Do Liverpool keep £90,000-a-week Maxi?

£90,000-a-week is a lot of money to spend on a squad player and Joe Cole is also on a similar salary package. There is no doubt that Liverpool has to cut the wage bill, especially on fringe players and rather invest that money is attracting world class players who will come into the starting line-up and earn high salaries.

With Liverpool not having Champions League football next season, we need another way of attracting top class players and we all know how football players today are attracted by money! If we are able to offer attractive pay packages then maybe that will aid us in signing world class players this summer.

But spare a thought for Maxi who is keen on staying at Liverpool. Maxi said: “The manager knows I am ready whenever he wants me. Whether I play or not does not matter. The team is the most important thing, and I am really happy here at a great club.”

I wonder if Maxi would be willing to take a pay-cut in-order to remain at Liverpool?

4 responses to “Do Liverpool keep £90,000-a-week Maxi?”

  1. spike says:

    Maxi is a decent squad player, but I dont think he is worth £90K per week, If I were the King I would move him on

  2. Johan says:

    I doubt him earning £90,000 per week. Where have you heard that? It doesn’t help anyone that we throw figures around that we know nothing about and until we know what his salary is like I don’t think we should judge him from it. With you putting unconfirmed numbers in the headline you impose your critical view of him on others and from there we spread the ignorance. IF those numbers are indeed true then I agree with you, we should not keep him. But I’ve heard sums around £50,000-60,000 which I find more decent and that together with his obvious quality and his true desire to stay in Liverpool and fight for titles makes me want to keep him. Imagine having players of his calibre on the bench – then we really should be able to challenge next season.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  3. Towson Tom says:

    I agree with Johan but for different reasons, my view is that we should judge players ontheir performance on the pitch and let the club worry about how much they are worth. I think maxi fits in well to the current setup i.e Suarez, Kuyt and support from Mireles in midfield, I think he could blossom if played regularly. I have to say i was a great admirer of Carrol and was screaming for his signing long before Christmas but right now he would’nt be in the starting line up – Maxi would. Its the old adage about not changing a winning team.

  4. Raj says:

    I do not know where from you got the £90,000 per week figure from? I guess you are confused it with Joe Cole’s figures here.
    I think he has always been a decent player with a great attitude. If Kenny thought he is good enough to give a go before the likes of Joe Cole, Jono, Andy, then he is fine for me too. If some player says I want to play for this club, then let’s not mock it. He is far better than a few other players who quit us when we went out champions league.