Date: 16th March 2010 at 1:39pm
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You can’t read too much into this kind of result. I just hope the players take some confidence from it. It’s nice that we are getting players back from injury but what we really need is to get our confidence back. That has been the missing factor this season and it has really hurt us.

I also hope we are witnessing the emergence of the Aquaman!!!!

I HATE MAN U (just had to put that in there)

Football - Liverpool v Portsmouth Barclays Premier League

REINA – 7.5 – Had to be alert to make the one real save he was called on to make. The benchmark for all Prem Keepers.
JOHNSON – 6 – Some good raids down the right and should honestly have had a penalty. Defensively was suspect and the cause of the consolation goal. Recently read a Lee Dixon analysis of his defensive game which made sense. He seems to get to close to the attacking player near the half way line, i.e. gets suck up the pitch, which makes it easy for teams to get around him by passing. Nearer to goal this over committing allows players to manoeuvre enough space to get crosses in past him as was done last night. I will be on the look out for this to confirm if this is accurate.
CARRAGHER – 6.5 – Was alright on a fairly easy night. Still prone to wayward distribution but I guess we all have to live with his limitations. Was furious when we conceded which is always good to see. The man has heart!
AGGER – 6.5 – Makes it look like he is strolling throughout. Did what was asked which was not too much and we even got to see his old surging forays return although not to much effect in the end.
INSUA – 6.5 – Dindane can be a handful so he did well enough to limit him to hardly anything. Was skinned a couple of time but that is to be expected when playing AFRICAN TALENT!
MAXI – 7 – His work rate is phenomenal. I am pleasantly surprised by this aspect of his game (who would have thought) added bits of quality but not in a sustained manner. Allowed to cut in by Johnson’s overlapping which really suits him well.
MASCHERANO – 7.5 – Destroyer extraordinaire. Nothing gets past this man!
AQUILANI – 7.5 – I think I’ve noticed a significant improvement in his mobility of late. He seems to be moving around with ease and covering ground a lot faster and a lot more than he was earlier in the season. His movement was super and passing was mostly good. Took the goal well and had another tough chance early on. His late runs into the box and goals could become a feature of Liverpool attacks in the season to come.
BABEL – 7.5 – Worked hard all night on both ends of the pitch – this has been his failing in many games. Was direct and pacey, always working his marker. Took the goal well with a nice shoulder drop feign. I also think I saw him pass to Torres once who then returned the favour (though only at the second time of asking) to set up the goal. Could get interesting if these two actually realise they can pass to each other in every game!!!!
GERRARD – 6.5 – Missed a decent chance and that summed up his day. He was “nearly” in most things he did. Not terrible but not Gerrard either. It’s been a poor season for Gerrard. Six goals for the season is regression back to the Houllier days. Lets hope he snaps out of this funk on the weekend.
N.B. was not a pretty sight seeing Gerrard nailing Brown with a elbow to the back of the head. Very lucky to stay on the park. A could still follow to rule him out of the Man U Game! not the smartest!
TORRES – 8 – The feet are working again. Seems to struggle with his footwork when he returns from time out. but seem to have the feet going again. Was involved in all the goals. Not bad at all. Just hope Vidic and Rio are fit for the weekend so we can win!!!!

KELLY – 7 – I like this kids nerve. Doesn’t seem to be overawed by the occasion. Just comes on and does his job. Full Stop. Decent run out.
BENAYOUN – 6 – Visibly struggling to get his game going. But that is to be expected with all these short bursts of football followed by injury. Lets hope he get back to form in time to get us some points later
NGOG – 6 – Game was won by the time he came on. No chance to do anything.

RAFA – Nice team selection and shape. We were set up to have a go at them and it worked well. The movement and passing was there as a result of having the most technically gifted player available on the field. Nice to see Liverpool playing some decent stuff. The PITCH helped!
I doubt we will see the same midfield against Man U as they would be exposed in my opinion. Aquilani was good but did very little in defence which Man U would exploit with ease.

TEAM – Good passing and good movement make for a good match to watch and a good result. I don’t know where the confidence goes with this team but when they do have it the can ACTUALLY play. Lets hope they have some this weekend.


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