Date:21st December 2010 at 4:26pm
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In response to the previous article I would like to share with you a little bit of poetry that I came up with the last time this subject was discussed. I think some of you may have read it before but for anybody new to the site I hope you enjoy –

Keep Everton out of “our” City

The 2nd best team in Liverpool,
are looking for a brand new pad.
They even want to share with us,
they must think we are mad.

Imagine “our friend” the ginger whinger,
walking uninvited thru Shankly’s Gates.
Bill said he wouldn’t watch them in his garden,
so why join with the team he hates.

So where shall we send them?
Our Toffee munching friends.
Yes, the best place for them, Kirkby
where the city’s boundary ends.

So what will be at this stadium?
I hear it’s a Tesco Store,
Well they do say “every little helps”
especially when you can’t bloody score.

So farewell to good old Goodison,
I am sure you will be missed.
But the day you play at Kirkby,
We’re in the city getting pissed.