Date: 10th May 2011 at 11:17am
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Manny raised a question this morning amongst the team:
Judging from our recent performances it may be a good idea to sell Gerrard or relegate him to a bench player because the team right now as operating at a very high level and he could upset the balance we have found.
Young Spearing is developing very nicely indeed!!!

Kava replied by saying: Selling Gerrard is a non-starter but you do have a point in that he could upset the balance. Example of this was when he came back in for the Chelsea away game. He was slow, bad first touch and generally sluggish.

I guess it was because he was carrying that injury. Nice thing about all of this is that he’s got more than enough time to recover and he’ll be back to his best by the time next season rolls in. I’m sure he’ll be influenced by Giggs at United who’s still doing a major job for them.

Really impressed by young Spearing and Jonjo. I can’t believe how people have been quick to dismiss Jonjo and he’s only 19. Yes I’ve seen him slated in some forums. He’s showing Gerrard qualities already. His through ball to Suarez yesterday was Alonso-esque though!

Angelo added his two cents with: Not entirely convinced by Jonjo yet, I must admit, but I think Spearing has been developing with each game. I was very impressed with Flanagan though. He shows a lot of quality and maturity for his age, def one for the future. I just hope that we give the young mane a run in the side for his confidence and form, and not forget about him once we start signing new players.

What impressed me the most about last night, and maybe for the last few games has been the movement and intensity of our play. We are playing a lot quicker than we ever did under Rafa or RH and we are using more of the pitch to play our game and therefore it makes us unpredictable on attacks. I do agree that Stevie G might disrupt the balance of the team, coz with Lucas and Spearing sitting deep and holding, we allow a lot more freedom for the other 2 mids to join attack without necessarily worrying about defense. I would put Lucas next to Stevie and drop Spearing. My thinking is that Stevie must adapt his game now that he is coming into the closing stretches of his career, and play a more defensive minded role, while still spraying those long balls around the park. Giggs and Scholes have adapted their games, so I can’t see why Stevie can’t, he has abundance of talent AND if he is not happy with that, well then, he must go join his homeboy at Chelskiā€¦..

What do you think should happen to Steven Gerrard when he returns to fitness next season?


23 responses to “What happens to Steven Gerrard now?”

  1. Kim says:

    I am flabbergasted !!
    How people can be ungrateful and have short memories !
    The team has had a some great matches without Gerrard and we already want to sell him !!!
    Steven Gerrard did so much for us !!!
    And he can still move mountains and will – any time !
    Where is your loyalty as fans?….To a man who always gave his 500% and was always loyal to us?
    Have you no shame ???!!!
    I am disgusted !!

  2. Fitzy says:

    What a load of b*llocks there angelo.

    The only thing that’s made sense on this thread is Gerrard disrupting the team. But let’s not forget who were talking about. I think Gerrard will be back in the side, for who I don’t know because were playing so well. It’s all about playing games, the more games these players are getting the better they are playing.

    Plus I can’t see Gerrard reverting to a defensive role which he’s never been able to play anyway.. His positional awareness is shocking, his movement and ability going forward is unstoppable. Kenny will find a position and I can see it just in front of the holding two midfielders. Other than that possibly out wide as an option to cross the ball for the big fella

  3. Adam says:

    THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL/UNGRATEFUL ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ! how the fuck can ANYONE say we should sell steven gerrard just because spearing and lucas are playing so well. most stupid thing i have ever read absolute morons who ever says we should. fucking idiots

  4. steve says:

    When Gerrard is ready to play,he will be a starter for the club as he is the club’s captain and the best player.dont write a player who can turn games on his own.where i differ is when we over-count Steven to do so while to win games the whole team should be playing well,not 2 or 3 individuals.Possible Liverpool line-up for next season:
    Johnson Carragher Agger Enrique
    Young Gerrard(c) Lucas Meireles Suarez
    Bench:Gulacsi Skrtel Wilson Kelly Flanagan Robinson Spearing Aquilani J.McCarthy Kuyt M.Rodriguez Marveaux Negredo
    those are over-realistic targets for us.i could risk saying that we can make bigger transfers,but this is a realistic squad to have in mind.if FSG have a lot of money available for transfers,then we could make some top moves like Hazard,Hulk…etc..the biggest transfer would be to keep King Kenny and i hope it’s just a matter of time before it happens…FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT…YNWA

  5. Turthalion says:

    Gerrard is not at his best in his preferred position in central midfield–he likes to roam too much. I’ve heard rumours that he didn’t like playing just off the strikers where Rafa often positioned him, or out wide.

    With Roy, Stevie was usually in central midfield and was not as effective there, but perhaps he insisted on playing there.

    I am confident that Kenny will know where best to play Gerrard, and I’m also sure that Gerrard will respect what Kenny says–Gerrard was attending matches as a young’un in the early 80s and idolises King Kenny.

    As for selling him, I think that’s harsh after all the service Gerrard has given us, and sticking by us through all the bad times.

    I sincerely believe Kenny can get the best out of anybody. I point to the form of Kuyt, Meireles and Maxi since KK took over.

  6. Daz says:


  7. sri says:

    gerrard is da heart and soul of liverpool fc and now these ungrateful bastards want to sell him cuz of one bad season!!!! WTF!!!!

  8. carl says:

    no way gerrard is still the best and always will be no wa we will sell him next seaon wen hes fit we will be much better hes the best passer of the game the shoter of the game he got it all he is the game

  9. felipe says:

    i’d probably spit on the idiot’s face who wrote this article. Gerrard will be fit again next season, and whats even more important, he is gonna be MORE determined to captain our team to where it belongs. just like everybody else thats close to the club, he knows we are heading in the right direction. I CANNOT SEE ANYONE BETTER THAN GERRARD LEADING THE WAY NEXT SEASON. you ungrateful bastards. COME ON LIVERPOOL!

  10. KAKA says:

    WTF is this how the fuck you just gonna say we gotta sell Captain Steven Gerrard or bench him u dumb son of bitch

  11. Messsy says:

    Seriously man this article is insanity at the highest level. How the heck can anyone compare kids jay and lucas to the LEGENDARY CAPTAIN FANTASTIC! wait a minute , mr.writer are you a scum or chelshit fan?

  12. Kamster says:

    Mr Author you’re abuse is justified. Gerard stuck by us and we will stick by him, REMINDER: You will never walk alone means something to the fans. Woy Useless Wodgson and his crappy signings in Konchesky, Poulsen and Jones will be walking alone, no passion, no pride, no ability.

    All we need is five signings a left back, two wingers and central defender and we will rightfully claim back our perch and this time stay there.

    The deadwood in Konchesky, Poulsen, Cole, Ngog, Insua, Aqualani (like him but he wants to go), Jones, Deggen, El Zar, Darby, Aurelio and Kyrigos need to be shown the door.

    We need Coentrao or Enrique, 2 out of Arda Turan, Mata and/or Adam Johnson. Cahill as our centre half and we are there.


    Johnson Cahill Kelly Coentrao

    Hazard Gerard Miereless Mata



    Bench: Kuyt, Carragher, Agger, Spearing, Pacheco etc etc

  13. Yared says:

    Are you a supporter of this club I doubt it you are a stupid ass. How can u say this to Gerard who spent his time through good and bad times.

  14. danny says:

    How can Manchester United fans write articles about liverpool legends like that………
    the person we are talkin abt here isnt just any fringe player
    nuff said

  15. Jeven says:

    THANK YOU!!!……somebody had to knock some sense into these ungratefull lot!!

  16. Jeven says:

    this article is pure shit!….do not insult liverpool fans by calling yourself one if you are going to write stupid comments like this article….have you forgotten who has been carrying liverpool single handedly on his shoulders all these years….if stevie had even 1% of the disloyalty that this article writers had, he would have skipped out on the club ages ago. to even think of writing a stupidly retarded article like this one must mean that you are mentally deranged or an mu fan. So take your stupid comments and dumb fucking views to the shithole that you crept out from you fucking dickheads!

  17. paul says:

    What a nerve u got to suggest we sell the best liverpool player since john barnes or even king kenny himself. Stevie G is a LFC legend and still the best midfielder in the world. He will be back to his best soon and he can play anywhere and still have a massive impact on the game.
    I’d pick him in front of spearing any day of the week, regardless of how much the young lad is improving. Gerrads still a much better player, no doubt about it…

  18. Jonny says:

    Stupid stupid stupid. Stevie is one of if not the best of our all time players. How you can show such lack of respect and feeling for this man who has dedicated his life to your supposed club. F’in idiots!!! One season he has not been at the peak of his performance and you jump like rats!!! All he needs now is rest and stevie will be back as good as ever. Where the f is the loyalty and more than that the intelligence. You would give away the best midfielder in England bar none who has shown his dedication and love for your club for many years? Guess you’d swap for scholes!!! Please if you have nothing of any sense to say DO NOT trouble true Liverpool supporters with your crap!!!! You will never walk alone, unless you’re a complete idiot who posts absolute shite like you lot!!!

  19. Propetis says:

    someone help me with banning this url from my explorer.
    u ignorant fucks, even this season, when everybody kept fucking it up gerrard was still trying, still bleeding the shirt. Who ended up with a hat-trick against those italians? He is still capable of the best we have seen of him and that’s all about making us BELIEVE! get a grip, would you sell your mother when she is old and can’t eat or take a dump or w/e? or when she just has a bad day? Gerrard is a world class player up there with all the big names and still stood with LFC. He could easily end up in chelski or real or w/e to get a champions medal as he is the biggest name that hasnt got one yet. But he didn, did he? if you arent crying when you remember ALL the good times he has offered us, well maybe u would sell your mother for a dick up your ass. good job on taking hits on your website man utd fans

  20. raizal says:

    how easily people forget what Stevie has done for the club… After all the developments during Hicks/Gillet’s tenure, any decent player would have left and nobody can blame him….but instead he stood with us, carried the burden of hope for theclub on his shoulders often delivering his 200%….. Please show him some respect…. and the same love and loyalty that he has shown us throughout the years… he will lead Liverpool as captain to the 19th title next season…along withKing Kenny being the mastermind… the future of Liverpool looks bright indeed…. YNWA

  21. qary says:

    wat d hell is goin on?juz because we play very well then suddenly ‘gerrard no longer needed?’
    well let me clarify..dat man has been carried us for god knows how long..he sweats for this club..he breathes for this club n he is the soul for this club..with dat judgement i dont think he played like poulsen, didnt he?he plays xceptionally awesome juz wen we r facing the ground n yet he was there to carry us..
    now he is injured n u people juz forget bout him?he is like maldini to milan..
    when he recover n gets into the team he will b awesome cos hi groin is troubling him for so long n kenny made a great decision..myb he knows dat he need gerrard at his best to dispose every team in epl..
    bt the main point is this ‘gerrard is no longer needed’ bla bla bla is bullshit!!!
    we need him juz like we need him to carry this club every single match.

  22. Mike says:

    I just hope the man himself didnt read this while taking a shit…mind u he could have printed it off and wiped his arse on it!!!
    How many times has this genius pulled us out of the shit.mmm let me remind u…european cup final…f.a. cup final!!!!!
    Narrow minded nobheads!!!!

  23. Chiboy says:

    Stv g is the one of world best paryer so pls dont seal him i love him to setr and do his best for us Lfc fans.