3 West Ham players Liverpool should look at following the Hammers relegation

2) Thomas Hitzlsperger

Yet another West Ham player who is a bit on the old side but he will add some experience to our midfield if we are able to secure his services for a nominal fee. Hitzlsperger has been out injured for large periods of this season but there is no doubting that he posses some quality, after all he has been capped over 50 times by Germany.

Hitzleperger is not a player who will walk into the Liverpool starting eleven as he is simply not that good but he would be an added addition to the squad as he could add his experience to the squad as he has played in the Premier League for a while now following his days at Aston Villa.

Not a priority option at all for Liverpool but would be a nice to have.

3) Carlton Cole

I know many fans will not be happy about hearing the name of Carlton Cole. Cole was one of the players that Roy Hodgson wanted to sign so badly and we can pretty much be sure that he could have flopped at Liverpool like the other Roy Hodgson signings. Cole himself has not covered himself in much glory this season whilst playing for West Ham. For a striker, scoring 5 league goals in 21 starts is not good enough.

But let us not forget that this is a player who has had some great spells in his career and he showed good enough form to warrant him a call-up to the England national team and just missed out on getting onto the plane for the World Cup in 2010.

I would like to see Cole in a good team with good players around him. I think he would not be a bad option at all to have off the bench and as a back-up to Suarez and Carroll. I am not saying Cole is the back-up striker we should be after as I believe there are better options out there but if we are to look at what is on offer during the West Ham ‘sale’, and if we can get Cole at a low cost deal then we may as well. I would certainly opt for Cole coming off the bench for Liverpool than having David Ngog!

9 responses to “3 West Ham players Liverpool should look at following the Hammers relegation”

  1. Daniel Miller says:

    I was talking to my friend earlier and I said I think we should go about signing Parker, Hitzlsperger and Robert Green. In my opinion they are 3 top quality players that could occupy the bench or start. My only issue is that for a 3rd striker we could look to Pacheco or buy someone who is well worth it.

    My feeling is that yesterday, we lacked the quality in midfield that Meireles and especially Gerrard bring to the team that holds a strong line then attack together, we didn’t have a leader. Hitzlsperger and Parker can do that.

  2. Fernando Torres says:

    How about we get Dembe Ba he is a much better striker than Cole and at 25 he can give Carroll some good competition to push his game and would be a great player coming off the bench when we need a goal late in the match. I think he shouldn’t cost more than 5 mil. I don’t agree about hitzlesperger or parker since they are both old and I doubt they would like coming off the bench I think they would rather play for a mid-table team and start. If Dembe Ba doesn’t work then I would definitely get Cole.

  3. Nick says:

    Kenny said he’ll only sign players good as or better than what we have.So that rules out these 3. Would take Ba as a back up, but prefer Negrado….

  4. alanicube says:

    damba ba is ok for liverpool because if we ar to provide for carrol then we would spend a big money buy 2 winger both left and right midfield center defender,left back and keeper cos pepe can not catch pk like yesterday l wil catch modric pk,charlies adam from backpool and cahill.

  5. Brian Shapiro says:

    Parker is over-rated, Cole is below average and Hitzlsperger is mediocre at best. Next thing someone will suggest we get Keane back…shudder!

  6. Denis says:

    sorry to disagree but none of these targets will ever be seriously considered by kenny or comolli.
    parker too old and injury prone, 7m for 2 more good seasons, you must be joking.

    the same applies to hitzlsperger. nice distribution of the ball but no premier-league-winner material.

    carlton cole – give me a break, i’d rather have n’gog in there, and i really have no positives to say on n’gog whatsoever.

    if we are to sign a striker of west ham demba ba can be the ONLY option. but only if we miss out on our top priorities.

  7. Joe A. Vella says:

    Carlton Cole? Are you serious? He was not even a regular in a relegation side. Parker may be OK but Liverpool must look for the future and not sign players who are close to retirement.

  8. Abhi says:

    Just put Demba ba instead of cole.

  9. Neverman says:

    What a load of crap.

    Lucas has let us all know we don’t need Parker or Hitzelsperger. I was an admirer of Thomas The Hammer when he was back in Stuttgart, but he’s nowhere near good enough to play for LFC after his injuries and his age has slowed him down considerably. Parker will be too expensive and would sit bench, end of discussion. Better to keep Aquilani.

    And Charlton Cole? If you’re thinking along those lines, why don’t we just bring Crouch back for all the good he’d do us? There is not a single player on the Wet Hampers that would improve our squad.

    Besides all that, we are after youth with potential and solid sell-on value. None of those 3 meet those criteria. Decent writing, but very poor analysis of what LFC need or are looking for. Blah.