Date:9th May 2011 at 2:10pm
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It is never a great situation to be in when you wish for some of our teams players to be sold as early as yesterday but there is currently a lot of dead wood in the Liverpool squad right now who we need to get rid off this summer as they have simply not been good enough or added any value to the team. The longer we continue to hold onto these players the more we are going to be wasting on them in terms of wages and also they will possibly be preventing the emergence of young talent to fill into their positions.

I have highlighted 5 players that I feel must be sold this summer as they have simply not done it for us this season.

1) Milan Jovanovic

The Serbian international arrived on a free transfer at the start of the season after being signed by Rafa Benitez. We all looked forward to seeing him as he was meant to provide the width down the left that the team needed. I kept a close eye on him during the World Cup in South Africa last year when he was playing for Serbia and he looked pretty good.

He got a couple of games in at the start of the season under Roy Hodgson by Jovanovic never really shone at all. Then Dalglish came in and even under Dalglish the Serbian international does not look like an international at all. There is no doubting that Jovanovic has some talent but he has just not delivered in a Liverpool shirt. Surely if he was good enough King Kenny would have seen this and given him a chance.

Considering Liverpool signed Jovanovic for free we can actually benefit by selling him for around £2 million. Jovanovic came out recently and said that he wished Rafa was still in-charge at Liverpool and that he played under him. Maybe he is right and he would have played well under Rafa but that is not the case so I am sorry Milan but he have to go. Getting rid of Jovanovic will also give the likes of Pacheco and Sterling an opportunity to play in the first team next season.

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