Date: 2nd February 2011 at 7:42am
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I am sure you are all very aware of what has hastened the return of MoKo to the dugout. The incidents of the last few days and in particular last night have churned in tornado of fury. The saving grace is that King Kenny was in charge at this point in time. His experience and steely resolve to move Liverpool forward has seen us react in an instant and emphatic manner. Liverpool is bigger than Torres, even if he is the best striker in the league. King Kenny’s presence should show that true Liverpool Legends endure. Torres has forsaken his claim to be a member of this Band of Forever Revered.

I am left with only a slight twinge of sadness but a mountain of optimism that this will be the shock that will shake a sleeping giant from his slumber.

Much about this incident reminds me of the events of 13 August 2004. On that day a legendary Liverpool striker forced his way out of the doors in equally distasteful fashion. Michael Owen submitted a late transfer request in the hopes of getting a move to Real Madrid. He was successful in getting that transfer but in the remainder of his career that was the last taste of success he was to ever have.

Torres thought his goals would be enough to conceal a lack of character. He obviously doesn’t have a stomach for the fight. That is all well and good. In the battle we face we need only the brave.

In my heart I cannot find it to wish him well. Nothing would make me happier than to see him spend the rest of his career in the fashion of Owen – playing second fiddle to Drogba at Chelsea as they go trophy-less for the next 3 seasons, then being sold to Real Sociedad who are rebuilding after securing promotion back to La Liga then eventually seeing out his career at the post –Galactico II Real Madrid. In the interim he will no doubt have had recurring groin injuries that leave him a shadow of the player who had a chance at immortality at Liverpool and blew it!

Suarez and Carroll will have a load to bear but four legs will always be stronger than two.

Long Live Liverpool and its new blood!

You will Never Walk Alone.


3 responses to “Torres is Gone…Long Live Suarez and Carroll”

  1. Manny says:

    I think 35 mill on Carroll is a bit too much!!!

    I think Liverpool are spending money just to show that we have the money to spend, and hopefully this may raise a few eyebrows and entice some bigger names in the summer.

    I hope there was a clause in the sale contract that Torres cannot play on Sunday. If he does he is either going to score a goal or sum1 like Gerrard or Agger is going to break his leg in a meaty challenge and get a suspension!!!

    Four legs are better than two!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Torres needed to go, his pace is fading and so will the number of chances he creates. He will not age well and it’s best he’s gone.

  3. Kava says:

    Since he was hellbent on leaving this is good because it is the only time we were ever going to get 50 million for him. Having said that he has shown disrespect and lack of class by his timing and his comments that I sincerely do not wish him well.