Dani Pacheco to stay at Norwich?

I have a lot of faith in Kenny Dalglish and I believe he knows best on how to deal with Pacheco. Whether he believes Pacheco has a future at Liverpool or he is surplus to requirements, only time will tell when the season is over and Pacheco’s loan at Norwich is over.

Spare a thought too for Pacheco, here is a young 20 year old with bags of talent and all he wants to do at his age is play football. Now that he has gotten a sniff of first team football at Norwich, he himself may decide that it is best if he leaves Liverpool this summer in a bid to play regular first team football next season. What better way for him to do so than to stay on with Norwich who will be in the Premier League next season.

Chances are very high that Norwich will be relegated next season if they do not go out and buy quality players this summer but the experience of being a regular starter for a team like Norwich will do no harm to Pacheco’s career. Just look at how Charlie Adam has carried Blackpool this season, I believe Pacheco has the talent to be the Charlie Adam of Norwich if he is given the chance.

Ultimately, I would love to see Pacheco remain at Liverpool next season, only of he is given more opportunities in the first team. It would be a shame if we loose such a talented player after investing so much time into him.

What would you do if you were Dani Pacheco?