Date: 1st March 2011 at 9:05am
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Boston Red Sox had one of the longest title droughts in the history of Major League Baseball. The last time they won a World Series title before 2004 was in 1918. Yes, 86 unsuccessful years which some of them called, ‘The curse of the Bambino‘ after selling Babe Ruth, best known as ‘Bambino’ to rival team, New York Yankees.

Liverpool is the analogue of the Fenway Park team in English football. Iconic, with great history and fan support. Also, in terms of decline in form over a period of time. It’s been 22 years and we’re yet to win another English title and the more anticipated comment, yet to win our first Premier League title. Yes, we can take the example of the time when Shankly brought back life in a team relegated into the second division. But back then, a prominent reason for the decline was lack of basic facilities. That, as we all know cannot be an explanation to what’s wrong with the club in the recent years. Rafa Benitez was building up a very consistent and a ‘Spanish’ dominant team. I thought, we’ll soon start winning rather than whining just when all the attention turned over to Hicks and Gillett as they lead the team to huge debt which turned out to be a huge blow to Rafa’s strategy.

They are new to the game, but not the business, NESV. With a mission, just when we were literally running out of quality players and spark of life. A mission to uplift a team currently going downhill in terms of form, both on and off the field. It’s actually very clear they really are on a mission and ambitious about the club, generously pooling in the money to buy players and by one of the major decisions they took after their advent. Replacing Roy Hodgson with “King Kenny”, one of the most respected persons by the Liverpool family, one of the most successful player and manager and both for Liverpool almost 20 years after leaving the club as a manager.

Things for Liverpool are falling in the right places, in the right time, at the right pace. We’re on quite a sad run in terms of silverware. But as they say, at the end of the storm there’s a golden sky. The dominoe pattern sure has started to take shape with the takeover by NESV at Anfield being the flick of the first tile. Hopefully it will lead to better years ahead of the Reds. Although, we’re still not impressing rival teams and fans, there is dramatic change in the team in the last few weeks. We just have to wait. Well, at least I hope we don’t have to worry about the curse of the ‘el nino’ at Liverpool because for us, and as Kenny said, ‘No player is bigger than the club.’

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