Date: 15th November 2010 at 6:26am
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The speculation surrounding Liverpool players wanting to leave the club continues. The latest name now is Glen Johnson. Apparently Johnson is not happy with Roy Hodgson following what Hodgson said about Johnson on Friday. Reports suggest that Hodgson said, ‘To be frank, he has not performed up to now to the level I would expect of him. You would have to ask him the question, “Do you think you are playing at top form and are you playing like the best right-back in the country for your club?” If he says yes, we will have to agree to differ. And if he says No, then you have to ask the question, why not?’

Glen Johnson Liverpool 2010/11 Manchester United V Liverpool (3-2) 19/09/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Now Glen Johnson’s management team is set to meet with new director of football strategy, Damien Comolli, this week to make it clear the £18million England man has no faith left in Hodgson’s ‘boring’ style of play. Johnson’s team will also claim the boss rushed the defender back from a groin injury, leading to further setbacks.

If all of this speculation is true, it may signal the end of Johnson’s time at Liverpool and I am sure there will be quite a few clubs ready to sign him. I am not sure we will get the £18million we spent on him back but hopefully we will not make a major loss if we sell him.

I am not the biggest Johnson fan as I do not rate him at a right back but given the chance as a right midfield player, I am sure he will be great. His defending is far from being the best in the world and it confuses me why managers still insist on playing him at right back. Maybe that is why Johnson is not happy with Hodgson, maybe he wants to play in the right of midfield.

There is no smoke without a fire in my opinion and Johnson is the second player to come out and say he is not happy with Hodgson’s tactics after Daniel Agger was also thought to have said the same thing a few weeks back. I, as a fan am also not overly impressed with Hodgson’s tactics so we surely can not all be wrong.

What do you make of this whole situation and how would you feel if we were to sell Johnson?


9 responses to “Time up for Glen Johnson”

  1. Sk says:

    I think this is all being blown out of proportion, Johnson himself has not come out and said anything yet like what Pepe did on Friday, so let us wait and hear what the player says. If he wants to go then he should go, i would not miss him too much

  2. Ragish says:

    To be frankly honest, if there is a person whose time is up is Woy. He is clueless and does not know how to get the best out of his players. Look at the Agger situation! Only Gerrard is doing something but since the others are lethargic thanks to Woy the clueless, the team is falling. Get Woy out now!

  3. tonny says:

    We can not be letting go of such players if we want to build depth in our squad. Johnson is world class on his day and he is not the England left back for nothing. Let him recover from his injury problems which he claims were made worse by RH rushing him back and then assess him when he is fully fit. If we do sell him then do it in the summer and not january as we need a big squad.

  4. Mikey G says:

    Ummm tonny- Johnson plays right back and he is far from “world class”

    I agree 100% with what Woy said about Johnson. About time someone within the club spoke with some honesty. Johnson has been disappointing and not just this season. For a guy who played out of his skin when he arrived at the club scoring 3 goals in 5 games from memory, it’s fair to say he doesn’t work hard enough. His work rate is similar to that of Adebayor. Has skill YES….. but is lazy. If only he had a work ethic like Kuyt. If he isn’t happy show him the door. No big loss.
    As for Woy I think he’ll deliver and turn the club around for the better. Just need to push out the over paid and over rated from the ranks and bring in some energy to the team. At the moment we are rubbish and aside from Torres, Stevie, Reina, Meireles & Carra the rest of the senior squad should be shown the door.

  5. Law says:

    You cant all really say Glen is playing well,,, he is crap right now and has been for a good while even when not injured,,,, Roy has only told the truth and another precious football ego has been hurt,,,, they should shut up and get on the field and earn the shirt and their wages,,, if we did as poorly as they do in our day jobs we would be sacked.

  6. Rick says:

    Glen Johnson is a child with a terrible attitude.
    He didn’t admit his performances are simply poor.
    Roy is right and Johnson should give the blames and working hard.
    I don’t want this player because He has a terrible attitude.
    I whouldn’t miss him too much.
    Please show the door.

  7. bodentse says:

    roy shd leave now b4 its too late, is this the way to get the best get best out of ur players? Glen has been england no 2 for yrs n its not 4 nothing u crap roy! He is nt on form but better than all the players u came with (konchski this guy is total waste can’t offer anything in attack and can’t defend well, poulsen no comments, cole has not impressed, raul may get better with tym). If roy is gud he will bench cara he also offers nothing in attack always shouting instead of runing, dis guy cudn’t break into england squard in his prime glen has been there for yrs that shd tell u(roy) capello is beta…long live LIVERPOOL long live GLEN

    • badger says:

      you call yourself a livepool fan and slag off carra? You are no fan and you know nothing about Liverpool or football, you wooly muppet, do one

  8. haaris khan says:

    i think he should be played on the wing while kelly plays right back. just look at bale , hes world class now. kelly is a better defender than johnson. our starting 11 should look somat like dis.

    kelly carra agger konchesky
    johnson merieles gerrard cole
    torres babel

    congratulations we can now finish in the top 4.