Date: 19th January 2011 at 9:24am
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It seems that Ryan Babel will no longer be a Liverpool player as he has flown out to Germany to discuss personal terms and have a medical with Hoffenheim after Liverpool agreed to sell the player for a fee thought to be £5.8m. However Babel’s agent Winnie Haatrecht says the move will only happen if he is unable secure a return to former club Ajax. ”Hoffenheim will only be an option if Ryan isn’t allowed to go on loan to Ajax or they do not want him,” he said.

So Babel will either be a Hoffenheim or Ajax player very soon. It is a pity that Babel will be leaving Liverpool after he arrived with so much promise. We spent £10m on him and he never quite delivered. Some would say he was not given a fair crack at regular first team football by Rafa and Roy. I guess we will never know but what we do know is that he simply was not good enough during his spell at Liverpool.

Thank you for your time at Liverpool Ryan and we wish you all the best in your future career. As we look back at Babel’s time at Liverpool, there were some moments that stick out: His goal against Lyon in last seasons Champions League Group Stage which gave us hope of qualifying. The goal was a screamer that caught us all off guard. And what of his goal in 2008 against Manchester United which was the winner? But maybe for the majority of us we will remember him for his tweets on Twitter! Most recently the posting of Howard Webb’s picture in a Manchester United shirt and his tweet about Rafa not giving him enough game time.

How will you remember Ryan Babel best?

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6 responses to “How will you remember Ryan Babel best?”

  1. tommy thai says:

    his destruction of arsenal in champions league,wins the penelty then skins fabregas to seal it,wasted talentYNWA

  2. bertie says:

    the great strike in the champions league only then to hit the corner flag with his next shot his bad performence against northampton goodbye and good luck ryan hope it works out for you young man at your next club no one wanted to see you fail at anfield so have a great life

  3. che says:

    his goal against manu where he was going to pull the trigger, then dummied it, sent 2 defenders the wrong way and put it past the keeper… all the best bab’s, i still think you have immense talent and you werent given the chance to shine. hope you excel elsewhere…

  4. Kopite says:

    I’m fed up with all the positive things said about Ryan Babel. He arrived with so much promise. I remember an interview with Steven Gerrard where he firmly stated Babel had got to step up to the challenge. He just never has… trust me 3 LFC managers aren’t wrong. He looks exciting when he runs and he has a good shot – thats all I can say about him… His appreciation fo the game is nill. He’s not a team player. His positioning sometimes is absolutely laughable. When we haven’t got the ball either he’s lazy or when he does put in the effort he runs around like a headless chicken, clueless. For people to say Ngog has been given the chance and Babel hasn’t means they don’t understand football. Ngog is a team player. No he isn’t a world beater but he keeps the ball, passes it to his team mates and defends! Simple game really! Get a grip people. If you don’t believe me get off your sofas and get down to Anfield… Babel is rubbish!

  5. Michael Joubert says:

    Babel what a disappointment – has potential but tries to do things at top speed and then loses the ball over and over, just like the rest of the side they give the ball away so many times and this puts them under pressure – why is Barcelona such a good because they keep the ball – just so frustrating – the poor fans at the ground must be so frustrated watching Liverpool get the ball and then give it away time after time – basics.

  6. Gab says:

    Kopite – your comment says a lot about what the problem is. Gerrard said that Babel has to perform? Is this the same Gerrard who, with Carragher, was praising Joe Cole to the skies? The main problem is that the club has appeared to have an ‘in crowd’ for too long, Cole is in it, already – despite having done nothing of note, Kuyt is in it, N’gog appears to be in it. Considering the stick that Babel gets, it is interesting that he is the only available player that anyone is remotely interested in. So, sure, 3 managers at Anfield can’t be wrong, if you want to include Hodgson in that good luck, but then other managers seem to see more in him than many of our other fringe players, so are they all wrong also? Babel is a country mile better than N’gog. And if one of them had to go, I know who I’d move on. We’d not get as much for N’gog, not a chance. Babel will do well somewhere else, at a club that lets him play to his strengths. I hope he gets the Ajax move, but I’m not as excited at the prospect of Suarez as most of our supporters are.