Date: 9th February 2011 at 9:15am
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Many fans have been asking about Liverpool’s ‘new’ formation of playing with three central defenders. It has worked well for us against Stoke and Chelsea thus the question is being asked if this is our best formation and if this is the formation we will stick with for the rest of the season.

There is no denying that the formation has bought out the best in some players and more importantly it has kept two clean sheets. Looking ahead to our next game against Wigan on the weekend, will Liverpool stick with the three man central defence or opt to revert back to two central defenders?

Steve Clarke has come out and said, “We will look at it game by game. It’s good to be flexible and most of the credit has to go to the players. They go out on the pitch and put it into practice. They have done that very well recently.

“Your success is always based on how you defend and it’s good for Pepe (Reina) and for the confidence of everyone that we’ve not let any goals in for four games. Every good team is built on a strong defence.”

So I guess we can sit here all day and speculate on how Liverpool will lineup against Wigan but only the staff and players will know. I was reading something interesting that back in the day (80’s and 90’s), Liverpool would not worry about how the opposition lined up, they would have their own set tactics and formation, and let the opposition worry about them. But now it seems like Liverpool ‘worry’ about the opposition and adjust according to that. I do not see anything wrong with that at all. Do you?


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