Date: 11th April 2011 at 12:22pm
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Reports have been going around the internet over the last 24 hours about Tottenham willing to sell Gareth Bale in the summer if they get an offer in excess of £30million and that Liverpool could be a possible destination for the Welsh winger.

Now I find it hard to believe such reports and when I first read this, I brushed it off as pure Sunday newspaper speculation to catch our attention. But then this story has been going on and on today so I thought it would be best for me to look at this ‘potential’ transfer for Liverpool (if indeed there is any truth in the speculation) and I have concluded that it would not be the best of signings for Liverpool to make this simmer. Why you may ask me?

It is no secret that Liverpool need to sign some wingers this summer in-order to get some much needed width in the team. Signing a winger like Bale would be great as he has become a top rate winger but to call him world class like what many people are saying is a bit too much too soon. Yes, Bale is great but I believe people are getting too carried away with him.

Do you recall in 2008 when Liverpool were reported to be tracking Bale as we searched to sign a left-back? But Rafa never went ahead and pursued to sign Bale for whatever reason then. Bale did not really cut it at Spurs as a left-back but now since they have moved him to become a left winger he has torn apart some of the best defenses in the game this season. Personally, I feel that it is way too early to judge Bale and say he is the best winger in the world. Bale should be given another season or two and then we can really see if he is just not a ‘fly by night’.

So why should Liverpool not sign Bale? Firstly as I have mentioned, I do not think he is as good as everyone is going on about him. Secondly, if Spurs are to sell Bale, I doubt he would cost the £30 million they are talking about. With the hype and buzz around him, Spurs would be looking at getting about £40 million for Bale and with that, I would rather Liverpool go out and buy two good players for £20 million each.

Thirdly, Bale is injury prone. Bale relies on his pace and we know that pacey players tend to always pick up hamstring and groin injuries, especially with the amount of speed Bale produces. We go ahead and spend £30 – 40 million, and Bale tears his hamstring and he is out for half the season. I am not saying this can not happen to any player but a player like Bale who has a history of being injured and who generates so much pace when they are running is more likely to pull up with a serious injury than other players.

Spending so much money (£30million) on a player comes with its gambles. Just look at Torres and his move to Chelsea? He has flopped every since he has gone. Maybe the pressure of the huge transfer fee is getting to him. How would Bale handle the price tag put on his head coupled with Bale being only 21 years old? I guess that we can only find out if he is indeed sold.

Liverpool already have Suarez and Carroll as our big name signings and I expect us to make another one or two big names signings this summer but given the option, the hype and buzz that would come with us signing Bale may just put too much of the spotlight on Bale and not the team. We would be putting ourselves and Bale under so much distracting pressure that we do not need.
Yes, it would be great for us to buy world class players but as I have stayed, I do not think Gareth Bale is world class yet.

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