Date: 27th October 2010 at 8:06am
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I know you didn’t think you would escape without one of my typical rants!

Watched most of the Blackburn game (from about 30mins in). I heard I missed some of our best stuff in those 30min. Then what I saw in the early part of the second half when we first took the lead then retook the lead was some really good football! There was pace in the passing and movement that I haven’t seen from RH’s teams this season so far. We moved the ball so fast at times that BBR couldn’t get anywhere near us. The main catalyst in my eyes was our new man Raul. His selection of the appropriate pass was lovely. I thought he worked well in tandem with Lucas in the centre. For his many shortcomings Lucas does pressure the ball which is what we hoped Poulsen would do (but obviously you can’t pressure the ball if you can’t MOVE!!!!).

Anfield Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers (2-1) Premier League 24/10/2010 Roy Hodgson Liverpool manager Photo: Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

One thing that did help was Maxi stretching the field out right by staying on the wing long enough to keep their full back busy. Jamie Carragher was also decent in the second half in the way he popped up deep in opposition territory to add width. Konchesky did the same on the left. Cole was again poor (and will never be a replacement for Benayoun in my book) except for his assist for the winner. But even in delivering that ball it revealed what he has been consistently getting wrong this season…he was in the centre of the park instead of on the wing where he is meant to be. He has killed our width on that side. Opposition fullbacks know they just have to pass him to the inside and focus on Konchescky’s run from deep. If he was to stay wide longer I really think we’d be getting more from Gerrard and Raul as they would be able to use the central space better. It would also help Konchesky as you actually need someone to overlap for you to actually overlap. That’s just how that move works!!!!

He was upset when he came off but really it’s a couple games too late.

RH is not the Man. He lies in post-match interviews for one! If the team didn’t play well don’t say they played well! Do a Rafa and say “they were positives, no”. The man just doesn’t look comfortable. His touchline behaviour has changed from what it was like at Fulham. That for me this is a sign that he isn’t sure enough in himself to lead the team. Imagine your boss was some weakling guy who knew deep down he was out of his depth. It also disturbs me having a manager who hasn’t won a prem league away game in over a season!

MON is a viable option but only as a stop gap in my opinion. I really like the guy but in cold hard analysis of his record I get to the point that he hasn’t been able to take his team on. He has been able to constructed decent sides that consistently knock on the door of the top four without ever being able to do so. He’s close but doesn’t seem to have enough to get him over the line. His Villa team was actually very talented and should have been a little more difficult for top teams to play against than it was. That indicates that there is a tactical gap.

I may be being a bit harsh but I’m not totally convinced. At this point no coaches of the stature we need are on the market so maybe give him the gob for a year.



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