Date: 28th April 2011 at 11:31am
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“I’m happy, calm and comfortable here.” That is what Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has said. “I will continue working so we can win more games. I’m looking towards the future which I reckon will bring a lot of happiness and hopefully the new project with the new American owners will be a convincing one – attractive and ambitious above all. It’s my understanding that we will be bringing in some important players, continuing to grow and hopefully in one or two years we will be in the place that Liverpool deserves to be, which is fighting for titles.”

These are the words that many Liverpool fans have been wanting to hear after speculation was rife that Reina would be leaving Liverpool in the summer in order to join a team that can will titles and trophies. But I guess Pepe is impressed with what he has seen of the new owners at Liverpool together with the influence of Kenny Dalglish.

There is no doubt that Reina is one of, if not the best goalkeeper in the world right now and we need him to remain at Liverpool for as long as possible so we can start challenging for major honours again.

Now I know there will be some fans who will come out and say that Pepe is just talking and saying what he wants us to hear and he could easily do a Torres on us and leave even after telling us that he is staying. I personally do not believe that Reina will do a Torres on us and I would like to believe that he means every word he says when he says that he is happy at Liverpool and will be staying.
I am sure Reina has seen what has happened to Torres ever since he left Liverpool and he would not want that to happen to him. Torres was loved at Liverpool but now he is hated after the way he left Liverpool in January. Torres has gone on to struggle at Chelsea, something which I am very happy about.

Arsenal and Manchester United have been sniffing around Reina as both clubs need to sign a world class goalkeeper. But it is said that Reina will not think of joining Manchester United. “I am not going to Manchester, that is not my intention. I imagine they’ve been monitoring and following many keepers.” That is what Reina had to say.

With Pepe remaining at Liverpool next season, we can now concentrate on building a team around Reina that can restore the glory days to Liverpool again. A solid goalkeeper is always a good start to building a championship winning side and in Pepe we have the best in the business.


One response to “Pepe Reina is staying at Liverpool unlike Torres”

  1. pilott says:

    pepe raina is not the best gk in the world. good gk yes. there is manuel nuer, van der sar, iker casillas, martin steklenburg, joe hart..they are all better than raina..just look at how many howlers he has had compared to the above gk’s. they all make mistakes but raina has made more..ITS A FACT.
    And torres leaving.. He is no way honour bound to pool, url never made him the player he was..thats atletico madrid, the only badge he will ever kiss. so when he left to be able to challenge for honours dont look down on him.understand he has a winning mentality. he came to yourll for that and in his time the team each year got worse and empty promises were always made to him and other senior players and in the end he why do ur’l treat him like a traitor..
    Strange logic scousers have…