Date:28th February 2011 at 10:06am
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It is always painful to sit down and write about Liverpool following a loss. Sunday’s game against West Ham is a game to quickly forget about as Liverpool just did not turn up for the game and as Dalglish said after the game, Liverpool did not deserve to get anything out of that game.

What pains me deeply about the game yesterday was the form of Steven Gerrard. Yes he was only coming back from injury and many had thought that he would not even play against West Ham but he did and he put in one of his poorest displays in a red jersey to date. What has happened to our ‘Captain Fantastic?’

I am sure Gerrard would be the first to admit that he has not been his best this season. The team has not had the best of seasons as we had too many distractions and poor form, and the injuries Gerrard has been picking up this season has not helped. In seasons gone by, Gerrard literally carried the team on his own, has he just gotten tired now and he can not do it anymore?

Gerrard will be 31 years old come the end of the season and you can see that he is starting to loose that burst of pace he used to have which made him into such a great player. I think that Gerrard flourished best just behind Torres (or the striker) and now that we have Meireles, Gerrard could be more suited to drop back into a central midfield role on a permanent basis.

Gerrard used to give us 20 goals a season in the past but now that has dwindled down to 12 last season and only 8 so far this campaign. I have heard some fans saying that Liverpool should sell Gerrard now and atleast get some value from his sale. I think this would be one of the biggest mistakes we could do. We need Gerrard to remain at the club as I believe he still has a vital role to play for the current team and for the young players coming through the ranks who have idolized him. It must be special for anyone to be working with arguably to of the greatest Liverpool players of all time in Dalglish and Gerrard.

All I ask for right now is for Steven Gerrard to regain some form and push us through the rest of the season, starting with the game on Sunday against United.