Date: 16th November 2010 at 1:04pm
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If it is not Torres, then it is Reina the next day, or maybe Glen Johnson after that. There always seems to be news of a Liverpool player wanting to leave the club. And now I am hearing rumours that Daniel Pacheco wants to leave Liverpool.

I have always thought that Pacheco was going to be a world class player and hoped that he would achieve that status at Liverpool. The young Spanish player showed his class and quality at the 2010 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship where he won the Golden Boot at the Championships after scoring 4 goals. After that dazzling display at the Championships, Roy Hodgson told Pacheco that he is part of his plans at Liverpool and thus he should stick around. Pacheco has done that and he got rewarded by playing a few games in the UEFA Europa League. But since then we have not seen or heard much of the player. Clearly Hodgson does not want to give the player a run especially during these trying times for Liverpool. As a youngster, being thrown into a team that is not firing on all cylinders could be a nightmare.

So could this lack of game time and opportunities be the reason Pacheco would want to leave? Is Roy doing the right thing by not playing him?

I do not think it would be a wise idea at all to let Pacheco go as I believe his is going to be the future one day, but he will only achieve that status if he gets game time which does not look likely under Hodgson right now. Hodgson has given Jonjo Shelvey a couple of runs in the first team and he has not covered himself in glory. Give Pacheco and run and see what he can do. A question to you Roy, “Are you giving Jonjo a run because he is English and Pacheco is not getting a look-in because he is not?”


9 responses to “Daniel Pacheco wants to leave Liverpool?”

  1. Rob says:

    Roy want play him because he is a attacking player and he want fit in to is defensive way of playing,the reason he plays jonjo because he can play defensive, think it is time for WOY TO GO

  2. gym blog says:

    Simply destroying our future if we let pacheco leave. We’ve got to start playing him and shun the defensive mentality.

  3. gary says:

    i think woy has a masterplan to destroy are up and coming team. even if you didnt like benitez he did bring in great kids who were going to be the future of lfc but already woy has let dalla valle and kacanicilic go to fulham for konchesky. and now pacheco is looking to leave what next suso ince eccleston!!! woy must GO before were proping up the bottom of the league.

  4. TyroleanRed says:

    ROY just makes me SICK!!!!!!

    He is destroying everyting 🙁

    We want to build up young players blablabla and let Pacheco go??????

    Something is wrong here and needs to be cleaned out as fast possible!!!

  5. Steve says:

    I cannot understand why Pacheco doesn’t even make the bench. Hodgson last played him against Northampton where he actually did ok, despite being played at right midfield for some bizarre reason. Pacheco is an intellligent creative player, something we sadly lack. I would like to see him on the bench at least to add another dimension to our play when he comes on.

  6. daboy says:

    Well so much for developing young talent if Pacheco walks away what hope do the rest think they are going to have?
    This kid is a whiz and with the form of a number of players Maxi and Cole to name a couple surely it would not hurt to give him a run.
    The boys play West Ham at Anfield this week there is no better time to play him.

  7. hugh says:

    give him a go sure he cant be any worse than what we have out there now. woy doesnt seem to have a clue what he is doing and the team is once again the most inconsistent in the league. its our downfall every year. bring in a younger manager, sell torres and build for the future. the new owners seem to be thinking that way!! only reason i say sell torres is because he will not want to stick around while we rebuild for the future. cash in now!!!

  8. FAREED says:

    Henry is talking about youth development!
    Henry’s philosophy is to go for young talents as he says.
    And Danny Pacheco is pure gold – a YOUNG TALENTED player who is not being given the opportunity to prove himself -leading to frustration,no wonder he wants to leave.
    Lately Torres,Pepe,Johnson were talking about leaving the club-and now Pacheco.
    Roy is doing too much harm to the club,he is damaging the club beyond repair and it is high time he gets sacked.
    Why did he not start Kelly against Stoke?
    Our back four is a disgrace it is time to give the young lads their opportunity to start games.

  9. AreH says:

    FAREED: “And Danny Pacheco is pure gold – a YOUNG TALENTED player who is not being given the opportunity to prove himself -leading to frustration,no wonder he wants to leave”

    Anything to say about Dalglish not giving him a chance FAREED?