Date: 11th May 2011 at 12:45pm
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Many Liverpool fans have been hoping that Xabi Alonso will return and play for Liverpool. We even ran a story on about Xabi Alonso possibly returning to Liverpool but Guillem Balague has come out today and squashed any hopes that we had about Alonso coming back.

Balague lists three reasons why Alonso will not be making a return:

1) Xabi Alonso is amont the top three or four players at Real Madrid: Mourinho counts on him and he`s one of the first names down on his team sheet. Real Madrid are not a `selling club` and will not be forced into selling a player in that situation.

2) When Xabi Alonso left Anfield, he enjoyed a substantial pay increase. For Liverpool to match his current pay scale would involve completely destabilising the Premier League club`s existing salary structure.

3) There has been no contact between Liverpool and Real Madrid regarding the sale of Alonso back to Anfield.

Those are three very good points that Balague has stated and I tend to take what the Spanish journalist says to be accurate. There is no doubting the ability of Alonso as he has turned out to be one of the best midfielders in the world. I will NEVER forgive Rafa Benitez for wanting to sign Gareth Barry and replace him for Alonso. That was one of the dumbest things Rafa ever did at Liverpool. Alonso never wanted to leave Liverpool but was pushed by Rafa and you can not blame him for that.

In terms of the second point about the money, I am not to sure how much Alonso is earning now but many high earning players today prefer to play in Spain because the tax is lower than in England. So to compete with whatever he is earning at Madrid would be difficult especially with FSG looking to cut down our wage bill.

So for now we can safely quash any speculation about Alonso coming back to Liverpool. But football is a funny game and the transfer market is even funnier…


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