    – he’s doing gym work now (he didn’t at Newcastle)
    – he will be fully fit for pre-season
    – we will have winger(s) in the team next season
    – his understanding with Suarez will grow
    – you will look back on writing this article and realise what a fool you looked by throwing your toys out the pram after a new player started a handful of games and still scored more than Torres at Chelski.

  108. margus12 says:

    I think the fee we paid was too high. I was abroad from May 2010 – March 2011. I first heard Arsenal had bought a £35m striker. I thought Arsene Wenger spent £35m on a striker? He must be the hottest young South American talent for years.

    Then i learned that we had paid that fee for Andy Carroll. I thought Andy Carroll from The Championship? I hadn’t seen any of his exploits in The Premier League. Since i’ve been back he’s looked a yard or two off the pace and unfit. I’ll reserve judgement until next season, when he’s had a good pre-season under his belt.

  109. Anfield Faithful says:

    Andy Caroll is overated, he is sluggish and spoils our pattern of play in many games he has featured in, suarez and kuyt partnership is a more formidable strikeforce than his combination with the uruguayan street fighter, i keep my fingers crossed till next season

  110. Ben says: