Date:10th May 2011 at 11:17am
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Manny raised a question this morning amongst the team:
Judging from our recent performances it may be a good idea to sell Gerrard or relegate him to a bench player because the team right now as operating at a very high level and he could upset the balance we have found.
Young Spearing is developing very nicely indeed!!!

Kava replied by saying: Selling Gerrard is a non-starter but you do have a point in that he could upset the balance. Example of this was when he came back in for the Chelsea away game. He was slow, bad first touch and generally sluggish.

I guess it was because he was carrying that injury. Nice thing about all of this is that he’s got more than enough time to recover and he’ll be back to his best by the time next season rolls in. I’m sure he’ll be influenced by Giggs at United who’s still doing a major job for them.

Really impressed by young Spearing and Jonjo. I can’t believe how people have been quick to dismiss Jonjo and he’s only 19. Yes I’ve seen him slated in some forums. He’s showing Gerrard qualities already. His through ball to Suarez yesterday was Alonso-esque though!

Angelo added his two cents with: Not entirely convinced by Jonjo yet, I must admit, but I think Spearing has been developing with each game. I was very impressed with Flanagan though. He shows a lot of quality and maturity for his age, def one for the future. I just hope that we give the young mane a run in the side for his confidence and form, and not forget about him once we start signing new players.

What impressed me the most about last night, and maybe for the last few games has been the movement and intensity of our play. We are playing a lot quicker than we ever did under Rafa or RH and we are using more of the pitch to play our game and therefore it makes us unpredictable on attacks. I do agree that Stevie G might disrupt the balance of the team, coz with Lucas and Spearing sitting deep and holding, we allow a lot more freedom for the other 2 mids to join attack without necessarily worrying about defense. I would put Lucas next to Stevie and drop Spearing. My thinking is that Stevie must adapt his game now that he is coming into the closing stretches of his career, and play a more defensive minded role, while still spraying those long balls around the park. Giggs and Scholes have adapted their games, so I can’t see why Stevie can’t, he has abundance of talent AND if he is not happy with that, well then, he must go join his homeboy at Chelskiā€¦..

What do you think should happen to Steven Gerrard when he returns to fitness next season?