Date: 4th May 2011 at 8:55am
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Juventus are not willing to pay the £14million Liverpool agreed with them for Alberto Aquilani. Juventus are keen to sign Aquilani when his loan spell ends at the end of the season but they have come out and said that they do not want to pay £14million. Juventus’ general manager Giuseppe Marotta said: “There is a buy-out clause that has to be activated by May 15. We’ll try to reach an agreement before the deadline. I can certainly say we will not sign Aquilani for the sum set by Liverpool.”

I can not see Liverpool willing to sell Aquilani for less than the agreed £14million especially since we paid £21million for him when he joined from Roma. That would mean we are making a huge loss on this deal and with the financially alert FSG now in-charge at Liverpool, I can not see them sanctioning a cut price deal for Aquilani.

It would be better for Liverpool to bring Aquilani back to Anfield for next season where he can be part of a squad that will be challenging for honours. If Aquilani himself does a Torres and hands in a transfer request then we will have no choice but to sell him especially since he has said he wants to stay at Juventus. What could help Liverpool in this deal is the fact that AC Milan are also interested in signing Aquilani and hopefully they will be willing to meet the £14million asking price.


9 responses to “Do not sell Aquilani for less than £14million unless he hands in a transfer request”

  1. Dale Marlow says:

    Could not agree more. In fact I hope Juve fail to take up the option. An Italian international, playing well is a really attractive option for all the top Serie A teams, the home grown rule also makes him very valuable. I suspect we could actually get far more than the option agreed when the loan was arranged

  2. Kava says:

    Just coz he hands in a transfer request doesnt mean we have to sell him, especially not at a discount. I know that theres no point keeping an unhappy player but clubs should not be held ransom to players’ demands. They are employees after all (players).

    I am sure FSG are aware of this and will not bow down, just as they did not back down from FT’s asking price. Juve must cough up or shut up, simple as that.

  3. Billy says:

    Juventus agreed a fee when the load was taken out, if they are not prepared to pay it, AA comes back to Anfield.

    If any other team wants him they have to pay that same fee, time for LFC to play hard ball and not get suckered into ltto letting players go for a snip as we have in the past.

  4. fmisntreal says:

    as far as im concerned i would rather sell him for a pound to anyone but juve as they agreed to this price as part of the condition of taking him on loan and now they’ve had the player for a year they want a discount. well get stuffed put up or shut up.

  5. Billy says:

    Loan not Load

  6. Chunky says:

    What an idiotic statement! If he hands in a transfer request then sell him and at the price that Juve want? Where are you coming from? He should never have gone and as far as I am concerned he stays at Anfield for next season. End of…..

  7. maljay says:

    Liverppol did not pay £21m. My understanding is that this total would be based on a variety of add-ons, such as appearences. I suspect the actual amount spent is significantly lower, so a sale at £14m would not be a huge loss.

  8. King Yaweezy says:

    We shouldn’t have loaned him in the first place. He struggled too much at first which is normal for someone coming from the seriA but was starting to show signs he could settle in when we loaned him. Another year under his belt would have helped him greately especially with settling down and learning the language. With Gerrard’s injury he would have being the greatest beneficiary. Aquilani has quality and would do a good job if he stays injury free which he has done this season. If we should sell him, the least we should get is his equivalent or even better. Defour, Eriksen and the likes nt some crap player!

  9. Andrew says:

    wasn’t £21 mill. It was 17, with up to 3 in add ons if liverpool had won trophies. But they didn’t.
    So £14million after 2 years is actually a pretty decent deal for liverpool.