Date:19th May 2011 at 10:37am
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The Top 4 for this season has been settled. Manchester United are champions (as much as I hate that!) and behind them are Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. There is no doubt that Liverpool’s aim next season will be to break into that Top 4 and claim back a place in the Champions League where we rightly belong.

Gone are the days when the Top 4 was virtually guaranteed as we now have money rich Manchester City buying their way to the top and Tottenham made a brief appearance in that quartet but I can not see them making their way back in there especially since they missed out this season.

So looking at the four teams in the Top 4 now, as much as I hate to say it, I can not see Manchester United being knocked out of that Top 4 for as long as Sir Alex Ferguson is incharge of that team. He seems to have some way of getting his team to do well. Just look at this season, this has probably been one of the worst Manchester United teams in a while but they pulled it off and won it. The day SAF leaves, I think that is when we can see United leaving the Top 4.

Chelsea will be there or there abouts all the time simply due to the fact that they are able to spend large sums of money on players when they are in trouble. They have an aging squad and if they do not go out and buy new young players in the next season or two they will be in trouble. But for now, I see them keeping their Top 4 place.

Manchester City will buy their way into the Top 4 come what may, as long as they have blank cheques to spend every transfer window. It has become harder for other teams to compete with City on a financial level but when the new Financial Rules come into place, then it will be interesting to see how City handle it.

Finally we have Arsenal and I feel that is the team Liverpool are capable of replacing in the Top 4. Arsenal came close to winning four trophies this season but they ended up winning not a single one and their season has been in free fall! From being in the running to win the league, they may end the season in 4th now. I have heard a lot of Arsenal fans complaining and some want Wenger to leave as his policy of not spending on new players and trusting his ‘kids’ is not working. If Wenger does not spend big this summer then I can not see this same Arsenal side challenging next season especially if they stick to their brand of football which looks good on the eye bust does not produce the results.

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