Date: 13th April 2011 at 3:18pm
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Fernando Torres left Liverpool in January to go and join Chelsea in the hope that Chelsea would give him the silverware and titles he has been seeking in his career. The moment Torres handed in his transfer request to leave Liverpool, it was clear that he did not want to play for us anymore and we did the right thing by selling him and getting £50 million in the deal.

As I watched the Champions League match last night (Tuesday) between Chelsea and Manchester United, I thought that Torres would finally break his Chelsea duck and score against Vidic and Ferdinand whom he has played well against in the past when he was still Liverpool’s number 9. But I guess Torres is not the same player as he was back then when he gave Vidic nightmares.

The games continue to go by for Torres without him finding the net. I am hearing some whispers saying that Torres may actually be sold in the summer but I do not believe that. There is no way Chelsea would sell him after investing so much in him. They need or want a return on investment. I still believe Torres was signed by Roman and not Carlo and as a result Torres will never make it at Chelsea. One just has to look at what happened to Shevchenko when he joined Chelsea from AC Milan, yet again another Roman signing.

Torres should have seen this coming but I guess he was blinded by the thought of winning the Champions League with Chelsea. But now that dream is over and Torres is going to end the season without a trophy. He is no better off than us at Liverpool, only difference is, we are a club going in the right direction. Chelsea are aging and I can not see them being a force unless Roman splashes more millions to replace the likes of Terry, Cole, Lampard, Drogba and Anelka.

Do you remember a certain Michael Owen who left Liverpool in search of the Champions League at Real Madrid? He never won it and instead Liverpool won it when he left. Who says Liverpool can not go on to win the league next season and rub it in Torres’ face!


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  1. Jam says:

    I dont agree that his dream of winning the champions league is over, theres always next year, Chelsea will be in the champions league, we won’t, so he’s still made a decent move for him and we’re better off without him.

    But hopefully we’ll be there the season after next.

  2. rafathegaffa says:

    He’ll probably be more successful at Chelsea next year when they change coach – which looks inevitable now. It’s been a very unhappy chapter for him and as a Liverpool fan, I now feel sorry for him.
    I was angry initially, and I think it would have been a better idea for him to leave it till the summer, but he’s gone now. He was brilliant for Liverpool for a few years and that’s how I want to remember him. Liverpool designed their game to get the best out of him while Chelsea have their own system which doesn’t suit him at all – he’s not the most adaptable of talents.
    I’ve no desire to “rub his face in it”, he made a bad call and his mind was really made up while Hodgson was there… can’t blame him for that. He should have waited, but there you go.

  3. Jonski says:

    Rafathegaffa, January 9th Torres gave an interview stating the below:

    And in a frank interview, Torres insisted:

    * He WILL NOT leave the club in this transfer window;

    * That the fans need to GET BEHIND the team now more than ever;

    * And that Hodgson should have been given MORE TIME to get things right.

    Torres even promised to discuss a ¬≠contract extension with Liverpool’s owners NESV at the end of the season – despite continuing rumours that he and the rest of Anfield’s Spanish contingent were still upset at former manager Rafa Benitez’s departure.

    It’s not that he left mate bu the fact of the way he did it. He left it right until the last minute and we had to pay moire than we really should have for Andy Carroll.

    We are better off though with those two though.

  4. Danny says:

    Fernando TOSSER

  5. joered says:

    Common guys, he’s gone to chelsea and give him a break. Lets just remember him for all his beautiful goals he score for us when he was with us.He may look a little selfish when he left for chelsea but you will have to look at the contributing factors of his departure as well..those owners (american bastards) ruined lets forget and forgive him cause his departure was a blessing in disguise too..we have got carroll & suarez…

  6. Simon says:

    After the deadline day transfer request and talking down about his former club and teammates, I have no sympathy at all. He made his mercenary decision and now he has to live with it.

    He blamed LFC for his poor form and went on the biggest losing streak of his career. He has no-one to blame but himself.

    He is top class when on form but that was not far off 2 years ago. I have no doubt that he will start firing again. However this goal drought and traitorous comments are a blight that is forever etched into his history.

    Does that amuse me, heck yes it does. Instant karma IMO. You do bad things, you feel bad. You feel bad, you perform poorly. Torres only has a goal hanging instinct he has no other game. Rooney stopped firing but was still a valuable asset to Manu on the field. Torres has nothing else to give. DD and Torres are clearly not forming any connection. I believe it was after 9 games there had been less than 14 passes between them. Shocking.

    How was the dressing room atmosphere after going out of the UCL? Was it fun like you said it was when when you arrived Fernando? Not saying they blame Torres.. well not entirely.

    LFC’s attack was for a time a 2 man show. Now we have balance and redundancy. I think his leaving (and the buy out) will mean the club he left behind will be very different from the one he envisioned. You might say that about the club he went too as well. Rumors of request’s for Carlo’s head are already beginning to circulate (well it’s about time for a CFC management change, right? :p) How CFC many old boys will be replaced in the summer?

    Let’s also be clear about one thing. It’s not that he went to Chelsea, Yossi is still thought of as a good man.

    While we have a slim chance of 5th place, we’re looking to next year for silverware. After a horrible period in his career so to is the players who’s name shall not be sung.

  7. adam says:

    Nando did us a massive favour by pushing the move to Chelsea. Once he started believing that Liverpool were on the way down he simply wasn’t the same player. He had his moments but without his total commitment and faith with the club he just wasn’t as good. Every little problem brought him down and affected his attitude. He was a ruined player for us the moment he started worrying about the loss of Alonso and Mascherano, expecting new signings that didn’t come. Hell, we should have sold him then. At this stage we’re simply massively better off without him. His time at Chelsea is showing what a mentally fragile player he is right now and we just didn’t need that. We’re playing better without him, not to mention the young talent we’ve got to replace him.
    Football clubs don’t need players who think they’re better than who they play for. I used to wonder about that, think that maybe the players would still give their all. Sometimes they do but often they just don’t have enough humility to do so and no matter how much they insist they’re giving 100%, they’re not. And once a player stops giving 100% you just don’t need him any more. To get 50 million quid for mentally damaged goods is the best deal we could have possibly hoped for.

  8. Satha says:

    No Liverpool player, except for Keegan, ever left for another club and became famous there. Torres is destined for a similar fate. Liverpool made them good and famous, and they forget that.

  9. Vishnu india says:

    Ha ha ha torres wont even win the champions league in FIFA 10 also its an curse from the liverpool fans all over the world so he will surely become an zero at last

  10. Ste says:

    Hahaha the sulkin Gimp.

    CSKA Lononistan should have been 0-3 up against the Salford Hoofers after 30 mins though, they started in the right manner, following the simple template required to beat man hoof, tackling Man Hoof hard and attacking them, and watch them fall to pieces, but they never took their chances and the long ball merchants from Salford do what they do best, launch it up the pitch for their star scouser and wait for the lucky bounce/free kicks/penalties/deflections/opposition mistakes, and Hoofed their way to the win.

  11. Ninya says:

    There is another big difference between Liverpool’s Torres and Chelsea’s Torres. Since arriving to Chelsea, Torres was replaced in almost every game he started, which hurt his confidence. Does anyone remembers when Torres was replaced in Liverpool if not injured?

  12. Barbar says:

    Satha. Torres won’t win the Champions League this year. But there is a good chance that Keegan won’t be the only previous Liverpool winner anymore. Because in the semi-final there are 4 Ex-Liverpool players who can win the Champions league this year. Owen is one even without playing in the knock out stages, Mascherano is another, and Alonso & Arbeloa have a double chance. Only if Schalke will win the Cup, Keegan will stay on his own.

  13. Big Red says:

    Haven’t you forgot that McManaman won the Champions League with Real Madrid.

  14. Danny says:

    Hes still a tosser

  15. Jarvis says:

    Barbar: Keegan didn’t win the euro cup when he left – he got to the final and lost i believe……

  16. Ragish says:

    Whatever happened, Torres is the past and Suarez and Carrol are our present and future