Suarez vs Hernandez : Who is Better?

In comparison Luis Suarez (23) since his arrival in January has become a bit of a talisman for the Reds as his tireless running at defenders and unselfish play is appreciated by both fans and teammates. Although his strike rate is less clinical than Hernandez’s, he has still managed to net 4 in 11 and whilst contributing 5 assists, greatly eclipsing Hernandez’s 1. Jamie Carragher recently stated that “If he keeps playing like that, I think he’ll be a bigger legend than I’ll ever be… he’s adaptable and versatile, he can do different jobs for the team”.

Suarez’s contribution to Liverpool’s resurgence under Kenny Dalglish looks even more impressive as Liverpool have picked up an average of 2.1 points per game whilst he has been in the side. Suarez’s strength is in his ability to attack defenders in a way that Hernandez doesn’t. He terrorized the United back line last month and ensured a similarly unpleasant evening for Hangeland and Hughes on Monday night as Liverpool won 5-2. The quality of his dribbling, his flair and creativity and his ability to work and commit defenders to open up the space for his teammates shows him to be the more complete player. It must be remembered it is still early days for the Liverpool striker’s Anfield career but if he continues in the same vain then maybe Carragher’s right and he is a legend in the making.

If both players continue their progression as they are doing, then next season we could see an interesting battle at the top of the Premier League and the scoring charts as Liverpool will look to kick on from this season and United will look to secure yet another league title. Hernandez will score more but Suarez’s overall contribution and ability sets him apart as the ‘better’ player. Goals may win titles – but didn’t we all hate that kid in the playground who just goal-hanged?

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4 responses to “Suarez vs Hernandez : Who is Better?”

  1. njanja says:

    Chacha is a great player no doubt, but Suarez is a better player

  2. baraya says:

    suarez is good @ score 4rm every side n @ dsame tym he can dribbing

  3. Red 4 lyfe says:

    Why am i even reading this? Suarez all the way

  4. Zubair says:

    Hernandez is alot better then suarez