Which position will Glen Johnson play next season?

Since the arrival of King Kenny however, along with the team’s performances, Johnson’s form has also picked up markedly. On many occasions Dalglish has asked Glen to fill in at left back due to injuries and the loan move away for Paul Konchesky. Rather than being uncomfortable in the position however, Johnson has looked quite at home. Although his attacking instincts have been curtailed due to the fact he is on his weaker side, the defensive aspects of his game have benefited as he is not caught out of position as often and is more focused on positioning, rather than getting forward.

Certainly, it will be good to see him return to right back next season once a left back is purchased in the summer, and we will again see some great marauding runs forward from the right flank. There is however a possibility that he could continue on the left side. After the emergence of both Martin Kelly and John Flanagan, it would be hard to believe that at least one of these two won’t get a great deal of game time next campaign.

I have no doubt the Reds will seek to buy a new solid left full back in the summer, but Glen Johnson can now be seen as another genuine option for the left full back role, especially if Kelly and Flanagan are given more opportunities next season by Kenny Dalglish.

Article courtesy of David at Live4Liverpool

3 responses to “Which position will Glen Johnson play next season?”

  1. Steve S says:

    To be honest, i think he should be played up top with suarez and carroll as an attacking 3. He then has no defensive responsibilities plus we get Kelly ot Flanaghan as an overlap. And we save a ton or money, which could be used to buy a decent left back.

    If we’re to play 4-4-2, the Johnson on the right wing and then spend money on a left winger.

  2. Joe says:

    Id play him on the right wing, we have seen time and time again when he gets forward he can provide an assist or a goal.

  3. HM187 says:

    Steve – I don’t think Glen has the attributes to play in a 3 with Carroll and Suarez. He would be more utilised as a overlapping wing back or a right midfielder. Personally I think RM position for him would be best suited as the defending nature of that position is not highly regarded as a RB/RWB would be. However, Glen is a fantastic athelete and would track back if the RB is out of position from an attack. he can produce great crosses which would provide assist to Carroll. To be honest Kelly has been a great RB for us which is why Glen has been playing on the left. What I don’t understand is the 40k fans that watch LFC week in week out can see that Glen would be a great RW why can’t the manager? Me personally I would give it a try. We got 3 potentional RB at the club, Glen, Kelly and Flano. Kelly would be first choice and that position could be covered by Flano. both have good pace and the ability to cross. Glen on the other hand has got that extra pace and skill and that should be used further up the pitch. Why go out and but a RW when we have one at a tender age? Spurs move Bale to LW and look at the benefits it has had on them? huge! If KK could see that then all he would need to do is concentrate to purchase a good LB and LW!! Kuyt who currently plays on the right could be moved back into central plus he is now 30 and no disrespect to him he has a great engine but he has proved he can score and he would provide a great foil for Suarez and Carroll as he has a great passion for the club. A few tweaks with the current squad bring in Baines LB and Young/Downing LW and possibly a CB and we would have a very good balanced squad! Thoughts?