Can Charlie Adam fill the void left by Xabi Alonso?

After taking the bull by the horns Charlie had a wonderful debut season in the Premier League, scoring 11 goals so far this term. At times during the season you could argue that Charlie has won games single handed. Adam has scored some great goals from free kicks which has led to Sir Alex Ferguson saying “that Charlie’s left leg is worth 12 million alone due to his delivery”. Blackpool still have a chance of survival this season but the odds are that Charlie will be playing his football away from Bloomfield road this season.

So where do we see Charlie next season? With Liverpool looking to bolster their squad, Charlie could possibly be the man to fill the void left by Xabi Alonso? There could be plenty of takers for the Scot this summer where a lot of Premier League clubs could benefit from the delivery of Adam. Everton, Tottenham and Villa could all do a lot worse than to consider a move for Adam as his leadership and goals would surely benefit any of these sides. Until the summer we’ll just have to wait and see what the destination is for this midfield maestro.

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2 responses to “Can Charlie Adam fill the void left by Xabi Alonso?”

  1. tony says:

    would not pay more than 7 mil 4 c adams & if we do have to pay more than thay let the manx have em i would rather keep aquillani y.n.w.a,

  2. KD7 says:

    Sign him now- Left footed central midfielder who can pass and would bring balance to our midfield. He is a better player than Gareth Barry and he cost £18 million and was slightly older than Charlie is now when City signed him!!

    No problems paying up to £12 million for him as worth every penny.

    Players to sign to win prem:

    1) Coentrao (left back/winger)
    2) Lavezzi (Attack mid left right or centre with pace)
    3) Charlie Adam (see above).

    * Young players such as Suso & Sterling could make up the squad numbers 7 provide further attacking options