Date:24th August 2010 at 8:57am
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SO, what went wrong last night? Did Citeh show us that money can actually buy you happiness? Their squad was streets ahead of ours, we were dominated all over the pitch. Not only did they have loads more quality personnel over us, they had better shape and they looked a lot more sharper. Last night proved quite a few things (for me), one of them was that the “traditional 4-4-2” that the english love so much is not suited to the modern game, especially if the top two are classic forwards. It’ll probably work when we play the likes of Blackpool, but against decent opposition with these modern managers, if we play that formation again we’ll come off second best.

City of Manchester Stadium Eastlands Manchester City v Liverpool (3-0) Premier League 23/08/2010 Disappointing night for Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

The second thing that last nights’ game proved was that SG has no place in central midfield, especially if we are going to play a rigid 4-4-2. Like Rafa tuned, he runs around too much, he lacks the discipline to occupy that space and stay there. He didn’t make enough tackles last night. He basically left Yaya and Barry to run circles around Lucas. SG does not know how to control the game, he plays the game at one pace, it looks great when it comes off but sometimes that’s not good enough we need someone who can hold possession and assess the situation. Right now I’d say our squad is looking rather thin, and I hope that Hodgson is not loaning out players because he thinks we are sorted depth wise. I hope he has a plan, I really do otherwise this might be a long season. I’d hate to think that he loaned out Acquillani because he thinks that a player with his talent is surplus to requirements.

I won’t even start on our perennial problem position, left back. The less said about that the better. If LFC are going to have a new owner, that better happen soon otherwise we are going to be a mid table team very very soon.