Date: 11th February 2011 at 6:36am
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Torres failed to show respect, says Agger –The Guardian

Agree with the content or the timing of his remarks or not, Daniel Agger provided a refreshing change of pace yesterday when he provided a glimpse into his personal feelings on the Torres matter.  These matters have been discussed here before so I will leave that to you and Mr. Agger, but I’d like to talk about their effect and timing.

Personally, I think there are more important matters at hand (Wigan) but the Dane scored midweek against England and can be allowed a bit of a pass insofar as it may draw attention away from Liverpool’s performances and allow us one more match to slip under the radar without the usual media/crowd pressures developing after a run of good form.

There is a real feel good feeling around the club, players and supporters alike at the moment and a large part of it is the circling of the wagons after the attacks on our status as a “big club” and the “destiny” of our former striker to try and score against us.  Nothing brings people together like an external threat or slight, and we have all suffered more than our fair share of both since H&G drug us into their perpetual state of dread for the past couple years.

The entrance of King Kenny, coupled with our new signings and the departure of the one real sulker in the squad (kudos to everyone else for at least sticking out the season) have let the air out of that particularly nasty balloon and allowed us to float on to whatever awaits us.  At the very least, we’re back to having a bit of hope in our hearts not just for the lads on the pitch, but also for the very spirit and existence of this great football club.

If Agger’s comments help draw that support out, and extend the honeymoon just a bit we may well have 15 points from 15 and sit top of the table in the Premier League over those 5 matches.  With a match against West Ham to follow two weeks later , there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to push on to 18 from 18.  Following that are matches against Manchester United and Sunderland, two sides we are keenly interested in defeating.  The close of the season is drawing near, and every point is crucial if we’re going to get where we need to go.

In order to keep those matches as meaningful as possible, it’s more important than ever that we look only to Wigan for the time being and keep our focus on the side directly in front of us.  We want to beat our opposition regardless of the shirt they wear.  That’s the Liverpool Way.

Come On You Reds!


4 responses to “Agger: I Respect Liverpool More Than Torres”

  1. Neal laurex says:

    Dear liverpoolfc, i wish to bring new ideas to the club for the purpose of new things,glory and stigma dat look like a curse ending.1.establishment of high standard facilities for youth players and senior players either in anfield or in the new stadium,but i would suggest mr.henry shuld go for the new stadium due to its large capacity than anfield.a new era,new football,broken curse,who knows maybe anfield is cursed:GOD forbid. and evrybdy is suffering,steven gerrard has tried all his best but wot has happend,i think its time for change.2.after the new stadium,establishment of new youth policy in under 18 and reserve team,a mean whereby liverpool acts in form of a skul to train young footballers from england and from all parts of the world,bringing youth coaches from spain,portugal,holland.germany,belgium,argentina,brazil,ireland and england,coaches who knows about how to train players,discipline,new moves,best position possible,humility,how to talk to media etc.3.liverpoolfc need new players,we are establishing 4 3 3 formation bekuz that would suit us best,we need talented young footballers who are ready to impress,bt first we need to sell these players:reina,johnson,agger,aurielo,krygiakos,poulsen,maxi,jova,jcole,kuyt,ngog,konchesky: but i would recommend these players: de gea,daniel opare,fabio coentrao,dodo,simon kjaer,yann mvilla,sunny from spain,eden hazard,adam barton,eriksen,alexis sanchez or marko marin(any one easy to sign),bojan krkic,xherdian shaqiri,defederico,juan iturbe,i mean buy all,rememba torres sale is a blessing in disguise.4.kenny daglish is a man that God has sent to bring us to top 4 this season,jst for this season,he is to take us to champions league this season i have seen it,but there is a revelation,the true seeker is andre villas-boas,a man that God will use erase our curse,i know dats ur aim mr.henry to bring d lost glory of 21 yrs.i have seen all these as our future and our future starts 4rm 2011.comoli reason wit me.pls liverpool is part of my life,i cant do without them.first team:de gea,kjaer,skrtel,coentrao.mvilla,hazard,gerrard.defederico,suarez,marko or sanchez.manager:andre villas-boas.note andy carrol buy was a mistake.yeah tanks.luv u henry must see this.and pls bring insua,ayala.tanks

  2. Neal laurex says:

    From d next seven years we will always win the premier league,we will jst be unstoppable.write it down.write it down.comoli,henry.

  3. Benjamin says:

    I would love to see kjaer at Liverpool, let’s make that happen.

  4. DeLauncey says:

    Neal Laurex….

    Anfield is cursed?

    Buying Carrol was a mistake?

    You sir, are a tool.

    And your constant references to God? Fowler doesn’t play for us anymore!