Date: 4th February 2011 at 5:44pm
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John Henry speaks about Liverpool

It seems every time John Henry or someone from NESV gives an interview about Liverpool I feel a little better about our prospects and a little more impressed by them.

Rather than promises of a “spade in the ground in sixty days”, we instead have respectful comments made about Anfield from an ownership group that I personally have watched rebuild and modernize Fenway Park in Major League Baseball.  He discussed the Kop and the atmosphere, calling them both irreplaceable.  All options are on the table he says, but it appears we may be looking at a redevelopment.  The two oldest stadiums in MLB were built in 1912(Fenway) and 1914(Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs) and after that it’s into the 60’s before you come to the 3rd oldest.  That is a culture and environment that thrives on the building of new stadiums, largely with the support of public financing.  Even with that being the case, they resisted and held onto their ancestral home, which really is the heart of Red Sox Nation, just as Anfield is for LFC supporters.

They’ve added seats and corporate amenities, squeezing every penny they can out it while also developing revenue from other sources such as NESN, a regional sports network featuring Red Sox games and the like.  I think we will see some radical revenue streams coming in for Liverpool as well, if you look already we have initiated a social networking site and on the fly adaptation and blogging on transfer deadline day. NESV are much more in touch with trying to provide everything they can to supporters worldwide at every opportunity that presents itself to do so. Innovative thinking is what will take us to the next level, and I think these gentlemen have it in (not literally or in the ground in 60 days) spades.

Outside of the stadium talk, Henry also discussed how successful King Kenny has been in his month at the club.  He spoke of his happiness for both Mr. Dalglish and supporters alike that they have all found what seems to be thus far the perfect arrangement.  He is in the job that could always have been his, which is just where we all like to see him.

It seems to me that unless things really go balls up, we will be looking at a long term appointment in the summer or perhaps sooner.  He’s already been given his personal preference so far as targets go (he scouted Suarez for Rafa, and has spoken to Shearer and others about Carroll for months now) and now it’s on him to push on with them.

A fine sunny day in the LFC Universe, even if there is an inch of ice on the ground outside the window as I type this.



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