Date: 26th April 2011 at 10:07am
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This summer is going to be one of the busiest in Liverpool’s history as there is going to be a lot of activity. I see no less than 10 players leaving Liverpool as the squad currently has a lot of dead wood that we need to get rid of so we can create some space and resources for higher quality players.

Today we will be looking at the players Liverpool need to bring in as opposed to the players that we need to sell. We all know that we need to add some quality and quality does not come cheaply. This is where I see Mr. Henry getting the opportunity to flex his muscles and show the rest of the footballing world that he means business. The writing is on the wall that Liverpool are going to spend and spend big this summer as the funds are made available by Mr. Henry, thus it is highly important that Kenny Dalglish identifies the right players at the right prices in order to build our team for next season.

There are 4 players out there that have been linked with Liverpool and should be signed to bolster the team:

1) Jose Enrique
There is no doubt that the first signing Liverpool need to make this summer is a left-back. We have had problems with this position all season and have had to use Glen Johnson there but he can not be the long term solution. Fabio Aurelio is always injured and he is on my ‘get rid of’ list. Young Robinson is one for the future but we can not rely on him to be our regular starter next season thus we need to sign a player like Enrique who can come in and do the job straight away.

Enrique has excelled with Newcastle this season at left-back and if we want to be challenging next season we can not afford to go out and buy a player who is going to take a season to get adjusted to the Premier League. With Enrique we know what we will be getting: good defender and a good attacking option.

2) Gary Cahill
Liverpool needs cover at center back and many people do not see this as they think we are adequately covered in that position. Jamie Carragher and Daniel Agger are our best two central defenders but Agger is injury prone and we know we will not get a full season out of him. Carragher is getting old but is still a vital part of our backline. He may not be able to last a full season for us thus we need more cover. We have Soto and Skrtel on our books and I think they are both decent enough squad players. I would get rid of Soto and keep Skrtel.

For Liverpool to be in a great position next season, we need to go out and sign a quality center back who can be part of the starting eleven and give competition or cover to Carragher and Agger. The name that springs to mind is Bolton’s Gary Cahill. Yet again, a player with Premier League experience and he is English which keeps in line with the clubs new policy of signing the best British talent.

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12 responses to “4 players Liverpool need to sign this summer”

  1. Football says:

    Ashley Young and Charlie Adam would fit perfectly in Liverpool’s attack. They were two of the best players in Premier League this season.

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    We need another striker desperately. I would buy someone fast and powerful like Gyan / Negredo / Santa Cruise / Benzema. If Carol is out we need someone who can play the main striker role. We need a savage animal who can finish off defenders on the counter (I’m thinking about someone similar to Babel when he finished off Arsenal with that great counter attacking run with Fabergas on his back in the Champions League times) We have guys that can score in the box in tight situations but can’t really counter.

    We also need a world class left back who will fulfil more than one role. Fabio Coentrao is my first choice and is worth every penny as he will offer us width. Enrique will be great to and Vargas will be fine but risky, just look at the last Italian lb we purchased..Dossana..if you can’t remember..I barely did.

    We also need a great strong centre back that does not take any shit. Cahill fits the bill perfectly. If not Ryan Shawcross will also be great.

    we need to find a winger that can play on both sides and who does not cut in all the time. I don’t know who but I don’t want Young. He does not really convince me that he is a world beater. We need someone down to earth that still has everything to prove. Please make suggestions.. Maybe Mata?

    As for Adam, I think he is overpriced and unnecessary. I am happy with Gerard, Lucas, Meireles, the Jay-Man (Spearing) and would bring back Aqualani. Yes I said it! He can be a better version of Modric or even the new Benny Onion. Just give him a chance, Rafa saw something and so does the whole of Italy so I think its worth the risk. We will lose to much by selling him on the cheap.

    My team..


    Johnson Cahil Agger Coentrao
    Lucas Meireles Gerard
    Kuyt Suerez

  3. mikolo says:

    i would prefer leighton baines to enrique.. Enrique is not quick.. baines is also a dead ball specialist

  4. Greennred says:

    I think all 4 you mention show a lack of ambition. Here are some of my own choices and I don’t want knock yours cos we all have our own opinions.Other than Cahill I don’t think any of those players have been outstanding in the past 4 seasons and good as he is Cahill isn’t outstanding. Enrique is good but just been very good this season. We need Leighton Baines proven class in the PL good dead ball player and also makes and scores goals in open play. Other than Baines Coentrao would be second choice. For centre back Phil Jagielka would be my number one choice and a man who could fill Carras shoes eventually. Kinda unlikely we’ll get both from Goodison but sure you gotta hope!Ashley Young is a player I really liked since his Watford days. Kenny might bring him back to his hungry best but as much as I used to like Young I think Adam Johnson is better. Not as pacey as Young but a wonderfully skilful player. I don’t think he’ll think he’ll fancy another season on City’s ever expanding and overpaid bench. He might have a hard drinking reputation but didn’t Kenny give Andy Carroll a good kick in the arse and he’d look after Johnson too. Finally some real ambition and sue if we don’t try we won’t get. Cesc Fabregas is leaving The Gunners this season but why would he leave to sit on the barca bench. We shuld get him before City can. I don’t think Adam is up to the job and he’s not as dynamic as Stevie G. If not Fabregas then Luka Modric wouldn’t be bad, a great creative midfielder. As an Irishman I have to mention an emerging Irish international. James McCarthy is definitely quality and loads of potential with an eye for goal. I reckon he’s one to watch and well worth a gamble.

  5. steve says:

    Fabregas WHO mate??1st of all if he leaves he Arsenal it wont be for another premierleague team(it’ll be for Barca).2ndly why buy him now that he’s OUT OF FORM??remember him against us??No??that’s what i mean.i agree with the Luka Modric suggestion on the other hand.if we switch to a 4-4-2 next season i hope to see this formation:
    Johnson Cahill Agger Baines
    Young Meireles Lucas Dzsudzsak
    Suarez Carroll
    i dont get it why we’re after Jose Enrique and not Leighton Baines,really.Baines is better than Enrique,has more seasons in the prem that Enrique,is a better ball crosser and player.only thing Enrique is better is pace,that’s all.i hope we sign Leighton Baines,an ex-Liverpool season ticket holder…YNWA

  6. Paul says:

    Baines? Jagielka? Fabregas?

    You lot are seriously deluded 😀

  7. tony says:

    ashely young would be massive flop 100% not aworld class player and long term solves nothing.

    Enriqie long term as well puts us in same place we are at now.

    Adams and cahill yes
    Coentrao hazard and why not dream Neymar

  8. Greennred says:

    They’re just my picks don’t expect allround agreement. I know Fabregas had a bad season mainly injury related. A full summer off will bring him back to form. Has been playing non stop since Summer 2007.Can’t see him being happy on the Barca bench. I take it we all agree that Adam Johnson would be a good buy?

  9. Lyle says:

    Pele, Puskas, Maradona,and Messi,even if they were all in their prime couldn’t help Liverpool they are a spent force.They are no longer a top four club, move on,accept it.

  10. 'pudlian says:

    Spent force? Out of your “top four” clubs, we beat Chelsea (and Bolton) home and away, tied Arsenal both ways, ended up with equal points and a better goal difference against Manchester United, returned the 3-0 favor for the other Manchester team, and are waiting to do the same to Tottenham. Although Everton got the better of us, we’re still 5 points ahead of them. Everyone else is within 12 points of relegation, hence they don’t matter. So please, stick your “spent force” somewhere else.

  11. gazza says:

    i dont no how u all can keep saying that ashley young is not that good! hes shit hot fast tricky and is already astablished in the prem he would be a great asset to liverpool football club and if alex ferguson is after him then he has to be good anyway heres my liverpool team for next year afer selling the dead wood in are team plus the the kitty we will get of fenway sports should be around 85 million in total? reina



    charlie adam
    phillipe coutinho
    sylvain marveaux

  12. youle never know says:

    you r all diks we need young he is world class with loeds of pace