Date: 21st April 2011 at 8:14am
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It has been a huge topic of debate over the last couple of weeks: Is Alberto Aquilani coming back to Liverpool next season after his loan spell at Juventus? Aquilani has come out in the past and said that he is happy at Juventus and would like to make his stay there permanent. But the main stumbling block for this move happening is the £14million price tag Liverpool have put on Aquilani. Juventus want Liverpool to lower that price but hopefully we will not settle for less and we can use that £14million to go out and buy other players considering we bought Aquilani for £21million from Roma.

Now Kenny Dalglish has come out and said that Aquilani is welcome back at Liverpool in the summer and he can play a key role in the Liverpool team next season.

“When people talk about next season, I’m surprised they don’t give Alberto a mention,” said the Liverpool boss. “Everyone seems to have forgotten about him.

“I know he has done really well at Juventus this season. When the loan finishes at the end of the season, he reverts back to being a Liverpool player.

“Nothing is cast in stone and he could be coming back to play for Liverpool. He could be a valuable asset here next season. He’s still our player.”

We all know that Aquilani never had a good run in the Liverpool team after he was signed by Rafa to replace Xabi Alonso. Filling the boots of Xabi was going to be a tough task for anyone. Aquilani arrived at Liverpool injured and he never really recovered from his injuries to become a regular in the team. And as result Roy Hodgson loaned him out to Juventus without giving him a fair chance.

If there is anyone who can put their hand around Aquilani’s shoulder and get the best out of him, it is Kenny Dalglish. There is no doubt that Aquilani is a quality player. Whether Aquilani would be a regular starter for Liverpool if he does come back next season is still a question for debate but I would certainly rather have Aquilani coming off the bench than Jonjo, Poulsen or Spearing.

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6 responses to “Dalglish would welcome back Aquilani, would you?”

  1. Gary says:

    We already have Meireles and him and Aquilani play similar roles. The EPL is hard paces and Aquilani is too soft and thus he failed. I say rather sell him and use the money to buy a winger or Charle Adam

  2. Towson Tom says:

    Hi Gary, Aquilani is a far better player than Adam, but Charlie may well be the better alternative as he is different from what we have. Whats wrong with having both? we need strength in depth and are likely to see the back of Poulson and one or two others that ar’nt quite up to it. Even Stevie G cant go on forever so with both you cover him and Meireles. Oh Lucas stays!!!!

  3. didiballack says:

    im still not impressed with Lucas. Lucas shud go..

  4. prince_1lfc says:

    iv watched alot of italian league this year and Aquilani have been brilliant, he is even back in the national team. in my opinion he is a better player than Meireles and Adam. to be fair he didnt really get a fair chance at lfc.

  5. Ron says:

    The Lucas debate will never seem to end. You either love or hate Lucas. I believe Lucas is a great squad player and not a starter.

  6. stiff says:

    ..and you’re clearly blind. He’s been our best player by a mile this season.